d20 – Tomes Of Distant Lore and Remote Tominals

And for today, it’s another question…

How would you build a magic book that can be used to read any information stored in a linked library? I got the idea from an episode of Angel where the titular character is looking up legal references from the library of the inter-planar evil triad of Wolf, Ram, and Hart (in the main plane of the show, they are the law firm Wolfram and Hart).And how would that change if the book could also access magical writings like scrolls and spellbooks?


Well, there are a number of ways.

At the most basic, the Eclipse effect you want is Mystic Link/the library in question (3 CP) with Communications (Specialized for Increased Effect (works on an inanimate target) / only one way; you can “read” what is in the library but not add to it (3 CP). Accessing Scrolls that happen to be in the library requires Power Link (3 CP) – a total of 9 CP or one-and-a-half “feats”. If you just buy it that way, you don’t need a book. If you Corrupt it so that you need an actual book with some minor special qualities that is hard to replace to use this power you’re back down to 6 CP, or one Feat.

Book Of Shadows Of (Library).

These tomes, so named because they “shadow” the contents of some distant library, are invariably bound with exotic materials, chased with black gold or deeply tarnished silver inlaid in curious symbols, and surprisingly heavy for their size. Depending on the nature of the library they are linked to, they may have an aura about them that anyone can feel.

  • A Book Of Shadows is basically the package above in Relic form, granting the user access to whatever is in the library it is linked to, scrolls and spell books included. If you buy it as a Relic, you divide by six – giving this a cost of 1 CP.
  • Of course, as a relic, I’d probably also add Returning, Specialized / only for the Relic, not the user (3 CP) so as to make the thing pretty much indestructible. That raises the total base cost to 12 CP and the cost as a relic to 2 CP.
  • If you wish to make sure that you always get your relic back again you’ll want to have a personal link to the thing – Mystic Link with Summons Link, both Specialized and Corrupted / Only to get your stuff back again (not to locate or draw upon it), may take a fair amount of time and effort to do so (2 CP, +1 CP per additional item so linked).

Admittedly, that’s doubling the effective cost of your Relic, but if you’re in a game where your stuff keeps getting blown up or something… turning (say) your prized magical item into a very minor relic with “Returning” so that it can’t get destroyed and slapping a link on it, may be worth a feat or two.

  • Depending on what library it’s linked to, paying two, or even four, character points to have access to it whenever you need to know something is probably well worth it.

The Abyssal Revelations, Necronomicon, Cthäat Aquadingen, Zhou Texts, Et Al.

  • Now, if your relic is linked to some mighty alien library of the Cthulhu Mythos or something… then we can Corrupt the thing for Reduced Cost / each user finds different things in it, obtaining access to their own personal list of terrible, sanity-blasting, occult secrets, spells, and dread rituals that man was never meant to know. That reduces the total cost of our indestructible book of madness to a base of 8 CP – or 1 CP as a relic. You can thus have your own, personal, copy of some dread elder tome filled with mind-destroying secrets for a mere 1 CP, and the dread power locked within its pages will mean that the thing will always show up again somewhere even if you lose it (that’s probably not actually a good thing). Add the linking effect above and you will always get the thing back too – whether the actual character likes it or not.

Next easiest is the Sapient Tome. I’d start off with a…

Scholar’s Tome:

This handy item takes the form of a book that can be “fed” other books and scrolls. It is only a move action (that does not provoke AOO) to open it to the contents of any given book or scroll that it’s “eaten”. Sadly, it is limited to 120 pounds of books and scrolls at any given time (although used scrolls are “digested” and no longer count against the weight limit). Dispel Magic will render it impossible to access the stored materials for a time and if the book is destroyed everything it’s “eaten” will go with it. .

  • Buy this as a Handy Haversack, can only be used to store books and scrolls (x.6), will not give up books after they’re inserted, but used scrolls can be discarded/”eaten” (x.8) = 960 GP.

