Federation-Apocalypse Timeline Update II

   This segment brings the Federation-Apocalypse Timeline up to date…

   Week 30: Marty gets over his midlife crisis (and retires the harem), spends some time reviewing Kevin’s reforms (and finds them acceptable) as well as reviewing the information that had been acquired from Death so far. Perhaps unfortunately, he also finds himself considering hiring the Nazghul as lawyers to represent him in Abigail’s child-custody case. Kevin engages in mass recruiting, starts setting up planetary rescues for worlds in danger from the ring nova, distributes reinforcements to several worlds, puts some “rights” into his contract, and introduces large numbers of anthropomorphic properties into Core. In Kadia, reports come in of Merlin being involved with the Horsemen of the Apocalypse and with the attacks on Singular. Fortunately, the development of the Meme Countermeasures is well underway.

   In Faerun, the Rosary of Memory is being tapped, Vekxin is cornered and under siege, and the surface drow now have several Thralls working for them.

  • Major Characters: Vekxin, Abigail, Death, Merlin, and Chessaugh.
  • Major Factions: The Update Authority, the Unified Church, the Core Earth Military, The Meme Masters (probably the Neanderthals).
  • Major Plot Elements: The Ring Nova, Marty’s Children, Anthropomorphic Slaves in Core, the Drow Godswar, Merlin, and the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
  • Major Realms: Kadia, Faerun, and Core.

   Week 31: Marty returns to Battling Business World with some Crusader Kingdoms observers in tow and fights The MarketShare Wars before finding that penguins are invading and going ahead and hiring the Nazghul to help out with his child custody case. He eventually realizes that the ongoing reality distortions are even affecting Battling Business World. Meanwhile Kevin begins to consider a maintenance plan for the cosmos, attempts to use the Syndicates of the Linear Realms to stabilize the situation there, and takes some Thralls home for a visit to their parents – to find that Core parents seem to find his new-and-improved contract acceptable – and he drops by the “Amish” planet to move it out of the way of the supernova shockwave, which seems to go by without much trouble (albeit likely drawing more attention).

   The forensic examination of the Singular base is completed, and evidence of Merlins involvement deepens, leading to more resources being focused on Merlin and the Commonwealth – as well as on the realm of Inversion.

   The group decides to go and look for the contacts Master Tindale had recommended that they find – heading off on a route through Crusader, Mystic China, and the Shao-Lin temple to look for the Winter King.

   Gelman attempts to organize Amarant Solutions Manifold Operations and awakens his Blackberry.

  • Major Characters: The Winter King, Gelman, the Nazghul.
  • Major Factions: The Criminal Syndicates.
  • Major Plot Elements: The Ring Nova, Reality Distortions, Project Midnight Gardener, Singular, and Kevin’s Contract.
  • Major Realms: Battling Business World, Core, the Linear Realms, Mystic China, and Inversion.

   Week 32: The groups contact-seeking trip forced them to deal with a giant ninja attacking Tokyo in Crusader, a vengeful haunting in Mythic China, and the Shao-lin. After Recruiting Arthur II and deploying him to the Linear Realms with Thrall and Arrancar backup, they started trying to come up with trade goods suitable for Necropolis. Unfortunately, their trip through the New Imperium-Old Empire Korriban-Necropolis-The Jesus Realms to reach The Terminal Café wound up being diverted by Child Protective Services in Ealor and a Derelict fleet in the Old Empire (which they decided to salvage and transport back to the New Imperium for repairs).

  • Major Characters: The Shao-Lin Elders, Assorted Superheroes and Villains, Darth Vader, King Arthur II an the Arrancar, and the Hoslin Droids.
  • Major Factions: The Singularites (Child Protective Services), the Hoslin, the Shao-Lin and the Sith.
  • Major Plot Elements: Precognition, a Salvaged Battle Fleet, the Hellthunder (reports on), the War of Souls (in the Linear Realms).
  • Major Realms: Crusader, Mythic China, the Linear Realms, Ealor and the New Imperium, and the Old Empire.

   Week 33: Jarvain, hoping that the repair time would be long enough for him recruit at least a skeleton crew, takes command of the battle fleet as the group returned to the Old Empire – only to find that it was being slowly devoured by a hyperspace anomaly. Fortunately, the realm would almost certainly reset long before that became a problem, so they headed for Korriban – although the diversion added several days to their trip. Finding that the Hoslin were currently based there, but were being besieged by Imperial Forces, they spent more time evacuating them to the New Imperium-Battletech borderlands. After that, passing through the Tomb Archive, and getting by the Sith Undead to reach the gate to Necropolis was a minor gauntlet.

  • Major Characters: The Hoslin Council and the Hoslin Droids.
  • Major Factions: The Hoslin, the Krul, and the Lords of Necropolis.
  • Major Plot Elements: Korriban and the Tomb Archive, the Hoslin,
  • Major Realms: The Old Empire and the New Imperium.

   Week 34: The group’s travels through Necropolis suffered persistent interruptions; they dealt with necromantic rituals on the road, assisted in the defense of a city besieged by the “Krul” (a local form of hostile revenant), brokered a peace treaty, and then set out for the lands of Necrosis, a Dream-Lich – and found even more unpleasant entities along the way.

   In Battling Business World, Abigail was investigating just how Blackie had been turned into a pet – and wasn’t liking what she found.

  • Major Characters: The Vampire Lords, Night Lord Kylar, Necrosis, Abigail, and Blackie.
  • Major Factions: The Krul.
  • Major Plot Elements: The Strangers.
  • Major Realms: Necropolis.

   It’s worth noting that the second part of the latest interlude with Abigail – session 99b – takes place after the groups return from their latest trip.

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