Meishou Shokunin Master Smith School (Bushi)

   The Meishou Shokunin Master Smiths are one of the more widespread minor schools out there; most clans have a few masters working for them – and anyone who shows up at one of their few workshops/dojos and shows enough dedication and existing mastery of the smith’s arts has at least some chance of persuading a master to take them on.

   Naturally enough, the school focuses on perfection – creating superior weapons, with superior balance, precisely balanced for the user. Secondarily, of course, it focuses on communing with the spirits of your weapons, using them precisely as they would be used – letting the forgers personal attunement to the form, spirit, and individual quirks of the weapon itself guide you into the perfect form for the use of that individual weapon.

   Sadly, even the Master Smiths cannot get this to work with weapons and armor they didn’t personally forge – but with such weapons and armor they can do some pretty impressive things.

  •    First Technique/Sokeizaisangyou: You gain a pool of (2x Meditation) free raises for use with Craft/Weaponsmithing and Craft/Armor (10) and may add your Craft/Weaponsmithing to your Attacks (5) and Damage (5) when using a weapon you forged.
  •    Second Technique/Chuushin: You may forge minor magical weapons and armor (5), may add your Craft/Armor Skill to your AC when using armor you forged (5), and may now add twice your Craft/Weaponsmithing Skill to your Attacks and Damage when using a weapon you forged (+10 over the L1 technique).
  •    Third Technique/Takuitsu: You may forge major magical weapons and armor, but only in your clan traditions (0), are immune to the need for an above-ordinary workshop to make superior items (5), and may now add three times your Craft/Weaponsmithing Skill to your Attacks and Damage when using a weapon you forged (+10 over the L2 technique).

   I know, I know – this is yet another monomaniacal school. It also offers some pretty impressive bonuses when using an appropriate weapon, if little or nothing without one. Still, it does account for the various “sacred clan weapons” being more-or-less readily available to young samurai and provides an interesting alternative path for those who want to really commune with the spirit of their swords.


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