I would make sure to put a Fortifying Stone on it (+5 Hardness, +5 Break DC, +20 HP, 1000 GP), but that can be done at any time. Adding Ungent of Timelessness (+20 GP) will add a +1 Resistance Bonus to all it’s saving throws. Since good quality durable books are 25 GP and so are Backpacks, making them with Bulette Hide (Hardness 12, 30 HP/Inch, so 8 HP at a quarter-inch thickness) will raise the base cost by 225 GP. A Hardening spell (Level Six, say Caster Level 16, for +8 Hardness) will cost 960 GP, but will also affect “an item” of up to 160 cubic feet. So all you need do is stick your stuff together so it’s “one item” (after all, a suit of armor with many different pieces is “one item”), and that expense is negligible. Call it 20 GP.

That gives our Tome a net cost of 2225 GP, Hardness 25, 28 HP, and a +1 on it’s (almost never needed) Saves. That really ought to be good enough for most adventures.

Grand Scholar’s Tome:

The quickest and easiest way to get the Remote Access function is to use Ensoulment (The Practical Enchanter) on a Scholar’s Tome.

  • A Rank 3 Spirit (+2500 GP) has one free Feat to use (allowing reading what is in the library) and a Rank 6 Spirit (6000 GP) has two (allowing you to use scrolls that are in the library) – and that will give your tome the capabilities you want. It may even have enough skill points to be a good librarian and will be able to do research in the library for you on it’s own while you do other things.
  • If you use a Rank 9 Spirit +12,000 GP) so as to get a third feat and give it Device Use (Scrolls), it will be able to use scrolls from the library on it’s own. Of course, it will also have an Ego high enough to be pretty independent.

The Akhasic Library:

Now, doing this in baseline d20 or Pathfinder is a little trickier. What you want is to first enchant the library.

  • Give it Unlimited Use-Activated use of Mending (only to repair books, x.4, 400 GP) and Prestidigitation (only to snuff out small fires, clean and tidy, and look after the library, x.6, 600 GP). The game master may or may not let you apply “immobile” modifier to half the cost again – but it’s only 1000 GP to start with. Saving 500 GP isn’t really that big an issue, so your game master will probably go for that in either 3.5 or Pathfinder. After all, who cares?
  • Now give it Intelligence (3.5 1000 GP, Pathfinder 500 GP). Our library is now a “creature”, even if a fairly minimal one, at a net cost of either 1500 or 1000 GP.
  • Now give your remote-access tome(inal) Unlimited-Use Use-Activated L3 Scrying / Only to Scry on the specified creature – library and it’s contents (x.2. After all, going from “anyone anywhere” to “one specific target” is about as limited as it gets), Only to read books in the library, not to see what is going on there (x.8) = 4800 GP.

We may be stretching the point to let this read what’s in the library, but there are plenty of other items that stretch their base spells a bit.

  • Still, if there’s an objection, you can always give your book its own Intelligence (500 GP), Darkvision (500 GP), and “Speech” (Display Page, 500 GP). That will let it “read” in the target library and show you the results even if the books you want to read are closed and shelved. That comes to 7300 GP for the Tome and 1000 GP for the Library, but this version can search the target library for particular pieces of information while you’re busy with other things and take care of the books for you.

This doesn’t include the “read scrolls in the library” function, but there’s really no good way to do that in baseline 3.5/Pathfinder that I can think of offhand. You could, however, just enchant the thing with Unlimited-Use Spell-Completion Effects, each usable 1/Day at a cost of (Spell Level x Caster Level x 100 GP), which would be a much better deal in the long run.

The Willful Tomes:

For a hybrid version – using Eclipse only as a source of Feats – we need some way to give an intelligent item feats. Unfortunately, outside of very expensive feat-granting spells, the only way to get an item feats is to get it some hit dice – which is quite awkward. About the only way to do it within the system is to turn it into a Construct Creature – and neither 3.5 nor Pathfinder include any generally accepted method of designing or pricing Constructs. The Practical Enchanter DOES, but includes a lot of qualities that aren’t really needed here.

