Champions – Stinger, Tier 2 Villain/Victim

Samuel Martin was not having a good day. That wasn’t his fault; he lived in a a superhero universe and sometimes things just got !@#$% WEIRD.

This was one of those days.

Normally working for the Department of Agriculture was a pretty decent job; as an entomologist he worked with beekeepers, evaluated pesticides, checked on insects that bothered crops, and occasionally – as now – acted as a consultant for the local animal control officers. They didn’t know WHAT kind of swarm they had on their hands.

Unfortunately, there was a reason for that; it was a demonic locust-scorpion swarm summoned from the depths of the imaginal realms to spy and assassinate – and with the defeat of it’s summoner in a super-battle a couple of towns over, it was slowly fading back into those depths. It swarmed the silly little man who thought that a protective suit, a few small charms, and a degree would let him investigate it with impunity of course. It wouldn’t take more than a few moments to strip the flesh from his bones and an innocent human always made a nice snack.

It shouldn’t have been POSSIBLE for the swarm’s venom to catalyze a change in a human that would make him compatible with the energies of the Swarm and lead to its absorption – but Frost was nearby. Still, the mutation, and merger, was anything but smooth. What awoke in the hospital a few days later lacked the full power of the Hellswarm – but it also lacked pretty much ALL of Doctor Martin’s sanity. Instead, the hospital staff was confronted with Stinger, King of the Insects and Defender of all that was Chitinous and Scurrying.

Unfortunately, the nurses stern and authoritative tones did very little to keep Stinger from bailing out the window and gliding off to pursue his war against the evil spiders who had been devouring his subjects for countless ages!

Stinger fell in with Frost and Deathsinger a few days later. They… were about the only creatures he’d encountered (other than bugs, whom even he realized weren’t very bright) to whom he felt some sort of connection.

Not that his sample size was very large, but what’s an Insect King to do?

Even barring his nonsensical goals and vulnerability to diversion, Stinger isn’t a particularly effective villain. He’s a generalist, and unless he’s able to catch someone off-guard, that means that anyone who sticks to their area of competence is going to out-class him – and he hasn’t got a wide enough variety of powers to always target weaknesses.

On the upside, since his disability is work-related, and occurred on the job, Doctor Martin is eligible for governmental health care, workman’s compensation, and similar programs. Since he’s clearly insane there are attempts to get him treatment whenever he’s captured – but given that he and his teammates invariably escape within a week or two, no one has ever had much luck at it. There usually isn’t even time to get them into court.

Appearance: While the details vary between appearances somewhat since his “mutation” isn’t entirely stable, Stinger pretty much always displays his insectoid eyes, locust wings, antennae, mandibles, and bladelike chitin extrusions. His “Costume” is generally made up of the loudest possible Hawaiian shirts and fabrics. He apparently feels that this will either let him blend in or will attract a queen. Either way, it does not seem to work.


Value Characteristic Points
39/45 STR 29
19/21 DEX 27
23/26 CON 26
10/13 BODY 0
12/18 INT 2
11/14 EGO 2
14/20 PRE 4
10/22 COM 0
9/12 PD 0
5/8 ED 0
5 SPD 21
14/17 REC 0
18/30 END -14
45/51 STUN 0
Total 97
Points Powers END
23 Multipower (62-pt reserve); Generic Limitation (Insect Powers Only): -¾; Side Effects (Turns the user into a freaky insect person, makes them believe that they are an insect.): 30/Half, -½; Generic Limitation (Side effects cannot be avoided): -½
u-2 5d6 Webbing / Entangle (DEF 5); Range: 310; Reduced END: Half, +¼ 2
u-1 2d6 Chitin Blades / Killing Attack (HTH) (Total 4d6); Range: 0; Reduced END: Zero, +½ 0
u-2 Summon Insect Swarms (2 32-point creatures); Range: 0; Reduced END: Half, +¼; Active Points: 61; Summon: Limited Group, +¼

Insect Swarms can harass normal people, freak out those with phobias, make it hard to see in areas, and even make low-powered venom attacks – but aren’t really all that effective.

