Tri-Stat/BESM Samples

    This page is devoted to some sample materials for the Tri-Stat / BESM (“Big Eyes Small mouth”) system – and for the El-Hazard setting in particular. Here you’ll find some sample character templates, some generic NPC templates, and some sample relics.


Sample 40-Point Characters :


   -Sample characters are presented without disadvantages. Players are encouraged to take a few, and to use the resulting points to personalize the character… Especially appropriate abilities are noted as being “suggested”.


Master Swordsman:

   Along with his numerous variants – Master Archer, Master Martial Artist, Etc – the Swordsman makes an excellent “generic” character, and can be further customized by his choice of relic.

  • Statistics : Body 8, Soul 7, Mind 6. Health 75, Energy 65. ACV 8, DCV 8.
  • Attributes : Relic I (Usually a Sword or Armor, 4), Focused Damage III (+30 with Sword, 3), Combat Mastery I (2), Defense Combat Mastery II (2), Extra Attacks I (4), Heightened Awareness I (1), and Highly Skilled III (3).
  • Skills (50) : Acrobatics II (Leaping, 8), Melee Attack II (Swords, 8), Melee Defense II (Swords, 8), Military Science I (Tactics, 3), Riding (Horse, 3), Seduction II (Opposite Sex, 6), and Slight Of Hand (Lock Picking, 4). 10 skill points remain to be assigned.
  • Suggested : Aura Of Command (Military Leader), Art Of Distraction (Zorro), Personal Gear (Weapons, armor, etc, beyond Relic), Defense Combat Mastery (1-3 extra, usually allows dropping the defensive skills), Servant (Sidekick), Highly Skilled (Rogue, Expert), Unknown Superhuman Power (For Earth immigrants, usually replaces relic ownership as well).


Dedicated Martial Artist:

   This character, and his variants, is highly specialized – and OUTRAGEOUSLY dangerous in his or her combat mode of choice. A dedicated martial artist can reasonably be expected to kill a normal person with a single blow – and will strike roughly every two seconds. If provided with decent armor or – god forbid – superstrength or further combat enhancements, they’re walking death machines.

  • Statistics : Body 6, Soul 7, Mind 5, Health 65, Energy 60, ACV 7, DCV 8.
  • Attributes : Extra Attacks II (8), Combat Mastery I (2), Defense Combat Mastery III (3), Focused Damage (Martial Strike +60, 6), Highly Skilled III (3).
  • Skills (60) : Cultural Arts I (2), Unarmed Attack 2 (Strikes, 8), Acrobatics II (6), Disguise II (6), Medical II (8), Ranged Defense I (4), Unarmed Defense I (4), Stealth II (8), Thrown Weapon I (4). 10 points remain to be assigned.
  • Suggested : Alien Languages/Beastspeech and Animal Friendship (“Forest Mystic”), Flunkies (Villainous Master), Healing/Regeneration (C’hi Master), Highly Skilled (Reluctant Hero/Martial Hobbyist), Stealth (Ninja), Organizational Ties (Monk/Member of School), Owns A Relic (Anyone), Phantom Technique (Mystic Ninja), Light Armor, Precognition (Mystic), Special Movement (C’hi Master), Super-Strength (Demon-God, Companion (A.K.A.; “Sidekick”), Martial Heroes).


El-Hazard “Sorcerer”:

   The “Sorcerer” may wield one major device or several lesser items, but he or she draws power from the ancient relics of El-Hazard – whether by ceaseless study and searching for relics, or by the pure luck of stumbling over something useful. Sorcerers are not at their best in a melee, but can be outrageously dangerous at range… For those who don’t want army-destroying power at their fingertips, it’s best to cut down on the area-effect powers.

