Character Sheets and Material

   Since it looks like the editor will accept HTML code after all – or at least the version that MetaCreator puts out – I’m starting to post the various current character sheets under the Hero Groups subpage. The first one up is Ranko, I’ve just added Darius, and there will be some more later tonight.

   To answer an earlier question, yes the Wednesday night game will be on as usual. Since it’s also my birthday, I’m going to order a pizza or something.


4 Responses

  1. Hey! Good to know, I’ll have to getcha something.

    Also, fyi: the tables get cut off on all the sheets I’ve looked at (1024×768 Firefox), and the links to Hauntsman and the Horse Boys have an extra “http://” added to the end.

  2. Ah, reading the other comments… I have no idea how much you know about HTML. but does it not work just setting the table widths to something less than 100%?

  3. The links are fixed: for some reason it just didn’t paste over the “http:// that the link insertion key puts in on those two. As for HTML: only some random bits I’ve picked up. I decided to put them up and fiddle with them later, since all that got cut off was the endurance costs and skill roll values – neither of which was too important online. I’ll try to look at the HTML code: it may be fairly simply. You should be able to look at it too: you should have contributor access.

  4. Ah, it is fairly simple: I just need to take the code to a text editor and replace width=”500″ with width=”480″. I’ll update them shortly.

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