The Chronicles of Heavenly Artifice LXXXI (Part II) – Aftermath and Multiplication


What do you mean that there are some disguises that even thirty successes won’t pull off?

Aikiko sighed – she’d called Charles in, so explaining him was up to her – and made an effort.

(Aikiko) “This is my friend Charles Dexter Ward! He’s really good at making stuff.”

(Phillipe) “And the… father here?”

(Aikiko) “Oh! Other than a werewolf? Uh… I don’t know, but Charles seems to.”

(Charles) “Oh… I was experimenting with power-imbuements and grants, and so I got a few human volunteers and turned them into Kickaha, like Idarin here! They’re naturally physical, but are basically mid-level gods – and they turned out to be self-reproducing – at least with each other – and capable of recruiting other humans to be Kickaha like them. But Idarin took a lot of time off from his geomantic survey job to father a bunch of kids! His alpha has restricted him to Aden for now and put someone else with more self-control on the job! I don’t really know how the kids will turn out though, even with their own private god to send them helpful spells!”

Even Aikiko wasn’t sure what to say to that besides… “Whaa???”

(Phillipe) “Wait! Slow up! You turned normal human teenagers into mid-level (he looked VERY carefully) quasi-canine GODS?”

(Aikiko) “It’s good somebody did something about the sex, I guess? Not much help to these (indicating Phillipe and company) guys, though! Thing is, whatever he’s doing is also healing everyone else in the hospital.” (She thought carefully before continuing) I’m not saying that’s WRONG, but it’s getting lots of attention… and people like him (looking at Phillipe) are going to stress over it.”

(Charles) “But… It’s nice to heal everyone in the hospital!”

(Aikiko) “Well, yeah, but how are the doctors going to explain it without being put in straightjackets?”

(Charles) “I could assign someone to demonstrate!”

Aikiko had to admit that that WOULD be cool -and would be happily filming people’s reactions to it if it happened – but the Terrestrials probably wouldn’t like that idea a bit!

(Phillipe, gaping) “Look you little IDIOT! Have you got any idea what kind of disruptions that would cause? This three-ring-circus here has ALREADY become catastrophic!”

(Aikiko) “Hey, he’s pretty smart . . . he just (hm… might be best not to reveal that Charles had access to Yu-Shan) doesn’t get out in the world much. Seriously, though… is there some way to make this… quieter, Charles?”

(Charles, with great doubt – it WOULD be terribly unethical!) “Er… Global forget spell? Because if we just take them away, it will only be more exciting!”

(Kiko – although she had to agree with the last bit there!) “Global spell? You can’t do that, can you?”

(Charles, absently) “Oh sure! It would be all kinds of rude if it was anything major though… Has this attracted a lot of interest?”

(Aikiko) “Uh . . . there are protesters and a lot of cops outside, and it’s made the news.”

(Charles) “Oh dear! Perhaps removing the girls to Aden, dealing with the parents, and coming up with an acceptable explanation? Is there any reason I could patch in over the truth?

(Aikiko) “Um… Idarin, where did you find these girls?”

(Idarin) “At a concert in the park!”

Looking at the boy, her skills were quite sufficient to fill in a lot of the rest at a glance… He was inhumanly attractive (she took a few moments to appreciate that, even if he had created a really big problem he was very scenic!), he’d doubtless erected a privacy ward which prevented awareness and interruptions even if they were in a more-or-less public place – and the girls had probably found the rest of the afternoon more than a little dreamlike.

(Aikiko) “Hmm. What kind of concert?

(Idarin) “Folk music and… I think it was called “Soft Rock”. They were using hemp… does that matter?”

(Aikiko) “Uh… not to me. But maybe Charles and these guys could do something with that? Laced with LSD? It wouldn’t explain the babies, but I think they can be ‘adopted’ easily enough – by which I mean they go to you, and the mothers too, if they want. I’m not sure THEIR parents would like that though. Maybe visits to the father? You can probably do an illusion easily enough.”

(Charles, sighing) “It wouldn’t explain all the fuss, or why they didn’t want to show the mothers-to-be the sonograms… Hm. “prenatal damage due to chemical exposure” would cover that though. The lack of deaths is harder. Still, that COULD just be a coincidence.”

(Aikiko) “Maybe! It would help cover up, though.”

(Charles) “OK, we get the parents in and explain, and send the girls to Aden… “Being sheltered by their families while they deal with this devastating tragedy?”

(Aikiko) “That sounds good.”

(Charles) “Hm. They (indicating Philippe) can probably exert enough pressure on the families to get them to agree easily enough.”

Phillipe was still considering the implications of a “Global Forget Spell” – and of the fact that “Aikiko” had apparently seriously considered “Charles” capable of such a thing – as well as able to bestow high-end spirit powers on random mortal children!

(Phillipe) “Hm? Oh, certainly; we’re already negotiating with them anyway… Presuming this “Aden” place is pleasant enough.”

(Charles) “Now as for you, Idarin… First up, taking advantage of intoxicated girls is NOT all right! And trying to have more girls than the Alpha is really asking for it! You’re REALLY lucky that your Alpha was quite patient with you!

(Aikiko) “Dude, do that again and I’ll smack you so hard your fangs will turn back into human teeth.”

(Charles) “You’re lucky we’re not letting the girls parents decide what to do with you! Or these people (pointing to Phillipe)… You’ve put them to a LOT of trouble!

That little lecture went on for some time (and it was kind of hard to explain to a youngster from tribal Africa why it was wrong to take advantage of intoxicated women with no protectors) – but then Phillipe managed to redirect it into a discussion of “power imbuement” (and secrecy) that went on for considerably longer – and left Phillipe sure of one thing; the rules were changing. He, and his clan, had best be prepared.

In Aden the rest of the Kickaha didn’t think much of a low-status youngster bringing in six pregnant concubines who didn’t even clearly recall who (or what) he was… There was quite a lot of grumbling, several duels over whether or not he got to keep them (unsurprisingly, the answer turned out to be NO!), and the girls wound up getting set up in a quiet village in Aden where their pregnancies could proceed.

The children would be god-blooded, but with a set of mutations that left them well-prepared for becoming Kickaha after they grew up – even if they would start off with daddies (rather low) status.

Charles would just have to start another school for god-bloods soon.

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  2. […] LXXXI (Part II) – Aftermath and Multiplication: Straightening out Kickaha Naughtiness. […]

  3. […] LXXXI (Part II) – Aftermath and Multiplication: Straightening out Kickaha Naughtiness. […]

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