FA NPC Encounters

   Doctor Vu (Imperial Engineer, Special Agent, Insane Supervillain): Originally an engineer for Corellian Engineering Corporation who was sent on an undercover mission into Advanced Technology Experts (ATE) labs to ascertain what project they were working on in conjunction with Kuat Drive Systems. Thanks to the inevitable laboratory accident, he was infused with massive amounts of positive energy, resulting in him becoming a powerful supervillain in Crusader. He has since been dragged out of Crusader and is now recuperating with the House of Roses.

   Gerian and Irina Rohan (British Tourists): Gerian and Irina have relatively little tolerance for the antics of M-Class adventurers, but also like to see strange and unusual places – which also leads them to encounter them constantly. Fortunately, they’re extremely practical people – even if they are inclined to complain a bit about all the absurdities they encounter.

   Hadrian Kaswell (House of Roses London Branch Accountant, Supply Supervisor, and Logistics Specialist): Hadrian greatly prefers to keep everything neatly filed, organized, and – as much as possible – run by the computer systems. After all, otherwise there’d have to be an entire human staff instead of just him. Unfortunately, this leaves him as the only one available to deal with the eccentric demands of the M-Class Special Agents – so if someone insists that it’s vital for their next mission to have a wand of rowan wood, cut with a pure silver blade under a full moon by a virgin child from a tree recently struck by lightning, he’s the one who has to either arrange it or persuade them otherwise.

   Ithulsin (Dark Psychic Adept, Renegade/Exile, Mercenary): While currently in the form of a Drow, Ithulsin is actually a mind flayer. Recently expelled from his hometown thanks to his opposition to their great projects, he yearns to regain a position of power and comfort. While not nearly as cunning or as his brethren, he has displayed a great deal more common sense than they have.

   “M” (House of Roses Director of M-Class Recruitment and Field Operations): Formal, calm, and uninspiring, M affects old-fashioned formal dress and bemused tolerance of the “minor” eccentricities of his better agents. His bland exterior conceals a remarkably sharp and perceptive intelligence and superb abilities as a tactician and strategist. Rumor has it that he reports directly to Lady Elizabeth III. His real name, abilites, and origins are unknown.

   Michelle Matthington (Child-Praetorian, Saboteur, Warrior, was missing and presumed dead, now believed active, current affiliation unknown): Apparently a girl of about “10”, Michelle is a nanite-based life form of extreme durability and considerable power. She has been firmly linked to the Matthington family line, but her exact parentage is unknown. She is only mentioned in passing in U.S. government records and any detail regarding her life is missing. Her involvement with the Singularity War is unknown. She is missing and presumed dead at the Gravesite according to government records for unknown reasons.

   Spellweaver (Magically-altered Technomage, Affiliation unknown): Spellweaver is a powerful mage who’s metabolism has apparently been altered to be partially based on magical energies. His method of spellcasting appears to consist of writing the spell formula and whatever modifiers in diagrams either in air or on materials. The upper limits on his abilities are unknown, however he is apparently powerful enough to open magical portals in Core.

   T’Gren (High Priestess of Eilistraee, current ruler of Nrun Dag, a drow city of the Underdark under Thay). T’Gren is the goddess Eilistraee’s priestess of assassins. Integrating the assassins of Vhaeraun into the good goddess’ flock is her persona trial in the faith. She strives to find good uses for the talents of the newly integrated “faithful” to further the wishes of her goddess.

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