d20: Sir Laurent Onn

   Today, by player request, we have a religious knight – and one that I believe is loosely patterned on a video-game character type from Diablo or World of Warcraft or some such. Sir Laurent Onn has reasonably strong healing powers, the ability to project any one of a selection of magical “auras” which either enhance his friends or hinder – or even directly damage – his foes, and some basic combat skills. Sir Laurent isn’t yet up to directly affecting an entire party yet – but he will be as soon as he gains a few levels.

   Like all our characters, Sir Laurent is built using the point-buy classless d20 rules from Eclipse: The Codex Persona (available in print HERE and in a shareware version HERE) – and, like most point-buy characters, he’s pretty formidable for his level. As a rule of thumb, a point-buy character is probably going to as effective as a normal character several levels higher (call it a +2 ECL adjustment), although they’re likely to be considerably more specialized. Personally, I think that upping the opposition a bit is a very small price to pay for letting the players have exactly the characters they want. It’s not like using slightly more powerful opponents actually costs anything.

Sir Laurent Onn

   L3 Human Knight Hospitalier

   When Laurent was a child, he and his family were once part of a group traveling under the protection of a wandering Knight – which was the only reason they survived that particular journey. When the attack came, Sir Horace bought the travelers under his protection time enough to escape at the cost of his own life.

   Young Laurent, the sixth child in a family of nine, had been most impressed with Sir Horace – and found a purpose in his example beyond becoming a mason like his father, joining the militia, or taking up some other craft. The local churches worked with the militia to offer special training for likely youngsters who showed the proper dedication.

   Laurent did. He even showed a remarkable knack for directly channeling the power of the higher realms – a rare gift. His direct combat skills lagged behind those of his more militant colleagues, but his ability to bolster others with the power that flowed though him was remarkable, and promised to develop even further over time.

   Human Racial Package: Fast Learner/Specialized in Skills (+1 SP/Level, 3 CP), and a Bonus Feat (6 CP).

   Available Character Points: Duties (religious knight/paladin-style code, protection of travelers. +2 CP/Level), Restrictions (no arcane magic, may only retain a minimum amount (about 20% of the usual base per level) of treasure beyond basic first-level starting cash, tithing the rest, +2 CP/Level), Disadvantages (Broke, History, and Recorder, +10 CP), Human, L1, and L3 Bonus Feats (18 CP), L3 Base 96 CP = 136 CP. Sir Laurent has only spent 133 of these, and so can have some other minor ability – albeit not much of one.

   Basic Attributes: Strength 14/+2, Intelligence 14/+2, Wisdom 11/+0, Constitution 14/+2, Dexterity 12/+1, Charisma 16/+3.

   Languages (3): Common, Celestial, one to fit the campaign setting.

   Combat Information (61 CP):

  • Saves:
    • Fortitude +2 (6 CP) +2 (Con) +2 (Resistance) = +6
    • Reflex +2 (6 CP) + 1 (Dex) + 2 (Resistance) = +5
    • Will +2 (6 CP) + 2 (Wis) + 2 (Resistance) = +6
  • Hit Dice: L1 d12 (8 CP, 12 HP), L2-3 d8 (8 CP, 7, 6) +12 (2d6 maximized, Immortal Vigor I).
  • Hit Points: 25 (Base) + 12 (Immortal Vigor I) + 10 (5x Con Mod) = 47 HP
  • Proficiencies: Light Armor (3), All Simple and Martial Weapons (9 CP).
  • Move: 30 (Base) = 30
  • Initiative: +1
  • BAB: +2 (12 CP)
  • Armor Class: 10 (Base) + 1 (Dex) + 4 (Armor, Chain Shirt) +4 (Shield) = 19
  • Usual Weapons:
    • Longsword +4 (+2 BAB +2 Strength) for 1d8+2 (Strength).
    • Longbow +3 (+2 BAB +1 Dex) for 1d8, 100′ range increment.
    • Lance +4 (+2 BAB +2 Strength) for 1d8+2 (Strength).

   Purchased Abilities (67 CP):

   Blessed Hands (16 CP): Healing Touch with Improved, Switch, and +4 Bonus Uses. Corrupted to reduce costs; only while Laurent remains true to his faith. May heal [Cha Mod x Level x 5] (Currently 45) total points of damage by touch per day. May use (Level/3 + 4) effects from the following list each week; Remove Disease, Lesser Restoration, Remove Blindness/Deafness, Cure Serious Wounds, or Remove Curse.