  • Statistics : Body 4, Soul 7, Mind 7, Health 55, Energy 70, ACV 7, DCV 5.
  • Attributes : Highly Skilled II (2), Combat Mastery I (2), Empower Relic I (If allowed by the GM, 2), and Owns A Relic IV (16),
  • Relic : Sample; The Fire Of The Storm (A massive gemstone amulet. 40 Energy and 80 Health). Force Shield III (45 Points adjustable, 12), Recharge II (+10 Energy, when pressed between hands, 10), Flight I (With hover, 4), Special Attack VI (Lightning Spheres; Area Effect x3 /-3, Autofire/-1, Limited Shots II/+2, Slow/+1, Uses Energy/+1, 60 damage, 160m Radius, 18), Secondary Attacks V x5 (Stunning Sphere, Entanglement, Blinding Flash, Thunderbolt, and Energy Drain. 5), Toughness II (8), Telekinesis III (Photokinesis, Reduced Energy Cost/-2, 5), Telekinesis VI (Earth, Reduced Energy Cost/-2, 8), Telekinesis III (Air, Reduced Energy Cost/-2, 5), Sensors 5 (Air, Life, & Normal Senses/Clairsentience, 2 KM range, 5.
  • Skills (40) : Performing Arts III (Creating impressions, 6), Slight Of Hand II (8), Social Sciences III (History, 3), Thrown Weapons II (Relic Discharges, 8). 15 skill points remain to be assigned.
  • Suggested : Art Of Distraction (Mage), Combat Mastery (Martial Wizard), Control Ancient Technology/Empower Relic (Engineer), Heightened Awareness (Relic Hunter), Highly Skilled (Loremaster, Various), Light Armor (Wanderer), Massive Damage (Martial Wizard), Servant (Wanderer, Various if Relic-Servant). May own additional relics of course…



   Relying more on quick wits, skills, and surprise then on massive power, the rogue is another fairly common “type”, both in play and fiction…

  • Statistics : Body 9, Soul 4, Mind 8, Health 65, Energy 60, ACV 7, DCV 5.
  • Attributes : Defense Combat Mastery III (3), Divine Relationship I (1), Extra Attacks I (4), Heightened Awareness II (2), Highly Skilled III (3), Focused Damage (+40 Damage when striking from behind or by surprise, 4), Personal Gear (Weapon, Armor, Climbing Gear, Lockpicks, False Identity), and Special Movement (Balance, 1).
  • Skills (50) : Acrobatics II (6), Archery (5), Burglary II (8), Forgery (2), Melee Attack II (8), Riding (3), Seduction (3), Slight Of Hand II (8), Stealth II (4), Wilderness Survival. (3).
  • Suggested : Appearance (Dashing Rogue), Art Of Distraction (Various), Combat Mastery (Highwayman), Flunkies (Gang or Bandit Leader), Highly Skilled (Various), Own A Relic (Anyone, may be Poorly Understood or Unknown for -1/-2 respectively), Phantom Technique (Mystic Rogues), Sixth Sense (Various), Speed (Various) & Stealth (Usually at low levels as a “natural talent”).


 Demon God (Type I; Cyborg Bioweapon):

   The first-generation “Demon Gods” were enhanced humans, rather then sentient relics – implanted with the best available miniaturized cybrenetic equipment yes, but principally dangerous as ruthless, highly-trained, experienced, elite agents.

   Unfortunately, most of them soon went mad… Actually implanting bioenergy powered devices seemed to unbalance the subjects – a defect the total transformation of the second generation Demon Gods was intended to prevent.

  • Statistics : Body 10, Soul 4, Mind 7, Health 70, Energy 55, ACV 9, DCV 7.
  • Attributes : Unique Attribute III (Cyborging; Each level allows one level of Implant to be considered “implanted” but imposes a -1 penalty on Soul checks, 3), Owns A Relic III (12), Extra Attack I (4), Highly Skilled III (3), and Combat Mastery II (4).
  • Relic : Implants, L3, — Health, 30 Energy Maximum. Flight II (6), Force Field II (6), Heavy Armor III (12), Recharge Mechanism II (10), Special Attack V (15), & various Secondary Attacks IV x3 (3), Super-Strength I (3), Sensors (Spectrum Sight, Radar Sense and Radio Link, No Energy Cost/-1, 2 KM Range, 5).
  • Skills (50) : Acrobatics (4), Burglary (4), Computers (2), Disguise (3), Electronics (2), Forgery (2), Heavy Weapons (4), Melee Attack (4), Melee Defense (4), Military Science (3) Ranged Defence (4), Slight Of Hand (4), Stealth (4), Thrown Weapon (4). All at L1, leaves 2 points to be assigned.
  • Disads : Power Block (Command Override can shut down implants, -3), Unique Limitation (Personal damage affects relic powers, -2), & either “Skeleton In The Closet” (Demon God, -2) OR Bad Reputation (Demon God, -2).
  • Suggested : Art Of Distraction, Aura Of Command, Combat Mastery, Extra Attacks, Upgraded “Relic”, Heightened Awareness, Highly Skilled, Focused or Massive Damage, Personal Gear (Military Kit).
  • Special : Most Demon Gods have more skills – and long histories…


