Shadowed Galaxy Vampire Bloodlines – Olfun Guardians and Harvesters

And for the next couple of vampire “bloodlines” I have the Olfun Guardians and the Harvesters. For those looking for more background, here are some links – First Stage Vampire Template, Vampire Lifecycle, Second Stage Vampire Template, the Yytsuri Pilots Bloodline and the  Irtach Warlords and Okar Archivists.

Olfun Guardians

If you successfully drive out an enemy, or even merely want to keep them out… you set up a garrison and keep an eye on potential bridgeheads. When your primary enemy is informational… that’s harder. You never know when some buried diagram in the ancient stronghold will get washed clean in a storm, or someone will decide that the ground is too wet for a conventional cemetery and try to build a giant aluminum pyramid-mausoleum, or some group of teenagers in an isolated cabin will find some old ritual (despite all attempts to eliminate copies) and – with the unfathomable stupidity of teenagers everywhere – decide to try it out.

And then the gateway opens, and some informational entity or force comes through from wherever it is they normally hang out, and… well, most of the time nothing of any importance happens and no one even really notices because all that got loose is some annoying meme or something like that, but once every great while the entire neighborhood goes to hell – sometimes literally. And that’s the part that attracts people’s notice and worries vampires..

And so you need guardians to take out too-curious hikers and archeologists, influence with the zoning boards to veto dangerous architecture, and weird, creepy, types running dilapidated service stations who can steer everyone (except, of course, for the occasional group of stupid teenagers who do not know what is good for them and would not TAKE A HINT if your DROVE IT INTO THEIR SKULLS WITH A HAMMER) away from the site where things keep trying to break through…

And that is what vampires of the Olfun Guardian bloodline do.

Naturally enough, the Olfun are fairly good at blending in, exerting influence from the shadows, and taking care of things quietly – but better a ruckus than a full-blown incursion. Still, it quickly becomes harder for the Olfun to remain hidden as civilizations develop the technology to reach for space; the time when mysterious hermits, packs of mutated animals, and old ruins can remain local mysteries that no one talks about passes fairly rapidly. Of course, those same things tend to let a species develop some idea of what they’re dealing with and start handling a part of the defense on their own.

  • Disciplines: Element Mastery (Darkness), Entropic Will, Informational Perception, Sense Life, and The Dark Hand.
  • Traits: Ghula (usually dangerous animals) and Subspace Shroud.


Harvester Bloodlines appear in several different variants – all united in working to push their host civilizations in ways that will be useful to them. Most commonly, that involves either pushing a species with strong (but not too strong) access to informational techniques to produce substantial quantities of informational weapons while remaining restricted enough to be easily managed or pushing a species with strong access to microtronic effects to produce usable starships – in either case usually cooperating with Cores with other priorities to put their “harvest” to the best use. Regardless of exactly what is being harvested, the Harvesters will do their best to build up the host civilization to a suitable level and maintain it there.

With a microtronic civilization this is generally harmless enough or even helpful to start with. After all, it’s pretty much impossible to keep a culture focused on building starships unless it has a use for them. Unfortunately, this enthusiasm often leads to uncontrolled and excessive contact with other ancient traps and weapons systems. This doesn’t always happen, and most harvester strains will do their best to help with the problem – but it still occasionally leads to extinction or a relapse to primitivism, refugee fleets, and plenty of damage. At best, the continuing rapid expansion tends to result in instability.

Ironically enough, Informational harvesting tends to be more stable, if far more restrictive. After all, to maintain a focus on informational weaponry you want plenty of not-too-destructive local conflict, groups too small to coordinate or maintain a high microtronic technology level, and just enough resources being made available to force a reliance on high-end informational devices rather than – say – massed armies. Moreover, there needs to be enough uncharted wilderness to accommodate several Vampire Cores. The result is usually a scattering of relatively small city-states and a series of endless low-level sieges – severe enough to maintain the focus on weapons while still allowing the local populace to retain faith in their eventual victory and to maintain both their raw numbers and a reasonably prosperous lifestyle. They just won’t be allowed to actually move on beyond that point if the Harvester Cores can help it.

The most subtle weapon-harvesting vampires may present themselves as “renegades” that have broken free of the Core’s influence and sided with the host species – helping them produce the “most effective” weaponry, organizing highly successful raids (even if they do tend to lose a lot of equipment), and helping organize the defenses – usually leading to drastically reduced casualties on both sides and sometimes to notable victories against uncooperative strains of vampires. They may even fully believe that they are renegades – and it can be almost impossible to tell the difference between a “genuine” renegade and a vampire who is an undercover agent who simply consciously believes that he, she, or it, is a renegade.

Given that “phony” renegades are often being fed useful information and get indirect aid from the Harvester Cores…having a “phony” renegade on your side can easily be more beneficial than having a real one. Most besieged city-states don’t even bother trying to sort it out even if they get enough clues to consider the possibility in the first place. Getting started on the “but did YOU know that I know that YOU know that…” loop is virtually never an effective use of anyone’s time. .

There are actually quite a few Harvester Bloodlines. Their Disciplines usually include Element Master and Entropic Blast and their Traits often include Blood Draught or The Dark Flame – but a lot of other abilities do appear in this group.

Both of these groups can be good candidates for “heroic” vampires, whether as “traitors” or when they’re attempting to build up – or defend – civilization behind the scenes.

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