Recordings from the Holocron of Kira Keldav – Session 50b

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At Alderaan, there had been a lot of debate – but the local fleet command had had to admit that – if Kira and company had actually managed to lure Zandramas into coming to them, and there was a decent chance of catching him with only a portion of his fleet, and without a planetary base to fall back on, then it would be a good chance to take him out. Zandramas was on the defensive for the moment, so a portion of the fleet could be spared – and the Jedi Order did vouch for Handell, despite his blatant alcoholism and the exceptionally bizarre asteroid-craft he was piloting…

A fleet contingent was dispatched.

Jacob had drawn on his home universe and poured those energies into the engines of the Lifestar with every bit of will he could muster. There were millions of people depending on him to bring them to a less-than-doomed galaxy.

He had emerged… off the grid, but his senses said that this was, indeed, his home universe. There were even some locals in the area.

OK, insane, implacable, and utterly hostile locals, who promptly decreed them an affront against the will of their god and started attacking – but they were his worlds hostiles!

The Yevetha had believed themselves the sole sapient life in the galaxy; that the universe was given to them to expand into at leisure. The presence of others was an abomination – and they would eradicate that. This ship, however mighty, would fall before their determination. No lesser foe would divert them from their prey.

As Jacob and Smooche laid a course back to Gruenn, the Yevetha fleets set out in pursuit – and Jacob set out to contact the rest of the group through the force if they were out of reach in any other fashion!

He actually managed to touch several of them briefly, to inform them that he was back, and was bringing Mrs Beasley (they’d found the Lifestars name in the old records) to help! He offered to pick up Kira along the way – but at the moment Kira thought that he was well out of it.

Ben, meanwhile, was dealing with two of the worst headaches he’d ever had! One from the fact that he was entirely too near another temporal duplicate of himself – and one from the fact that THIS version of himself had never even heard of Hyperspace!

What had HAPPENED in this version of the universe to cause it to censor an entire fundamental branch of science?

What they used in place of it was even more of a headache – and it was something that his alternate self was extremely proud of; he considered it the fastest possible drive – and, in a way, it was.

A subspace drive… It phased the ship into subspace – where everything aboard instantaneously radiated away it’s thermal energy, dropping almost to absolute zero. The initial impulse carried the ship through subspace a predictable distance in zero time – and in a totally random direction, whereupon it snapped back into normal space.

Once there, the super-cooled computer came back online, scanned the area, extrapolated it’s current location based on the known distance traveled and star-sights – and then, if they weren’t within a reasonable sublight travel distance of where they wanted to be, adjusted the distance and performed another random jump.

When it’s drunkard’s walk finally brought it out near where it wanted to be, it moved in through normal space and – once it was no more than a few hours out – thawed its passengers and main bulk with a low-powered lightsaber field, It used neutronium power generators simply because nothing else would provide the necessary power and still work at such low temperatures.

So it FELT instantaneous, but the actual duration was essentially random. It couldn’t really be totally random of course – otherwise it would probably be a divergent series rather than a convergent one – but whatever “steering” principle was involved was probably pretty weak…

Yes, it WAS a neat idea, and a brilliant way to exploit something he had never imagined could be exploited, and he was pretty impressed with himself for coming up with it – but it wouldn’t help him get home!

For that he needed hyperdrive coils…

He spent days using the fabrication systems to make some – and on recording a tremendous amount of hyperspace theory for himself and for whoever could use it locally. With any luck at all there’d be SOMEONE. His duplicate was willing enough to spend a little time in hibernation to get those goodies – even if most of the crew simply believed that he was the LUCKIEST subspace jumper in existence, and might even have dropped by from another cosmological volume.

Try as he might, he couldn’t convince most of them of anything else – and once he left through a hyperportal, they’d probably mostly forget all about him. Still, with any luck someday a censor-immune would pick up the dusty volume of notes and recordings – or his alternate might be able to develop an immunity after all. He had.

Well, there was one advantage: he was so lost that he had nothing at all to loose. He’d simply put everything he had into it, meditate until his brain hurt, and try to get back on pure instinct. That’s what the force was best with after all…

Perhaps desperation was good for something after all; it FELT like the right galaxy… Even if he was way off the grid.

His lashed-up hyperdrive was going to need constant nursing… He’d have to find someplace nearby that could supply some standard components.

