Exalted – Simplified Martial Arts, The Tiger Style

Tigers fight

Yep. This style (Doug88888)

Since there’s been some question of how to build a simplified martial art, here’s a quick example.

The Tiger Style focuses on devastating claw-hand strikes, twisting acrobatic kicks, grappling, and low, wide – and exceptionally stable – stances. It’s primary focus is close combat. If outnumbered by his or her enemies a Tiger Stylist will close with one of them and attempt to eliminate him or her as swiftly as possible – while keeping the fight in whirl of motion so that his or her other foes will be unable to join in. It’s special maneuvers display the user’s massive power – smashing and destroying barriers, weapons, and foes, breaking bones, incredible leveraged throws, and ripping things apart – including the very earth when augmented with essence. It is one of the most primal martial arts that is still practiced in Creation.

Unenlightened Mortal Mastery:

  • Martial Arts 3+, High Str and Dex preferred.
  • Tiger Style Mastery: 1/Day Each +2d Stunt Enhancers: Ripping Claw Strike, Tiger Lashes Tail, Leap of the Tiger, Invincible Claw Block, Tiger Seizes Prey

Enlightened Mortal Mastery adds…

  • Martial Arts 4+
  • Mysteries of the Tiger I (Ess 2): Gain Iron Hand Strike (Claws, 1), Endurance Training (Wolf’s Pace, 1), and Hardening Kata (Large, 1).
  • Mysteries of the Tiger II (Ess 3): Gain Survival Training (Fur), upgraded Hardening Kata (Huge,+1), and Night Vision (1).
    • Fun fact! The “Mysteries of…” charm sequence is permanent; even if you’re not using the style at the moment. Yes, that means that having Mysteries from more than one form will stack – but there’s only so much you can do with one and two point mutations. Fortunately, as charm effects, all negative consequences of such “mutations” are ignored.
  • Initiate of the Tiger (Ess 2): Gain (Essence-2) Bonus Uses of your Martial Arts Maneuvers per day OR one bonus use of one of them in each fight (Enlightened Mortals should almost always take the per-fight option).

Divine or Godblooded Mastery adds…

  • At least one Martial Arts Excellency.
  • Unconquered (Ability) Perfection 1 (Channel a Virtue and add +2 DC to add a thaumaturgy-level effect to your martial action).

Unconquered (Ability) Perfection pretty much replaces most charm trees – which is the entire point really. Why should the amazing powers of the Exalted be confined to a relatively small selection of rigid abilities?

Exalted Mastery adds…

  • Unconquered (Ability) Perfection 2 (Dragonblooded. Ess 3, Channel a virtue and add +4 difficulty to produce a terrestrial circle sorcery level stunt), 3 (Lunar, Sidereal, Ess 5, Channel a virtue and add +7 difficulty to produce a celestial circle effect), or 4 (Solar, Ess 8, Channel a virtue and add +10 difficulty to produce a solar circle effect).
  • Possible Additional Excellencies.
  • Mysteries of the Tiger III (Ess 7): Gain Eye of the Tiger (Chakra Eye) and upgrade Endurance Training to Gazelle’s Pace.

Sidereal Mastery adds…

  • Challenge Fans The Flames
  • Tiger Form: +3 Valor Channels, Emulates the Mask of the Tiger:

Mask of the Tiger: Artifact III (Power 5, Utility 4, Plot Impact 2, Script Immunity 1 = Rating-***). 8x Class-B Powers: +2 Dex, +2 Str, +4 Martial Arts, +4 Damage, +4L/B/A Soak, Counts as a Reinforced Buff Jacket (cost 2 so Class-B) with no armor penalties (also Class-B for Class-B Armor; Net +9L/+12B), Damage Cap 5.

Yes, that’s a big stack of generic bonuses instead of anything particularly interesting – but this is an awfully generic style when you come right down to it; close and smash…

It’s also fair enough to use this basic artifact design for pretty much any martial art form charm. 


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  2. […] Simplified Martial Arts, The Tiger Style: How to build far simpler Martial Arts. Includes it’s form artifact. […]

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