Vehn Rageclaw – The Life and the Legend

   Here we have something from one of the Twilight Seas players…

   Vehn Rageclaw is not a very out-of-the-ordinary Veltine. His life has not held amazing adventures, tales of derring-do, encounters with mighty dark sorcery, or emotional and dramatic events. He’s bright but not brilliant, cunning but not magnificently deceitful, and powerful physically but not legendary (for a Veltine). His magical talents are a little bit unusual, but the Twilight Seas are full of dabblers in one branch of magic or another, and his choice of fields is a mere eccentricity.

   Vehn comes from the Family of Stone-Pocked Cliffs. This clan, neither unusually ancient or particularly energetic, as subsisted for years on selling delicacies. The eggs of two species of birds who nest seasonally in the hollows and crags fetch a fair price. Vehn learned to sail and fish early, and excelled at both. He also proved as good a climber as most Veltine. While erratic and prone to mischief, he is generally friendly and enjoys life start to finish.

   He got his start adventuring in an almost prosaic way. Successful Veltine clans tend to expand. Vehn’s family strained the limits of their little corner of the world, and some younger males sought their fortune elsewhere. The natural places to go are towns, and Vehn drifted from odd job to job, sailing wherever possible. Soon enough, he earned a place aboard a merchantman trading exotic materials to the Shadow Elves. For a Veltine in Shadow Elf lands, life is as easy as you make it, and Vehn’s relative strength was in demand (plus the lack of interest in politics). He made friends with a particularly skilled conjurer and insists on taking the word to its illogical conclusion (because that’s funny).

   But ask Vehn for his life story, and you get a decidedly different line. It goes something like this…

   Born at sea during a raging storm, Vehn’s infant body clung to the raft. Somehow, with his parents swept away, he survived and came to rest in the exotic Isle of Stormy Wrath. Oh aye, there were the greatest mariners in all the ocean, who took him in and trained him well, for they could see he was touched by the spirits of the sea and storm.

   Vehn grew into the strongest of the men, proud and bold. But then his conniving younger brother-in-law, jealous of his might, engaged him in a contest of drinking. That night, he matched Vehn boast for boast until he cunningly turned Vehn towards the great sea-shelf, the spire of rock reaching into the sky. Vehn boasted that he would reach farther and higher than anyone before him

   [This begins a long and exciting tale of fighting great beasts, beating back at least fifty assassins who somehow appear out of nowhere. and rescuing a random sexy girl who has absolutely no business being in such a place. Oddly, the girl seems to be of whatever race to which the person Vehn is telling the story belongs.]

   Nay, but Vehn’s great heart were too large to stay in location, lads. He set sail the very next day to seek out new life – and new civilizations. Indeed, to boldly go where no Veltine had gone before! Thus, he set out on a new voyage, clad in his only clothes, having given all his wealth away to his adopted family, taking only a tiny skiff to brave the treacherous waters of the world. Vehn sailed across the wide world, from the strange lands of the Ikam. He raced dragon-turtles across the Ice-Fields of Katarr, outwitted the cunning sea-Manticores of Nadesh, and did battle with claw and sword against the terror-birds of Pahar!

   Vehn finally sailed into the harbors of the Shadow Elves, and there did meet the strange, powerful, mad sorceror known as Fredrenon. He and the sorcerer did battle with a dozen assassins dispatched by the terrible Black Cloaks of the Red Guild, dodging sword, arrow and spell while they slew the murderers one by one! Victorious in battle and claiming the treasure of the assassin’s guild, they swore lifelong blood-brothership. And the rest, as they say, is history…

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