Ergo, about the only thing we can do this refluff and tweak existing constructs – and it looks to me like the most suitable ones are the

Journeyman’s Eldritch Libram:

  • Soulbound Doll (Three Hit Dice, 2 Feats, 4300 GP):
  • Remove: AC (as per carried item), HP 16, all Saves +1, Speed and Melee Abilities, Dex and Str.
  • Refluff: looks like a book. Can display text and images on it’s pages instead of speaking.
  • Spell-Like Abilities: Four Cantrips 3/Day Each, Two Level One Spells 1/Day Each, One Second Level Spell 1/Day.
  • Feats: Use these to set up your library link.
  • Special: The game master might let you throw in a first level spell or two usable 2/Day in place of the stuff we’re removing, but you can’t count on it.

Using a Soulbound Doll as a “book” is probably the cheapest semi-standard option – and, while it’s magical powers aren’t really very impressive, they can certainly be handy.

The Grand Grimoire:

  • Guardian Doll (6 HD Version, 8100 GP Base, +2L1 Spells 3/Day (as per Intelligent Items) = 10,500 GP (11,500 GP with Fortifying Stone).
  • Remove: Cold Subtype and Fire Vulnerability, AC as per carried item, Immune Cold, Speed 30, Melee, and Dolls Dagger (Extra Cold Damage and Paralysis).
  • Refluff: looks like a book. Can display text and images on it’s pages instead of speaking.
  • Feats: Three. One will cover the basic library link, a second would allow the use of scrolls in the library if taken, otherwise select something.
  • New Stats (Mostly from HD and Stats Change); Initiative +0, HP 33, all Saves +2 Base, Will +3, +6 BAB with Rays, 18 Skill Points,
  • Spell-Like Abilities: Caster Level Six. One Cantrip at Will, Four at 3/Day Each, Four First Level Spells at 3/Day Each, 2 Second Level Spells at 1/Day Each.
  • Special: The 17 Dex should become a 17 Int, which has no great effect other than getting more skill points (total of 30). You may be able to talk your game master into allowing an upgrade on the Ray Of Frost (Perhaps to Magic Missile?) to make up for the loss of the “Doll’s Dagger” ability, but I wouldn’t count on it. On the other hand, a Fortifying Stone should provide DR 10/Adamantine and +20 Hit Points for +1000 GP. This is a bit arguable, but the thing isn’t animate, so it should work.

Using a Guardian Doll as a “book” is a fairly good option. Admittedly, it’s a bit pricey – but given that what we’re really looking for is the remote library access, and that it can cast its spells on it’s own to help you out, I’d still count it as a very good deal. Go ahead. Hang a little healing belt on the thing while you’re at it so it can heal you too.

The Scroll Of Blood

  • Finally, we have what is in some ways the most appropriate construct of all – the Guardian Scroll. At a cost of a mere 5000 GP they come with five hit dice and three feats straight off the rack – so all you need to do is spend one or two of those feats on access to your library and another on Innate Enchantment (a way of displaying things and some other useful tricks) and there you are.

And I hope that helps!

7 Responses

  1. I may steal some of these ideas (or parts of them) for Vanatica and the Ardra project she’s planning.

  2. Awesome. Thought something with mystic link might be appropriate, but wasn’t sure what else. The book-eating book as a Haversack alternative is particularly clever, and funny.

  3. I did have a portable library idea like that one, but it was rather… different. The one you presented is a lot smarter, but I figure I might as well comment this one too.
    I figured that since Eclipse had rules for specialized knowledge, I could get myself something that simply had memorized a lot of books so I would have the knowledge available as I would need it.

