Eclipse – The Thaumaturgist

   Next up, there’s been a request for a more elaborate explanation of the Thaumaturgist build than is found in the back of Eclipse: The Codex Persona. That’s pretty easy – so here it is*. Of course, like all Eclipse builds, this doesn’t have any peculiar prerequisites, so there’s no reason why you can’t start off a career as a Thaumaturgist at level one. You can continue past level five as well; just continue buying abilities in the same general vein.

   *Besides, the version in the back of Eclipse has a typo. Oh well, this will clear that up as well.

   The standard Thaumaturgist is a five-level prestige class with d4 HD (0 CP), 10 SP (10 CP), +2 BAB (12 CP), +1 Fortitude (3 CP), +1 Reflex (3 CP), +4 Will (12 CP), +5 Magic Levels building on the existing class, and five special abilities:

  • Improved Ally: When a thaumaturgist casts a planar ally spell (including the lesser and greater versions), he makes a Diplomacy check to convince the creature – provided that it shares at least one aspect of it’s alignment with the thuamaturgists – to aid him for a reduced payment. If the thaumaturgist’s Diplomacy check adjusts the creature’s attitude to helpful the creature will work for 50% of the standard fee, as long as the task is one that is not against its nature.
    • In Eclipse, this is not even an ability. Anyone can attempt to persuade a creature to help them on the cheap. Just use your diplomacy skill.
  • Augment Summoning: At 2nd level, a thaumaturgist gains the Augment Summoning feat.
    • In Eclipse this is the Amplify Metamagic Theorem (requiring about +1 level) with the Fast and Streamline modifiers, all of which is both Specialized and Corrupted/only for Conjuration/Summoning spells (6 CP).
  • Extended Summoning: At 3rd level and higher, all spells from the summoning subschool that the thaumaturgist casts have their durations doubled, as if the Extend Spell feat had been applied to them. The levels of the summoning spells don’t change, however. This ability stacks with the effect of the Extend Spell feat, which does change the spell’s level.
    • In Eclipse this is the Persistent Metamagic Theorem (requiring +1 level) wit the Streamline modifier, both Specialized and Corrupted/only for Conjuration/Summoning spells (4 CP). Note that Metamagic stacks just fine with itself in Eclipse, so there’s no problem with improving on this later.
  • Contingent Conjuration: A 4th-level thaumaturgist can prepare a summoning or calling spell ahead of time to be triggered by some other event. This functions as described for the contingency spell, including having the thaumaturgist cast the summoning or calling spell beforehand. The spell is cast instantly when the trigger event occurs.
    • In Eclipse this is the Trigger Metamagic Theorem, with the Glory and Finesse abilities (use the characters primary spellcasting attribute in place of Constitution). All three are Specialized and Corrupted/only for Conjuration/Summoning spells. That will mean that each spell so prepared should last for several days. To be fair, the thaumaturgist can only have one such spell ready at a time – which actually is a reasonable candidate for double specialization, since it does substantially limit the usefulness of this ability. That gives us a net cost of 4 CP.
  • Planar Cohort: A 5th-level thaumaturgist can use any of the planar ally spells to call a creature to act as his cohort. The called creature serves loyally and well as long as the thaumaturgist continues to advance a cause important to the creature.
    • In Eclipse that’s Leadership with the Exotic Race modifier, Specialized/you only get one creature, and Corrupted (for increased effect, can be of a higher ECL than usual)/the user must be able to magically call the creature to be recruited (4 CP).

   That’s 18 CP worth of special abilities, for a grand total of 58 CP plus the costs of five Magic Levels out of a total of 120 CP available to a five-level prestige class.

   In the basic rules the usual entry path involved being a cleric; five Package Deal Cleric Magic Levels would cost 50 CP – meaning that this would have a total cost of 108 CP. Even without considering the extra points a Cleric would normally be getting for his or her duties, this is a poor build.

   In Eclipse, where there are no Cleric-specific entry requirements, this class would be a better deal for Wizards and Sorcerers. Their magic levels would have a net cost of 70 CP for Wizards and 80 CP for Sorcerers, meaning that a Wizard would come out 8 CP ahead and a Sorcerer 18. Of course, in Eclipse, they’d just have to come up with those points somewhere – but in Eclipse there’s no reason to take abilities you don’t want or to take useless prerequisites just to get the abilities you do want.


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