u-2 Venom / Hand-to-Hand Attack (5d6, Total 7½d6); Range: 0; No Normal Defense (Versus Immunity to Poison, Silicon Metabolism, being a Robot, etc.): +1; Reduced END: Zero, +½; Uncontrolled: +½; Continuous: +1 0
11 Elemental Control: Insect Powers (20-pt reserve); Generic Limitation (Insect Powers Only): -¾
a-13 Chitin Armor (18 PD/10 ED)
b-10 2d6 Master of the Hive / Mind Control; Communication: Telepathic, +¼; Area Effect (Radius): 500″ radius, +1; Increased Area: ×250, +2; Reduced END: Zero & Persistent, +1; Generic Limitation (Only works on insects): -1½

Most insects have about a -10 Ego

c-9 40″ Membranous Wings / Gliding (NC: 80″); Non-Combat Multiplier: ×2, +0; Non-Combat (MPH): 149; Generic Limitation (Physical wings – must be able to spread them, not be entangled, have enough room, etc.): -½
d-12 Sonar Sense
(9) Active Sonar
(6) 360-Degree Sensing (Hearing)
(6) Enhanced Perception (Sonar, +5 to PER)
6 +6 CP to All Attributes Blessing; Modifications to Primary Attributes do not affect secondary attributes. Aid to Defenses has half effect per standard rules.
(6) 1d6 Aid (All attributes) (Fade/turn, Max. 6); Range: 0; Affects: All Powers of Special Effect, +2; Reduced END: Zero & Persistent, +1; Always On: -½; Personal Only: -1; Increases maximums only, does not speed healing: -1; Aid to Defenses is halved per the standard rules. Aid to primary attributes does not affect secondary ones. 0
6 1d6 30-Point Equipment Allowance Aid (Fade/month, Max. 30); Range: 0; Affects: Single Power of Special Effect, +¼; Extra Time: 1 hour, -2½; Only activates in armories, labs, or between outings: -1½; Personal Only: -1; Difficult to Dispel: ×4, +½; Increased END: ×10, -4; This allows a character to haul along 30 CP worth of customized gear. 20
15 Equipment:
(7) 2d6 Nectar Reserve / Aid to Endurance (Fade/turn, Max. 12); Range: 0; Affects: Single Power, +0; Trigger: Set, +¼; IIF: -¼; Charges: +8, -½ 0
(8) Sticky Gloves and Boots / Clinging (Clinging STR +0); IIF: -¼
97 Total Powers  
Points Skills, Talents, Perks Roll
3 Scientist
2 Entomology 13-
2 Ecology 13-
1 Biochemistry 11-
0 English (Native Accent); Literacy: Standard, 0
8 +4 level w/Gliding
15 +3 level w/Multipower
31 Total Skills, Talents, Perks  
125+ Disadvantages
25 Believes himself to be King of the Insects, and their defender (Very Common, Total)
15 Hatred of Spiders, Pesticide Manufacturers, and anything else that kills large numbers of bugs (Various types of bats and birds are also on his list), (Common, Strong)
10 Obsessed with insects (Uncommon, Strong)
10 Vulnerability to Pheromones (2× Effect); Attack: Uncommon, +5
10 Public Identity
15 Hunted: Police (11-); Capabilities: Less Powerful, 5; Non-combat Influence: Extensive, +5; Geographical Area: Unlimited, -0; Actions: Hunting, ×1; Punishment: Harsh, 0
15 Distinctive Features: Bug Person; Concealability: Concealable, 10; Reaction: Always noticed & major reaction, +5
100 Total Disadvantages
COSTS: Char. Powers Total Total Disadv. Base
97 + 128 = 225 225 = 100 + 125
OCV DCV ECV Mental Def. PD/rPD ED/rED Phases
7 7 5 0 30/18 18/10 3, 5, 8, 10, 12

If it should matter to anyone, Stinger’s original design was Str 40, Dex 21, Con 20, Body 15, Int 23, Ego 10, Pre 20, Com 10, PD 20, ED 15, SPD 5, Rec 15, End 40, Stun 45, EC/Insect Powers (Gliding 21″, 5d5 Entangle at 1/2 End, 2d6 HKA and 1/2 End), active sonar, half end cost/str, +1 level with EC, +4 levels with Gliding, 306 points. He’d gained odd powers (but no physical transformation) through being attacked by bugs in the Amazon, and turned to crime for some reason or other. As usual, there’s nothing much but the general idea (insect powers, boosted strength) left from that.

Height: 180cm (5’11”), Weight: 74kg (163 lbs), Sex: Male, Age: 36, Race: Transformed Human


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