    What I came up with was this for 18 CP:
    Metamagic (Amplify) (Specialized and Corrupted for triple effect: Can only use Double Maximized, can only be used for Instantaneous Druidic effects) 6 CP
    Glory (Ampliy) (Specialized for double effect, corrupted for lowered cost: Only for Instantaneous Druidic effects, can only be used 1/day) 4 CP
    Hysteria (Specialized and Corrupted for reduced cost: Only as a prerequisite for Mighty) 2 CP
    Mighty Hysteria (Specialized and Corrupted for triple effect: Only for Druid Spells, Only for Awaken) 6 CP

    Now, this requires the user to be able to cast Awaken (probably via some Druidic version of The Inner Fire, as it’s only a single spell we really need) and to have 18+ Constitution.
    The idea is to boost Awaken with both the Amplify (for maximized and a +300% increase to the effect) and Hysteria (for another +300%, only for one round, granted, but the effect is Instantaneous anyway), with doubling meaning and increase by 100% (since I figured that is how the corruption/specialization affects such things).

    The animal in question would thus get a maximized Awaken with seven times the strength, so it would get:
    +21 Charisma
    +14 HD
    and an Int Score of 126.

    Assuming we don’t recalculate prior skill points, the creature would gain 2+Int Mod Skill Points per new HD, which with an Int Score of 126 for 14 HD would be a total of 812 Skill Points. If a book costs 3 SP to learn, that’d be 270 books it knows (and it would have 2 SP left over, so it could have 6 additional Ballads memorized as well).

    Of course, you’d need a songbird or something to be able to tell you what you want to know as well, but…

    Well, I did say this was a suboptimal solution.

    • Sorry about the delay here, I’ve been sort of busy…

      If you can talk the game master into it, go for it! There is no wrong way to play as long as you’re having fun. I do have to admit that – at least in most of my games – there would be several problems with that (but none with simply settling for a weaker effect and making more than one to get all those books anyway, so the problems are technical rather than conceptual).

      The first one is that Metamagical Theorems are easy to Corrupt and Specialize for Reduced Cost, but difficult to increase in effect. They’re a bit like an “Engine Assembly” feat that allows you to put together and run any possible engine. It’s easy to Corrupt or Specialize it by limiting it to particular types of engines – but increasing the effect mostly means allowing it to be used for other systems than engines. After all, you know everything there is to know about assembling them already. So (-4 CP) there.

      Glory would be better at Triple Effect of course, (+2 CP) there – but we’d be saving some points on the Metamagic, so that’s no bid deal.

      Using Mighty Hysteria that way works just fine.

      The second problem is with the Awakening effect – and it’s basically a Complexity versus Power problem (see Spell Design in The Practical Enchanter). I’m not really sure that powering up Awaken might not result in a creature with multiple minds, rather than one really powerful mind. After all, the spell grants Intelligence. would multiplying the effect grant a more powerful intelligence or several intelligences?

      The third… I’m not sure that anything with an Intelligence at a level like that would recognize creatures with a mere 10-20 Intelligence as being intelligent beings at all. This might well trigger a Singularity.

      Still, none of that actually matters, since you can just make a bunch of the things if the first one doesn’t know enough books.

      That does give me another idea though! A Companion with some Template Levels on it used to buy Assistant (Specialized and Corrupted for Increased effect / +12 on Aid Another Checks for Knowledge Checks Only, 6 CP), and a few other boosters – which could very easily create have a know-it-all bird that tends to treat everyone else like an idiot as it condescendingly provides exposition!

      • That would work better. It’d require the character to have ranks in the knowledge, but really, if the character doesn’t know any of the proper terminology for whatever he wants the reference book for, chances are he can’t answer too many important questions anyway.

        As for casting multiple Awaken spells, it depends on what Awaken you use: The 3.5e version allows you to have multiple helpers like that, but the PF version releases any prior awakened animal from your service when you cast it again.

        That also ties in with how the high Int stat could be a problem: If there is nothing in the spell that lets you compel the creature to help you, chances are it goes and does something else. Whatever that something else might be. The 126 Int bird might instead prefer to recalculate it’s flight-routes to the south or figure out how to get more seeds out of the bird feeder or so.

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