Bayushi Sakura

   Bayushi Sakura was another early character from the Hinode Monogatari Legend of the Five Rings campaign. She was an extremely hotheaded young lady, most notable for her general belief that – if a situation was complicated or delicate – it would automatically become less so after you killed most of the people involved. She never even really noticed that she’d been tainted by her dealings with a Black Scroll, and merely accepted the minor talents that taint bestowed on her.

   Given that her general response to any form of frustration, or deception, was to run amuck, it was no surprise that her family saw nothing to object to in assigning her to a job a long ways away, down in Crab territory, near the Wall. They weren’t even especially surprised to hear that she’d quarreled with her companions, insulted half the Empire, challenged an Eta to a Duel, and then spontaneously exploded – leaving behind only her matched pair of blessed-and-cursed swords.

   The Scorpion didn’t want them back. It might be contagious.

   Anyway, here’s her character sheet from near the beginning. She was notably more formidable at the end of course.

Bayushi Sakura

   Scorpion Clan Bushi. Rank 2. 26 Experience/26 Spent. Family Bonus: +1 Agility.

Earth 2: Stamina 2, Willpower 2

Water 2: Strength 2, Perception 2

Fire 3: Agility 3, Intelligence 3

Air 3: Reflexes 3, Awareness 3

Void 2

Bayushi Bushi School Rank II

  • First Technique: +(School Rank)K0 initiative dice, Enemies cannot use Combat Reflexes to trade initiative with you. +5 AC versus slower foes.
  • Second Technique: Gain two free raises from a feint instead of one. If an opponent attacks you and misses, you gain (Air) free raises on attacks against them that occur before their next turn.












(Political Maneuvering)




Add 2x Skill to AC





Fast Draw







+1 Free Raise








+1 Free Raise



  • +1 Reflexes for AC purposes (5) and for Initiative purposes (5)
  • +1K0 to attacks with any weapon, counts as Skilled. (8)
  • +1K1 to Initiative Rolls (6)
  • Wakizashi (8) Shuuraihana: causes damage as Jade, +2 free raises.


  • Minor Obligation (2)
  • Hot Headed (TN20 Honor check to avoid over-reacting, 2)
  • Dark Secret (6)

   Ancestor Spirit: Kodari Talespinner (Provides a daily pool of four free raises on concocting verbal or written fictions, 0).

   Heritage (x2): Glorious Death as a Bodyguard, Mixed Blessing/Famous Artist (Kodari, above).

   Minor Tattoos: Blessing (Reroll one die per roll)

Tainted Powers:

  • +1 Awareness (12, causes occasional glimpses of the spirit world and dilated pupils)
  • +1 Stealth (3, shadow warps slightly).

Combat Information:

  • Four wounds per level.
  • Armor Class: [Reflexes x 5 (20) + Light Armor (5) + Defense (10)] = 35
  • Initiative: 7K5
  • Wakizashi: Attack 7K3 +3 Free Raises, Damage 4K2/Jade.
  • Katana: Attack 7K3 +1 Free Raise, Damage 5K2.
  • Bow/Yumi: Attack 5K3, Damage 4K2.

   Basic Equipment: Light Armor, Daisho, Bow and 60 Arrows, 20 Koku, NoDachi, Travel Papers, Court Clothing, Horse, Pack: (spare clothing, prayer beads, necklace, torches, bedroll, 50′ rope, cooking pot and basic spices, small tent, straw hat and cloak, illustrated book, lockpicks, caltrops, makeup kit, and prybar.


One Response

  1. “She was an extremely hotheaded young lady, most notable for her general belief that – if a situation was complicated or delicate – it would automatically become less so after you killed most of the people involved.”

    And she was right! I can hardly claim that turning a delicate situation into a simple-minded bloodbath doesn’t render it less delicate. LOL.

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