Eclipse – the Rhynsin Dragonslayer Martial Art

   Here we have another sample martial art – in this case, another rarity; a Specialized form. The Rhynsin Form is indeed designed specifically for use against dragons, and cannot be used against other opponents – and thus any skill points invested in the form count double, providing a +2 bonus, rather than the usual +1 – allowing the total bonus to far exceed the normal limits.

   Rhynsin is also a good example of a martial art which stretches the rules a bit. While “Defenses” normally add to the user’s armor class, this art adds the bonus to certain saves instead. I’ve been allowing that for some of the more exotic martial arts simply on the grounds that it seems reasonable enough.

   Fortunately, dragons are rare –  and so, the governing attribute of the form is Wisdom, since it provides the willpower to keep practicing a set of moves that – hopefully – will almost never be called for.  Still, odder things do happen, and there are dragons out there.

   The  Rhynsin Dragonslayer’s art revolves around an extensive study of Dragons – the way they move, the way they think, the chinks in their defenses, countermeasures against their abilities, and the best ways to attack them. It’s user’s almost invariably begin focused on how to best use a massive weapon against an equally massive creature. Later on, it brings in additional weapons and it’s practitioners begin to learn to focus their own natural power – limited as it may be – to disrupt the far greater energies of their draconic targets.

  • Requires: At least +1 BAB Specialized in Dragons or Weapon Focus/Greataxe or Greatsword.
  • Basic Techniques: Attack 4, Defenses 4 (provides a bonus on saving throws against draconic breath weapons and magic rather than a boost to AC),  Power 2, and Synergy/Knowledge skill checks related to Dragons.
  • Advanced and Master Level Techniques: Weapon Kata x 2 (normally bow and spear, but other weapons are possible), Expertise and Quick Draw.
  • Occult Techniques: Focused Blow, Inner Strength, Ki Block, and Touch Strike.

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