He set out to try to use the force to determine which way to go – and found that four civilizations were within reach, but one was definitely best.

The Pfatari were… a sapient plant-form, who had learned to tap the energy gradient between the “warmer” space near stars and subspace for energy and shared a consciousness linked by subspace communications. As they could not travel through hyperspace beyond the seed stage – although they were acquainted with the theory – they were ever-so-gradually spreading through the asteroid belts around their suns and through the oort clouds between the stars. They were cautious about the prospect of dealing with a galaxy full of animal life, but felt that it would be unethical not to assist a stranded traveler.

Huh. Most of the galactic species could share the galaxy with the Pfatari and never even notice… They helped him build a better hyperdrive – and he showed them the subspace drive. They could really use the thing.

Meanwhile, back on Gruenn…

Lazlo was trying to figure out a way to get offworld, out of this trap, and back to Handell – and not having any luck at all! He couldn’t get hold of Shipwreck either, and if there was anyone who might be able to find a route – other than jumping into another universe and getting lost forever – it would have been Shipwreck.

Unfortunately, with the shield generators in stasis, there was no way to try and set up a way through – even if he did currently have some of the better bounty-hunter ships. Dammit! There had to be some way out!

Oddly enough, the two Sith madmen – one of them in charge of hundreds of war droids – who were in the immediate area were about the only potential menaces that he could safely ignore at the moment! The universe was surely out to drive him crazy!

Back with Alys and Nimh and the rest…

Then came the communication broadcast from orbit with the Sith Commander’s demands. He wanted the resistance to lower the shields immediately, or else he was going to bring down the shields and begin bombarding the planet. He also wanted the surrender of Kira Keldav, Jacob, and Ben Therus. Unfortunately that was a course of events that would likely get me killed. I needed to prevent the bombardment of the planet as long as I could, but how would I accomplish this? My power was limited, and the Sith were holding all of the cards.

No choice then.

I reached into my bag and pulled out some SynStim. The stuff was a synesthesia inducing compound mixed with an extremely powerful stimulant. The euphoric and cognition highs were addictive in most sapients. The disruptive effects on the brain communcations also tended to become permanent over time with seizures becoming common in habitual takers. Fortunately, the droid prosthetics in my brain made me almost immune to the damage, but did nothing to help with the addictive qualities of the drug. Plus there was also the unavoidable crash that would occur as blood sugar levels collapsed. I could achieve near miraculous deductions and observations with the stuff, but it was exhausting and made me more prone to using the stuff in the future.

Still, with a potential bombardment and little I could do about it, it was my only recourse to try to alter the situation in my favor.

Luckily, having prosthetic lekku made it easy to inject chemicals into my bloodstream without messy needles. Inserting the tiny gelcap into the appropriate slot, I could feel the chemical hit my brain as sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste all melted together into a single flow of sensory data. Memories began to warp, meld and tear as well as more portions of my brain began to respond to the chemical. In this roiling sea of sensory and memetic chaos, my mind began to recognize patterns in the data.

As the patterns formed, a plan came together.

Leaning heavily on my prosthetics to act “normal”, I called the occupational fleet in orbit. At first I got a secretary of some sort wanting to stonewall me from bothering the Fleet Commander in charge. Hammering her with logic and arguments that obviously went way above what her mind could comprehend readily, I got her to finally put me through to the Fleet Commander directly.

Trying to sum up my description of the man was going to be a lost cause of “tastes like blue” and “sounds like sandpaper”. Thankfully, the droid prosthetics allowed me to pretend nothing was out of the ordinary in my conversation with him. Acting programs had their uses after all. Later I would review the audio/visual pickup recordings for a more conventional analysis.

(Commander) Yes, what is it? I don’t like wasting my time with Republic Inspectors.

(Nimh) I must point out that it is not in your best interests to bring down the shields and bombard the planet at this time.

(Commander) You presume much to tell me what to do.

(Nimh) I am merely stating that it is in your best interests to do so. Let me explain why this is. First off, it appears you still have not found the one called Xiang, despite the fact that all evidence indicates she is still loose in the system with multiple antimatter warheads.

(Commander) Go on.

(Nimh) Obviously Xiang is targetting Sith in her mad crusade for a duel. Currently the only Sith in the system that I can deduce are all planetside right now. They would be an obvious target for her. This would then result in a good amount of planetary devastation in the middle of a war effort.