 Mystic Priest Of Earth:

   The mystic priests tap into the same interdimensional flux that dimensional travellers do – albeit relatively weakly and erratically – through long meditation and training. They are usually noncombatants, although a few pick up some basic defensive skills.

  • Statistics : Body 4, Soul 10, Mind 4, Health 70, Energy 70, ACV 6 , DCV 4
  • Attributes : Alien Language (Beastspeech, 1), Animal Friendship II (2), Force Field II (Uses Energy/+1, 4), Healing IV (Uses Energy/+1, Requires Ritual Prayers and Complete Concentration/+2, 4), Organizational Ties II (The Order Of The Earth, 2), Regeneration I (Draws on local bioenergy reserves. Slower or ineffective in areas with little life to draw on, -2 points, net 2), Highly Skilled II (2), Special Movement (Untrackable, 1), & Unique Attribute; “Dynamic Sorcery”/Nature Magic IV (Limited “Shots” II/+2, 4).
  • Skills (40) : Biological Sciences III (6), Cooking II (2), Cultural Arts II (2), Law I (2), Medical III (12), Performing Arts III (Councilor, 6), Social Sciences III (3), Teaching IV (4), Unarmed Defence II (8), Wilderness Survival II (6), and Writing II (2).
  • Suggested : Appearance, Defense Combat Mastery, Increased Attributes (Mind &/or Body), Light Armor (As “Breath Control”), Mind Control, Own A Relic, Precognition, Special Movement, Speed, Stealth.



   Along with it’s many variants – Loremaster, Mad Genius, Sage, Gadgeteer – this is an uncommon, but often invaluable, archtype. The sample below is a generalist, but moving a few skill points around will create a specialist easily enough. “Scientists” are nornally noncombatants. While a well-equipped scientist can make a decent showing against the odd mob of peasants with torches, even those who “waste” time and effort adding a few combat skills to their repitore are rarely very good at it.

  • Statistics : Body 4, Soul 3, Mind 8, Health 35, Energy 55, ACV 5, DCV 3.
  • Attributes : Control Ancient Technology I (2), Empower Relic I (2), Flunkies (Lab Assistant, 1), Heightened Awareness II (2), Highly Skilled VI (6), Owns A Relic I x2 OR Variable Relic I (8), and Personal Gear 4 (4).
  • Skills (80) : Architecture II (4), Biological Sciences V (10), Computers V (10), Electronics V (10), Mechanics V (10), Medical II (8), Navigation I (2), Physical Sciences VI (6), Police Sciences V (10), Social Sciences V (5), and Writing IV (4).
  • Suggested : Combat Mastery (For Adventurous Scientists), Divine Relationship (A must for those messing about with dangerous substances), Heightened Awareness (Naturalists), Organizational Ties (Researchers, Professors), and Servant (A classic).


 Lizard Warrior:

   The Lizard Warrior – a member of an exotic sentient dinosaur-like species from the far south – possesses impressive physical advantages, but has a hard time fitting into a more advanced society, a problem reflected in their automatic disadvantages, below. Variants include “Movie” Barbarians, Viking Berserkers, and similar larger-then-life types.

