Twilight Isles – Level Two for Tristan Galanodel

   Here we have a possible level two upgrade for Tristan Galanodel in the Twilight Isles setting. This one is a bit more speculative; since the player is still relatively unfamiliar with the system, and might come up with something else that they want – but that can most likely wait until the character has a few more experience points.

   Tristan will be getting twenty-six character points for level two – the usual twenty-four base plus two for Duties. He’ll also be getting four bonus skill points from his Intelligence – and here’s what they’re being spent on:

  • A d8 Hit Die for level two (4 CP). The dice are doing well for the PC’s today, since I got an “8” – which will come to +8 HP for a total of 28. A new hit die also takes his effective caster level for Path of the Dragon up to four.
  • Warcraft: As a Sabre Expert, Tristan will be picking up another +1 BAB Specialized in Swords for Double Effect – an effective +2 BAB (6 CP).
  • Next up is buying off the Foci requirement on his magic. This costs ten character points, but it means that opponents can’t take away his magic simply by removing a few rings and sigils (10 CP). It’s going to be very expensive to increase the level of spells he can cast too much more – the price of buying an unlimited-use ability – bit it’s pretty effective the way it is.
  • He’ll be getting one of his old abilities back – Calculating Leader, purchased as Augmented Bonus/may add his (Int Mod) to the base score of his Charisma-based skills – raising his Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, and Intimidate skills to a base of (+8).
  • That leaves four skill points to spend. Given that he is out adventuring at the moment, sinking three into his Sabre Master Martial Art (to get it to +15) will provide him with two more Martial Techniques – Inner Strength and Combat Reflexes.. The remaining point can go into his Profession / Sailor skill (raising it to +8) since it was supposed to be one of his strengths.

   Next level up he’ll want Adept, and possibly some other way to get skill bonuses or extra skill points, since the “Augmented Bonus” route is about tapped out at this point. He can already throw some decent (usually +10) skill-enhancement spells on himself when he needs too, so perhaps a way to maintain some would be in order.

   Tristan is very good with a sabre, only passable with other weapons, and a competent elemental mage. Still the generalist in a party full of specialists, and still the only skillmaster. It’s a good thing that he’s an extremely versatile one.

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