(Commander) So then what are you suggesting?

(Nimh) Make her move for her and let her think it’s her idea. Keep the shields up until the one called Zandaras arrives. He will undoubtedly be arriving aboard a vessel easily capable of surviving anything thrown at it from her. Once she is eliminated, you can then safely bring down the shields and reconquer the planet again without risking harming the vital industries.

(Commander) Using my superior as bait? That is a bold and potentially foolish proposal.

(Nimh) I am merely suggesting providing Xiang with an unassailable target to waste her efforts on. You can then retake everything you have lost with the least amount of destruction to anything valuable. All it costs you is a few days delay and some minor embarassment to Zandaras, but you can then report having manipulated the situation to neutralize all the threats without allowing any of your enemies to cause undue harm to valuable resources.

The man stroked his beard thoughtfully as he considered the proposal. Yes, this one was very competent and open to new ideas. That made him very dangerous and very useful. As long as I keep it in his best interests to keep me and this planet alive, I stand a good chance of surviving this. On the down side, outsmarting him completely is going to be extraordinarily difficult – and I was certainly giving him information during this conversation that he had not had before. There was no way to avoid it.

Also curious was the man still seemed to be confident in his ability to bring down the shields on command, despite what reports I had heard from Alys regarding her conquest of the things. That implied the man had an ace up his sleeves to bring them down still besides that strike force currently assembling. Alys eliminating that attack force may not be enough to secure the planetary defenses.

What is he planning then?

It has to be something he can trigger from orbit without support from the ground. His ability to destroy the generators was limited by the fact the shield was currently up. That meant whatever it is was on this side of the shields. An explosive charge planted to destroy the shields? Possible, although that would mean the planet was vulnerable to outside attackers while the occupation repaired it again. Plus, military shield generators were usually quite robust against major failures such an explosion would cause.

Probably a computer or electrical shutoff then. That way the generators could be reactivated on demand after the occupation retook them. While it was conceivable that it was some sort of heartbeat failsafe, predictions showed it much more likely that it was some sort of an active communications code to trigger a shutoff. And that could be jammed then.

(Commander) Very well, you make several excellent points. I will avoid dropping the shields and bombarding the planet until the timeframe is more opportune. I do recommend that you turn your impression investigative powers towards finding Kira Keldav, Lazlo Milvago, Jacob, and Ben Therus. It would let the occupation take a more generous view on your presence here.

(Nimh) I’ve have been sent to find those people anyway.

Neatly avoiding having to promise to hand them over once I found them. It also helped matters that only Lazlo Milvago still appeared to be on the planet. The Commander promptly cut off the communications channel at that point since the discussion had ended.

I spent several minutes busily writing notes and thoughts while still under the effects of the SynStim. Most of the insights would usually turn out to be bogus or irrelevant, but a few would prove useful. It was difficult to remember them once out of the state unless I wrote them down in considerable detail. I finished a few minutes before the inevitable crash hit me. Fighting the mental exhaustion that was threatening to put me to sleep, I sent a coded message to Alys to look for the possibility that the shield generators had remote shutdown systems installed.

Hopefully she can find some way to interfere with the deactivation codes and prevent the Sith from shutting down the shields whenever they want.

I asked the locals at the camp to keep an eye on me as I was about to fall into a deep sleep for a while and would be unable to take care of myself. As I curled up in one of the makeshift tents, I couldn’t help but smile to myself. With a few minutes of arguing, I had successfully delayed a bombardment of an inhabited world for a couple of days. I wonder what I will do tomorrow?

Meanwhile, Jacob and Smooche were hopscotching their way across the galaxy – stopping at various planets to proclaim that “they were working for Kira Keldav, and had come to destroy them all!” – before departing quietly. He wanted to give the crew some practice with the Ion Cannons, to make sure that everyone knew about the Yevetha trailing along behind them, and to make sure that – if he had to move Gruenn – they would all think he had destroyed it and so would be properly terrorized.

Of course, with the largest ship in the galaxy headed for Gruenn, being chased by a hostile alien fleet that shot at everyone who came near them (and freely declared their intention of destroying everyone else in the galaxy), they rapidly picked up a few more pursuers – like half of the Republic fleet.