  • Statistics : Body 9, Soul 6, Mind 3, Health 75, Energy 45, ACV 7, DCV 5.
  • Attributes : Super-Strength II (6), Heavy Armor II (8), Combat Mastery I (2), Extra Attack (4), Focused Damage II (Unarmed Talon-Strike, 2), Speed II (2), & Highly Skilled I (1).
  • Disads : Awkward Size (-1), Rejected By Society (-1), Clumsy Hands (-1).
  • Skills (30) : Military Science I (3), Unarmed Attack II (Talons, 8), Ranged Defence II (While Charging, 8), Swimming I (1), Thrown Weapon I (Atlatl, 4), Wilderness Survival II (Hunting, 6).
  • Suggested : Defense Combat Mastery, Extra Attacks, Flight (Winged), Focused Damage (Various), Heightened Senses (Scent and/or IR Vision), Massive Damage, Natural Weapons, & possibly Special Attack (“Breath Weapon”, Chemical Sprays).
  • -Slightly weaker Lizard Warriors make excellent companions/”servants”, while a few more points in the right abilities turn them into perfectly servicable “monsters”…


Generic El-Hazard NPC’s :

 Child/Preteen (0 Points):

   Skillful or powerful children may make decent PC’s and NPC’s, but most kids aren’t likely to be much help on an adventure…

  • Statistics : Body 2, Soul 3, Mind 2, Health 15, Energy 15, ACV 2, DCV 0.
  • Attributes : Appearance I (Cute, 1).
  • Skills (0) : None.
  • Disads : Not So Tough (-1), Reduced Energy (-1), Unskilled (-2), Underage (-2), Nemesis (Parents, Truant Officers, Teachers, etc, etc, etc, -2).

“Man In The Street”, Craftsman, Expert, Etc (5 Points):

   Minor variants are the rule, rather then the exception… Notable “experts” usually lack the “unskilled” disadvantage, and may even have a level or two of “highly skilled”. Many also shift an attribute point – but the exact statistics of characters at this level rarely matter very much.

  • Statistics : Body 4, Soul 4, Mind 4, Health 20, Energy 20, ACV 4, DCV 2.
  • Attributes : None.
  • Skills (10) : Select 10 points worth.
  • Disads : Not So Tough (-2), Reduced Energy (-2), Servitude (Employer, etc, -1), Unskilled (-1), Personal Obligations (Family, friends, projects, etc, -1


City Guard, Tribal Warrior, Etc (5 Points):

   These are ordinary, professional, troops. On the average, one professional will prove a match for 2-3 “normal” people in combat, more with proper equipment.

  • Statistics : Body 5, Soul 4, Mind 3, Health 25, Energy 15, ACV 4, DCV 2.
  • Attributes : None.
  • Skills (10) : Select 10 points worth – a combat skill or two &/or 1-point specializations on “L0” combat skills is in order. Normally provided with Light Armor II (Stops 5 points) and relevant weapons.
  • Disads : Not So Tough (-2), Reduced Energy (-2), Servitude (Employer, etc, -1), Unskilled (-1), Uncreative (-1).


Elite Troops (10 Points):

“Elite” troops – Navy Seals, Well-Seasoned Barbarian Warriors, Chivalric Knights – are pretty dangerous and skilled for normals, but are rarely a match for player characters…

  • Statistics : Body 7, Soul 4, Mind 4, Health 35, Energy 20, ACV 5, DCV 4.
  • Attributes : Defensive Combat Mastery I (1).
  • Skills (20) : Select 20 points worth, a combat skill or two &/or 1-point specializations on “L0” combat skills are in order. Commonly provided with Light Armor II (Will stop 5 points) and relevant weapons.
  • Disads : Not So Tough (-2), Reduced Energy (-2), Servitude (Employer, etc, -1), Uncreative (-1).


Sample Relics : 


 Dragonfang (“Mystic” Sword. Relic I, 40 Health, 10 Energy Maximum):

   Actually a gemlike relic mounted in the hilt of a sword, Dragonfang offers it’s weilder a wide variety of options – however it’s limited energy reserve means that those options must be used with caution.

   Super-Strength I (3), Recharge I (When the gemstone is polished or rubbed, 5), Special Attack II (Energized Blade, Muscle-powered/-1 and Contact/+2, +30 points to blow, 6). Secondary Special Attacks (Wheel Of Light; Autofire, +20 points per blow (2), Hammer Of God; Stunning, +10 point blow (1), and Whirlwind; Area Effect, +10 point blow to all within reach (1)), and Flight (Light Foot/Acrobatics/Fast “Run” only, 2).


Silken Mail (Armored CLothing, Relic I, 40 Health, 10 Energy Maximum):

    Originally designed for work in hazardous environments (And as stylish-but-protective garments for the wealthy), these relics are most commonly used now for protection in combat – arguably the most hazardous of all environments, but hardly what the designer’s had in mind. Sadly, only those characters with some way to recharge the system’s energy reserve can exploit it’s full capabilities – although some of them are rarely of use anyway.