   Oath of Poverty (15 CP):

  • Fast Learner, Specialized in Innate Enchantment for double effect (+2 CP/Level, 6 CP)
  • Immunity to the usual XP Cost of buying Innate Enchantments, Specialized: only covers points provided by Fast Learner (Uncommon, Major, Major, Half Cost, 3 CP).
  • Immunity to Dispelling and Antimagic (Common, Minor, Major, 6 CP, Specialized in Innate Enchantments only, to protect against effects of up to level ten).
  • Innate Enchantment (6 CP [effectively 0 due to Fast Learner], 5000 GP Value): In general, Caster Level 1, Unlimited Use-Activated, Personal-Only (x.7) where relevant. Shield (2000 GP), +2 Resistance bonus on Saving Throws (1400), + (12 + 2x Con Mod) HP (Immortal Vigor I, 1400 GP).
    • Next level, a +2 Strength boost and Magic Weapon might be in order.

   Holy Auras (36 CP): Laurent can draw power from the celestial realms and channel it into a variety of “Auras” – effects equivalent to relatively minor spells. Unlike such spells, an aura automatically affects one target within sixty feet per level and – while auras can be dispelled – such disruptions are only effective for a single round. Unfortunately, while auras do not require casting or serious concentration, they do not have a duration; only one aura may be active at a time. Building this power requires:

  • Path of the Dragon/Shaping (4 CP), Pulse (4 CP), and Heart (12 CP), Specialized and Corrupted (only produces a very limited list of effects and only one at a time, only while Laurent remains true to his faith. Specialized for double effect, corrupted to reduce cost, covers second level effects)
  • Reflex Training (6 CP): It does not require an action to activate or change his Auras.
  • Area Metamagic (Specialized; Only for use with his Auras, Corrupted; Only while Laurent remains true to his faith, 2 CP)
  • Streamline (Specialized; Only for Area Metamagic, Corrupted; Only while Laurent remains true to his faith, +4 levels to give all his effects the “Mass” modifier (affects one target per level), 8 CP):
    • Laurent can produce a total of (2 + Charisma Modifier + Level) separate effects, and – at each level past the first may add one effect and – optionally – may drop an old effect and select a replacement. Such effects are equivalent to second level spells (he started with first level spell effects and may – eventually, and with the investment of more CP – reach considerably higher level effects). In general, only continuous effects are eligible.
  • Some current possibilities include:
    • 10+ Resistance to any one energy form (chosen when the Aura is activated).
    • A +2 Morale bonus to Saves, Attacks, Checks, and Damage. This also counters Despair and Fear effects.
    • A +2 Luck bonus to Saves, Attacks, Checks, and Damage.
    • Giving his target’s mundane weapons an effective +2 Enhancement bonus.
    • A +6 Shield bonus to AC.
    • A +6 Armor bonus to AC.
    • A +4 Enhancement Bonus to a specified Attribute.
    • Inflict (Level/2)d6, to a maximum of 5d6, Divine Damage per round to his targets (no saving throw, although spell resistance applies).
    • Dr 10/magic.
    • A +4 Competence Bonus to all skills.
    • Suppress Magic (rolling against the targets as per “Dispel Magic”, although affected magics are only suppressed, not dispelled, and will return as soon as he ceases to maintain this aura).
    • Haste.

   This is an exceptionally potent ability for his level – as should be obvious from it having a 36 CP price tag even AFTER being “corrupted” to reduce the cost. In lower-powered games it would probably be better to reduce his auras to providing level one effects, reducing the cost to 26 CP, and investing those 10 CP in something else. At higher levels it may be appropriate for him to learn to use more than one aura at a time (this will require buying higher levels of Pulse of the Dragon and Heart of the Dragon).

   Skills 8 (CP Spent) + 6 (Human) + 12 (Intelligence) = 26 SP.

  • Knowledge/Religion +8 (6 SP + 2 Int), Ride +6 (5 SP + 1 Dex), Spot +6 (6 SP + 0 Wis), Survival +6 (6 SP + 0 Wis), and Swim +5 (3 SP + 2 Str).

   Equipment (415 GP): Longsword (15 GP), Longbow (75 GP), two daggers (4 GP), Chain Shift (100 GP), Light Warhorse (150 GP), Military Saddle (20 GP), Basic Adventurers’s Pack (rope, bedroll, water flask, weeks rations, torches, flint and steel, quiver and arrows, whetstone, spare clothing, writing kit, a couple of flasks of oil, string, cooking kit, sewing packet, tarp, 25 GP), Wooden holy symbol (1 GP), Saddlebags (4 GP), Weeks Feed (1 GP), and 30 GP cash.

   Well, Sir Laurent is quite durable, is a pretty good healer, and is pretty good at boosting the rest of the party. He’s not the most spectacular of characters, and doesn’t have an especially wide variety of abilities. On the other hand, those unlimited-use Auras will be extremely convenient for any party he joins. Unfortunately, at higher levels, his treasure restrictions will become pretty inconvenient unless he either drastically upgrades his Oath of Poverty or purchases other special abilities. In either case, that will cost him points that might better be spent on other things.

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