Recordings from the Holocron of Kira Keldav – Session 50

Over with Kira…

I woke up in a tank of bacta for what seemed like the hundredth time. I could see Vincent Lowell on the other side of the glass poking at a datapad. I could still see the tubes connected to my arm for the chelation therapy.

(Vincent) Ah, you’re awake. You will be pleased to know we are about 35% done. We are going to have to suspend treatment for a while though to let your body rest a bit. Too much bacta too quickly can start causing allergies or worse, and you’ve been needing quite a bit of the stuff. Please be ready to stand as we drain.

The various tubes connected to me disengaged when he said that. The tank started draining through a hole in the bottom. Standing was easier this time than the last few times I did this, although the numerous incisions across my body were making themselves felt. At least I was actually beginning to see signs of improvement. Once the tank finished draining the tank opened up and I stepped out. Toweling myself off, I then put on the clothing laid out for me. They had quietly confiscated my stuff the moment I went into medical treatment. Whether or not I would see any of it again was an open question.

(Vincent) You seem to be walking and moving about more readily this time.

(Kira) Yeah, I can definitely feel some improvement.

(Vincent) Good, we finished the repairs to the brain, central nervous system, and your heart. The other internal organs are progressing well. Bone loss is stil an issue, but we are combating that as needed.

(Kira) So what now?

(Vincent) We have a set of quarters set up for you right now. I believe you had some visitors there waiting for you to arrive. If you are ready….

As he gestured to the door, it opened to reveal a small hovercar designed to run in the corridors of the ship. Vincent climbed aboard and was waiting for me to join him. As soon as I sat down, the car took off at high speed down the corridor. We entered one of the main thoroughfares through the ship and merged seamlessly into traffic as the droid driver took us along. I saw large amounts of cargo being transported around, and even damaged fighter parts being shipped to repair bays. An automated voice came over the intercom.

(Intercom) Attention: Threat level reduced from Orange to Yellow. Repeat: Threat level reduced from Orange to Yellow. Enemy fleet still in sector. Additional attacks are to be considered probable. Crew rotations will remain on current schedule until further notice.

(Kira) I take it the battle went well?

(Vincent) Minor damage, the big ships are hard to damage significantly without a real concerted effort. The fighters had a harder time of it, but we value our pilots more than the enemy does.

(Kira) Was it the Baramour?

(Vincent) Can’t say.

(Kira) Can’t or won’t?

(Vincent) Can’t, I haven’t been informed by my superiors. Not that it really matters. The enemies of the Varen are my enemies. That’s all I need to know.

We turned off the main thoroughfare after a couple kilometers and started up a ramp for a good ways. The gravity shifted to point perpendicular to the ramp, but it still felt odd to watch the people not on the ramp walking at an angle to myself. A thought occurred to me.

(Kira) Alright, why am I in quarters so far from the medical bay?

(Vincent) You were put into quarters where some of the more talented members of the crew could keep an eye on you if you tried something foolish. I will probably be reassigned to the closest medical center in order to continue treating you.

We eventually came to a more “residential” section of the ship as the car got off the ramp and entered a large open space. The place was clearly made to resemble an outdoor type environment with a fake sky, a large grassy park and a pool. The quarters were designed to give the impression of an apartment complex surrounding the place. It seemed a bit extravagant to me for personal quarters aboard a military vessel.

Families were out in the park playing and doing other activities. Most of them stopped to watch as we went by though. I could feel several Force presences in the area and I suspected they all could feel me in turn. About all I could feel was a limited curiosity.

We then arrived outside an “apartment” overlooking the park. The door opened automatically as we stepped out of the car and approached. The place was luxuriously furnished and rather large. There were holoscreens set up as windows and a full set of servant droids milling about. What caught my eye though were the three people sitting at the table playing cards. They reacted to my appearance immediately. It was Virstris, Ban, and Augusta.

(Virstris) So there you are! We’ve been wondering when Vincent would let you out and about. It’s been a while.

(Kira) Hey Virstris. I take it you guys are still assigned to Valerie?

(Augusta) Yep, we’ve been supporting Lady Soung and her missions since you first met us.

(Ban) They’ve yet to get someone to fill your spot for long though.

(Kira) Really?

(Augusta) Well you killed Gregory on Alderaan. No skin off my back though, Gregory was an arrogant posturing ass well on his way to going HoloSith. I won the bet.