   Heavy Armor III (Constant, No Energy Cost. 12), Unique Attributes; Life Support (Vrs Heat/Cold, Hostile Atmospheres, & Pressure, 3), Zero-Gravity Maneuvering (1), “Pocket Secretary” Functions (1), Reweaving (Can adjust size, fit, and appearance, as well as very slowly repair damage, -2 bonus on relevant rolls, 2), & Reduced Energy Cost (1/Hour) on “Unique Attributes” (1).


Bar (Enhanced Sword, Relic I, 40 Toughness, 10 Energy Maximum):

   Capable of blocking many attacks, and of vastly enhancing the force of it’s weilder’s blows, Bar offers a great advantage in combat – but is powerless unless actively drawn and weilded. The blade normally recharges when drawn or sheathed

   Recharge Mechanism I (5), Heavy Armor IV (40 Pts, Only when weilded/+1, 12), and Super-Strength II (Only when Wielded/+1, normally autoactivated when drawn, 3).


Thunder Wand (LIghtning Controller, Relic I, 40 Health, 10 Energy Maximum):

   Originally a tool for technicians, the Thunder Wand is often used as a weapon today…

   Force Field I (4), Recharge I (5), Sensors (Electrical Energy, Analyze/-1, 2), Telekinesis VI (Electrokinesis, Reduced Energy Cost/-2 (1 per use), 8), Unique Ability (Can generate minor lightshow/”flashlight” effects without cost, 1).

Firelance (Pistol/SMG, Relic I, 40 Health, 10 Energy Maximum):

   A basic charged-plasma sidearm – at least according to the military of the ancients…

   Special Attack IV (Autofire/-1, Accurate/-1. 5 Energy, 20 Point Blasts, 12), Secondary Attacks III x3 (Single-Shot; Reduced Energy Cost (1 point)/-1, 20 Points, 1. Stunner Bolt; Stun/-1, Reduced Energy Cost (1 point)/-1, Short Range/+1, 20 Points, 1. Plasma Blast; Area/-1. 5 Energy, 20 Points to 7m Radius). Recharge Mechanism I (A sharp strike to the bottom of the handgrip, 5).


“Pocket Secretary” (Pocket Computer, Relic I, 40 Health, 10 Energy Maximum):

    While often labeled a “Tricorder” by immigrants from earth, the El-Hazard “Pocket Computer” is a multipurpose analytical tool, full sensory recording system, and research- quality computer system. They’re unspectacular little devices about the size of a pocket organizer. While they originally also served as portable communicators, offices, & access points to the ancient El-Hazard “Net” these functions are no longer available.

   Sensors II (Normal and Scientific/-1, Recording/-1, Reduced Energy Cost I (1 point)/-1, Analytic/-1, Static/+1, 5), Recharge I (Charging slide, 5), Computer IV (General database and functions, -4 bonus of all relevant rolls, Reduced Energy Cost (1 point)/-1, 10).


Commander’s Belt (Field Generator Belt, Relic II, 60 Health, 20 Energy Maximum):

    Once a standard bit of “police equipment”, these belts offer a tremendous advantage to any laborer or “adventurer” – but especially to warriors…

   Heavy Armor III (Inertial Damping Field, 30 points/always active, 12), Unique Ability; Voice Amplifier (The user can shout very loudly. This only costs energy points if the user is getting silly, 1), Sensors (Nightsight and Enhanced Hearing, No Energy Cost/-2, 4), Super-Strength III (9), Recharge II (Belt ripcord, 10), and Toughness I (4).


Bracers Of The Iron Colossus (Bracers, Relic II, 40 Health, 20 Energy Maximum):

   This powerful relic reinforces and enhances the wearer’s body when activated, making him or her like unto a thing of iron… Unfortunately, unlike many other items which grant “armor”, the Bracers only provide it to the wearer while active; once the strength runs out, so does the wearer’s protection – although the bracers remain as tough as ever.

   Heavy Armor V (Linked to Super-Strength/+1, Provides Complete Life-Support/-1, 20), Super Strength V (15), and Recharge Mechanism I (When struck together, 5).


