The Chronicles of Heavenly Artifice – the Cosmic Knights

The Cosmic Knights are far less powerful than Skoll and Hati. After all, their artifact suits and empowering manses – however indestructible – aren’t pinnacles of Deathlord craftsmanship. Still, they WERE patterned after Skoll and Hati by Gaia – who basically just held up an essence-mirror and projected versions of the surviving bits of creation out into chaos. That was a very Primordial thing to do, but “fine control” was not a big concern at that point. Defenders of the new structure, on the other hand…

There were many other experiments of hers out there too, although the cosmic knights did turn out really well.

Cosmic Knight Armor (Artifact-*****, only usable by Essence-3 mortals or Godbloods with at least some knowledge of Thaumaturgy).

While Cosmic Knight Armor also includes, and relies on, three Manses (****. ***, and ***), players do not get to design those manses; they’re isolated on distant worlds and are devoted to empowering the armor and to hiding and maintaining themselves – while the Cosmic Knights are extremely conspicuous, cannot remove their armor (as they no longer actually have bodies), tend to find trouble everywhere they go, and are easily recognized throughout most of the universe – leaving possible opponents quite familiar with their basic capabilities. These problems suffice to pay for the necessary manses.

Cosmic Knights always start as Essence-3 Mortal (or Godblooded) Thaumaturgists with a virtue total of 14+. On merging with the Cosmic Knight armor they are essentially transmformed into Gods inhabiting that armor, gaining:

+2 Effective Essence (+1 from the Armor – transforming an Essence-3 Mortal into an Essence-4 God – and +1 from one of the linked Manses). Unfortunately, they generally cannot buy it up any further – and are permanently trapped in the armor barring intervention by some far greater power.

As an Essence-5 God, the new Cosmic Knight gains:

  • +24 Spirit Charms. Additional charms may be purchased with experience – but at mortal costs.
  • +1 to each Virtue.
  • +20 Ability Dots, Maximum 7.
  • +30 Attribute dots (Strength and Stamina; Minimum 10, Maximum 15, Appearance Maximum 5, other attributes Maximum 10)
  • +2 Will (10 Max).
  • +10 Bonus Points (+1 to an Attribute or +1 Charm costs 4, +2 to an Ability, Virtue, or Willpower costs 2, and +1 to a Background or picking up two specialty dice costs 1).
  • A Base Essence Pool of Essence x 10 + Willpower x 5. They gain a bonus of +20 motes per hour to their respiration.
  • +10B/+10L Inherent Soak (on top of their Stamina-Based Soak).
  • Base Health Levels of 4x -0, 10x -1, 10x -2, 4x -4, and 4x Incapacitated.

Yes, being promoted to Godhood is pretty nice for a mortal. 

  • Cosmic Knight Armor provides +25B/25L/25A inherent soak and has a hardness of 12. It perfectly caps damage from any attack or flurry at two health levels. In addition, any Crippling, Desecration, Shaping, Sickness, or Poison effect which an attack or flurry would normally inflict may be converted to the loss of two motes – even if it would normally take effect more than once due to a flurry or involves more than one of those keywords. Finally, three times per scene, the wearer may perfectly resist any one attack in it’s entirety – including any additional special effects that it would normally have. The armor itself is indestructible, but many of it’s functions (such as the built-in artifacts and ability to transform new wearers) will shut down if it’s supporting manses are destroyed.
  • The wearer regenerates one level of bashing damage every minute, one level of lethal damage every thirty minutes, and one level of aggravated damage every two hours and gets +8 automatic successes against diseases or poisons if he or she is out of motes to counter them with. Donning Cosmic Knight Armor adds about two centuries to the wearer’s lifespan, but does not extend it indefinitely.
  • The wearer need not eat, drink, breathe, or sleep, and may survive in any natural environment. In space they may communicate, use their senses, and use their ranged weapon at appropriate ranges. (Yes, this means that they can speak and hear in a vacuum. This is Exalted and these are interstellar heroes, were you really expecting them to pay much attention to physics?)
  • Cosmic Knight Armor includes the equivalent of double-speed Wings of the Raptor, a Translight Space Drive (rated at three if a roll is required), the equivalent of three dots worth of Artifact Melee Weapons, the equivalent of three dots of Artifact Ranged Weapons, and three Hearthstones (two x *** and one ****). All of these are built into the armor and require no committed motes, although the Hearthstones enhance mote recovery normally. One of the Rating-*** Stones is always a Stellar Navigator’s Stone (the user never gets lost and can see in the dark – including the dark nebulae of their dust-shrouded home galaxies).

While the weapons and hearthstones are, of course, fixed for each suit, if someone makes a Cosmic Knight character they are free to make their own selections. There are, after all, rather a lot of them.

When a Cosmic Knight dies their armor will vanish in a great burst of light and essence, only to reappear in its crypt in its manse complex to await a new claimant. Since some of those crypt complexes are quite famous in their home galaxies, and there are usually would-be claimants waiting.

Can you build a Cosmic Knight character?

To qualify you’ll need to take a mortal and buy Essence 3 (20 Bonus Points), a total of 14 Virtues 14 (5 Bonus Points, given that virtues have been errated to 1 bonus point per dot) and then buy an Artifact-***** (the allowable three dots from a mortal’s five-dot background allotment and 4 Bonus Points). That’s 29 Bonus Points.

Barring errata and house rules, mortals get 21 bonus points and may normally have up to 10 points of flaws – so yes, you can build a Cosmic knight (although you won’t have much in the way of other bonuses). You might even have an initial advantage over a new Exalt, although that will tend to fade fast.

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  2. […] The Cosmic Knights: Mortals empowered to act as cosmic guardians and the Cosmic Knight Armor. […]

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