(Ban) And I lost. I thought he would have lasted a little over a year until Valerie inevitably brained him. But you got him first.

(Augusta) After that they brought in Ayshan for a while.

(Virstris) Dear god, don’t remind me. The man had a permanent rain cloud hanging over his head.

(Augusta) At least he was competent.

(Virstris) My sister eventually insisted that he either leave or he was going to have to start taking drugs immediately. He left.

Ban then reached under the table and pulled out a bag. He set it on the table and opened it up. He pulled out my robes from the bag and laid it out on the table.

(Ban) I’ve gotten most of your stuff repaired. Whoever made that robe is top-notch. I wouldn’t mind learning some of his secrets. There was a layer I didn’t really understand and so couldn’t properly repair, so we took it out but all the rest should be back up to snuff.

He then pulled out the stasis belt and smiled wickedly.

(Ban) This thing was an interesting find. Ended up testing it on Augusta’s dog….

(Augusta) You what?!

(Vincent) Worked wonders for shutting the mutt up.

(Ban) Circuitry is simple enough, but I am still not sure why it works. We’re going to be playing with the thing for a while, but in the meantime I’ve repaired this one for you. The other major circuitry on the belt looked to be either missing or badly damaged. I can’t tell what exactly that was supposed to do, but I suspect it’s what brought you here.

(Kira) Never really understood the damned thing myself.

(Ban) I also took the opportunity to upgrade the bracers with a set of shield generator circuitry similar to Lady Soung’s. Her insistence really. We got a new blaster, knives, and other minor replacements from the armory. Sorry but you can’t have thermal detonators at this time.

(Kira) Hardly expect I will need them anytime soon anyway.

(Virstris) True, and I doubted they still worked anyway. Those things aren’t particularly fault tolerant in my experience. We were rather surprised to find you didn’t have a lightsaber on you.

(Kira) The droids confiscated it before I could see Lecrouss. It’s still probably back there on Gruenn. Finding it again will be a pain, and my spare is on it’s way to Alderaan.

(Virstris) That’s not a problem! We can supply you with another lightsaber. They have plenty of spares for the Varen to use.

(Ban) Indeed, we can even let you create an artificial crystal too.

I really didn’t want to say anything, but this was getting ridiculous. I understood that my being healthy was in the Varen’s best interest given Valerie, but why they chose to repair all my equipment and then give it back was beyond me. Not too long ago I was responsible for causing a significant amount of damage to this very ship. Never mind the fact that I was still technically a renegade.

(Kira) Alright, why am I not being stashed into cryogenic stasis? You could easily do it at any time you chose and yet you continue to act like I am part of the faction.

(Virstris) Well, aren’t you? Mother seems rather insistent that you are joining us.

(Kira) News to me.

(Virstris) It will all work out.

They went back into their game while trying to include me in the conversation. Apparently Lessa Soung was still adamant that I was joining the Varen. Now that I know of the Bond with Valerie, I can see why. It made fighting them rather pointless in a lot of ways. Still, I wasn’t going to just leap into their ranks with open arms.

The initial conversation with Valerie the day before about the Bond hadn’t gone well either. We were both more than a bit uncomfortable feeling out the Bond between us right now. Just being aware of it and in close proximity to each other was a bit disconcerting. The image of our alternates from the Codifier Galaxy came from one of us (not sure which) and was instantly shared over the link to make the conversation even more awkward. Then it devolved into a shouting match over her anger at my recklessness and my frustration with her keeping this a secret for years.

It didn’t help that we each could tell when the other was lying and what we were feeling. It finally ended when Vincent had put me back into the tank for another round of therapy. We hadn’t had a chance to continue that discussion since then. She was busy with whatever this project was and I was still recuperating.

The card game the others were playing started to include stories of past missions and I somehow got involved. I was telling them about how we defeated the Sith at Archegyph with a jellyfish when I felt someone come into telepathic contact with me.

<Jacob> Hey! You are alive! You need a pickup while I am out here?

How Jacob had found me was beyond my ability to fathom, let alone how he managed to cross the galaxy too. I really wanted to pull on the Codex in order to block him out right now but realized I was pulling on the Force too hard trying to stay active. If I switched to the Codex now, I was going to collapse in moments. That meant I had to endure this.