 Lamp Of Chaos (Prototype Transmutator, Relic III, 40 Health, 30 Energy Maximum):

    The “Lamp Of Chaos” is a small-scale prototype for a full sized planetary terraformer; capable of swiftly transforming a sterile chunk of rock into a rich and fertile world- in it’s own way a technical triumph as great as the Eye Of God itself. While the “Lamp” cannot multi-task or operate on the vast scale such a task requires, it’s otherwise fully functional.

   Special Attack VI (Unique Effect; Transmutation/-4, Short Range/+1, Slow/+1, Uses Energy/+1, and Inaccurate/+1. Transmutes affected matter (60 Health worth), living things heal unless “killed”, inanimate objects are permanently transformed, 18), 3x Secondary Modes; Transformation (Changes living things into other living things, “heals” unless “slain”), Manipulation (Reshapes/Mechanically structures inanimate matter) & Molecular Reconstruction (Rearranges molecular structures). All at VI, +6), Recharge II (Energy transfer from power core “gem”, 10), Force Field I (Provides Life Support/-1, 8), Sensors (Scientific, Analytical, & Structural, 1 Km Range, 4), Telekinesis/Air IV (Also affects Water/-1, Earth/-1, & Fire/-1, Reduced Energy Cost I/-1, 8), & Unique Attribute; Control Computer VI (-6 bonus on relevant rolls, Biological/Chemical/Structural Databases and Control Programs Only, 6).


Mirror Of Visions (Multiscanner, Relic I, 40 Health, 10 Energy Maximum):

   Once a relatively common tool – albeit one that required a special license – the “Mirror Of Visions” is an extraordinarily potent aid in tasks such as espionage, monitoring items, areas, or people, “early warning”, search-&-rescue, and communication (Especially when used in pairs). Despite legends, the Mirror is not capable of directly revealing the past or the future beyond whatever it’s recorded over the years – unless those functions are a part of a more powerful version…

   Sensors VI (“Normal”, Scientific/-1, Analytic/-1, Elemental/-2, Biological/-1, Reduced Energy Cost II (0 Energy)/-2, Recording/-1, & Penetrating/-1. 50 Km Range, 15). Unique Attribute; Control Computer V (Scans and monitors area, target tracking, recording and search function (-5 to all relevant rolls), Reduced Energy Cost II (0 Energy)/-2, 7). Relic Defect/Ritual; requires complex gestures to activate and control, -2).


“Chaitin”, Minidragon Relic Companion VI

   A sort of technomagical “famalier”, these relic-creatures were guardian-companions for the children of the wealthy and powerful in the ancient world. An unexpected quirk of the design allowed the creature’s quasi-sentient mind acted as a focus and amplifier for their “owners” psychic energies – effectively creating “techno-mages”. Perhaps unfortunately, the same psychic bond which allowed Minidragons to imprint on their owners so strongly also allowed them to pick up various personality quirks… The tendency was even stronger in later, more specialized, amplifier-creatures, so most of the ones which are still around have definite – and often inconvenient – personalities.

   Body 4, Mind 2, Soul 6, Health 50, Energy 40, OCV 4, DCV 4.

   Winged Flight I (Can hover, 4), Heavy Armor II (20 Points, Does not protect owner/+1, 4), Special Attack II (Corrosive Venom, Short Range/+1, Limited Uses I/+1. 40 Damage, 6), Unique Attribute; Psionic Amplifier V (Provides the “owner” with generalized psionic abilities. Limited Uses II/-2, Requires Personal Energy from user as well/-1, 8), Recharge II (When petted and cuddled, 10), Defense Combat Mastery II (2) & Highly Skilled II (2).

   Skills; Acrobatics I (Aerial, 3), Ranged Defence V (In Flight, 20), Stealth I (4), Thrown Weapon II (Venom, 8), Wilderness Survival I (Hunting, 3), Acting II (Looking Innocent, 2).

   Disadvantages; No Hands (-4), Cannot Speak (-4), Attack Restriction (Children, -1), Marked (Small, winged, flying lizard with gemlike scales, -3), Rejected By Society (-1), Servitude (-2), Power Block (Gets lethargic and sleeps when overfed, -3).

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