Shareware Versions Up

   Well, the projects are complete: the shareware version of The Practical Enchanter is now available through OneBookShelf or RPGNow.Com and the shareware version of Eclipse: The Codex Persona should be going up at midnight (where their server is). When it does, I’ll update the link here and on the various sample character pages. I’ll be putting both files into the download box on the lower right as well, but it may take them an hour or so to upload. The links to the direct-publication editions on Lulu.Com have already been posted below; they’re cheaper than the distribution editions since the prices on the direct editions don’t have to compensate for the distributors cuts.

   In any case, it’s now back to posting material. Charles has asked for a bit of the old Shadowrun material – the Aces file and the Spirit Imbuement rules – so I’ll see if I can rummage those out first.


Project Status

   Well, Danielle has some questions for everyone in the Legends of the Five Rings game (see below). After considerable fighting with the various publishing sites, the direct-sale (and thus cheaper) editions of Eclipse: The Codex Persona and The Practical Enchanter are up, as well as the bookmark-indexed versions of both of them (Eclipse Here, Enchanter Here) in electronic form at Lulu. The Shareware versions should be going up at RPGNow.Com shortly: their site apparently doesn’t currently let you determine the link to the product in advance of publication.

   To answer a few questions myself, Fox Clan colors are brown and green, Scorpion is blood red and black, and Dragon is emerald green and yellow. If you want to put in the generic bodyguards, Crab clan is gunmetal gray, blue, and brick red. Okari is from the Kitsune Family. I believe Michio is from the Bayushi family, and Shigure would be from the Shosuro family – if he and his siblings were acknowledged, which they’re not: at the moment they’re Ronin, and so do not have a family.  

World Tree and other material

   Since there seems to be some interest, I’ve put up four additional Magical Techniques, Advanced Great Enchantment, and Vancian Magic for the World Tree (as a .pdf download) in the “Other” games tab (above) and the download box (for the .pdf files) on the lower right. I’ll try to put up some of the spell research and physics pages later on.

   In other news, the White Necromancers player blog went live yesterday, and quite a nice one it is too! It’s linked on the blogroll or you can reach it directly here.

Magic: The Gathering RPG Download

   I’ve put up the Magic: The Gathering Role Playing Game in the download box on the lower right. It was designed about a year and a half ago as a submission to Wizards of the Coast, but – if it was actually looked at – they never expressed an interest. Since a few members of the old playtest group have let their draft files get out, here it is. Who knows? Maybe Wizards of the Coast will see it and decide to pick it up after all (not likely, but we reserve any commercial rights that may apply just in case). Still, the playtesters had a lot of fun with it, we think it’s a nice job, and – for personal use in its current form – it’s entirely free. Go ahead and download it. Leave a comment if you like it: we thrive on attention.