(Kira) Pickup? What do you mean? Where are you and how can you give me a pickup?

Virstris and the others looked at me very oddly for a moment before they realized I was in contact with someone via telepathy.

<Jacob> I found a REALLY big ship called the Mrs Beasley! I am currently heading….. well I am not sure where, but I have a lot of ships chasing me now! I can swing by and pick you up!

I suddenly got the feeling that it would be very bad to get involved in whatever it was Jacob was doing.

(Kira) The Mrs Beasley?! What the hell kind of ship is called that?!

<Jacob> Another Ben and Alys built this ship to save the Galaxy from Darth Kira!

My head impacted the table hard at that remark. Then I hit the table with my head a few times more for good measure. The others in the room were looking at me curiously when I finally stopped.

(Kira) Jacob, not right now. I am currently getting medical treatment and have some issues to work out. I will catch up at some point.

<Jacob> Ok!

Jacob then disconnected the link and I was left to my own thoughts. What premonitions I was getting were suggesting that it was critically important that I stay here for now. I really wasn’t sure I wanted to find out why given what I just learned.

(Virstris) What was that about?

(Kira) Jacob has apparently found a ship called the Mrs Beasley and is running around the galaxy with a small fleet chasing him. He wanted to know if I needed a pickup.

(Augusta) Sounds like the usual chaos that follows you around.

(Kira) Yeah, except this time I am getting the very strong feeling that I need to be as far away from this one as possible.

Suddenly I felt Valerie start heading our direction from across the ship. I was definitely on her mind, but I couldn’t tell why. She must have been in a hurry as it didn’t take her long to get here. She practically stormed through the door and began asking questions in an somewhat bemused tone.

(Valerie) Kira, do you have any idea what is going on out in the galaxy right now?

(Kira) Something about a war going on last time I checked.

(Valerie) Very funny smart ass. Have a look at this.

She walked over to one of the holo-displays and switched it to a galactic news feed. The news coverage was dominated by reports of a ship named the Mrs Beasley tearing across the galaxy. A number of massive ship battles were reported in it’s wake and more ships from across the galaxy were moving to intercept. Several Sith factions were sending their ships, and the Republic fleet was abandoning several portions of the front to give chase as well. Even the Hutts were supposedly sending ships.

What really shocked me though was the information on the Mrs Beasley. It was easily much, much larger than the Winter Moon, and much more powerful. The fact that it was basically ignoring the fleets giving chase was testament to the power the thing had. No one knew where it came from and the story that Kira Keldav had built in secret to destroy the Republic and the Sith was quickly gaining traction. I was especially annoyed with the number of public officials going on record calling for my head.

(Augusta) Wow, a hundred credits says Kira’s bounty hits the trillions after this one!

(Ban) You’re on!

I am going to kill Jacob the next time I see him.

We watched for several hours as the running disaster unfolded in front of our eyes on the news. The number of ships involved and the casualties were skyrocketing hour by hour. I watched as all chances of me ever being able to return home to Alderaan vanished along with whatever was left of my reputation as something other than a mighty Sith Lord. If there was any consolation to the madness, it was that the massive fleet battle was well on it’s way to intercepting Zandaras.

(Valerie) Well, you’ve brilliantly distracted all attention from our project here with this one Kira.

(Virstris) A pity you had to destroy your life to do it.

(Valerie) There is no going back now, there never really was. You will join us Kira, you don’t really have a choice in the matter now.

(Virstris) Just as Mother predicted.

(Valerie) We’re the only ones you can trust in this. You now understand why this is true.

I felt sick and it wasn’t the silt still in my body either. It was the realization that the last three years of my life had been wasted running away. Valerie spoke the truth, I had to throw my lot in with the Varen to hope to survive the likely reprisals from this galactic fiasco. I felt a hand on my shoulder and saw Valerie’s there.

(Valerie) The galaxy has good reason to believe that Kira Keldav is on Gruenn, on the Mrs Beasley, or dead. We will create a new identity for you to use. The Galaxy will be chasing a phantom.

(Kira) Very well, I will join the Varen Sith. I will not fall to the Dark Side though.

(Valerie) We shall see. Who knows? Maybe you are right, the future is always in motion.

Three years after being taken in by the Sith and then escaping, I am now joining them of my own free will. I am Kira Keldav of the Varen Sith.

And I am Unfallen.


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