Second Player Log

   Well, today we have the start of the White Necromancer player log (below) and the Superhero group page is up in the Encyclopedia Heroica section. With any luck the Exalted Artifact Creation page should go up later tonight.

My time as a teenage Lich ep 1 (2) Return to the (Un)Living

   So; I’m 15 and my mentor the great White Necromancer Killion Totenritter dies.  I am depressed (kind of… he has died like, twice before, and he got better then).  Then, he appears in one of my dreams and tells me that I am skilled enough to take over and that he really shouldn’t keep coming back every time he gets smashed to bits.  So I find myself on this quest through strange realms seeing things that no living person ever is allowed to see, the great knowledges of life and death are burnt into my very being.  It feels like two months but it couldn’t be because it must be just a dream.  I mean I was asleep and don’t remember waking up to start the quest so it must be a really long dream.  I wonder if I am in a coma.  Continue reading