The Cult of the Many-Named

   Kevin Sanwell (also known as “Lord Sanwell”; the Master of Kadia, Kierroth; Knight of the Unseelie Fey, Arpherion; The Darkness-Which-Defends, Angkor Shadowfang; the Wolflord, Ailill Keras’an’Darkell; Dragon-Lord of Darkness, or Belpherion; the Angel of the Abyss) is a focus of massed belief, and has learned to channel that power – at least unconsciously.

   In other words, he’s a god. Not one of the great or well-established gods – even if he has gotten around to taking the feat that lets him create his own afterlife for his followers – but even being a minor god has it’s perks.

   Unlike most gods, however, Kevin was a specialist in imbuing followers with power even before becoming a god; he mystically transformed them, bound their souls to himself, and used that link to awaken various abilities within them – which also let him draw on them when he needed to stretch his own reserves.

   That was what everyone expected, and so that’s where much of the power flowing into him is going; it’s being augmented with the supernatural energies Kevin taps so freely and is flowing right back out to his followers – including the ones who merely WANT to become his agents or who have started cults following him. They can even get clerical magic (using the Negative Energy and Witchery Domains), albeit only up to level three.

   That’s pretty atypical; most gods use a lot more of that incoming power for themselves – rather than contenting themselves with their personal power while sharing the benefits of their godhood with all and sundry.

   It remains to be seen whether this accidental arrangement will be one of the best religious marketing ploys in the history of the multiverse or whether entrusting so much power to anyone who wants to enter his service will prove an utter disaster*.

   *I’m betting on at least some disaster. Kevin is a player-character, and that means that there have to be difficulties everywhere…

   Currently Kevin’s agents and wannabe-followers (such as would-be agents or priests) get 32 CP worth of abilities, simply for wanting to follow him – effectively a +1 ECL bonus. Those abilities include:

  • One level of Full-Package Clerical Spellcasting with the Negative Energy and Witchery Domains (10 CP). This includes:
    • Three Level Zero and One Level One Spell Slots, plus One Level One Domain Spell Slot.
    • Spell Conversion to the Witchery Domain Spells.
    • Two Domain Feats – Normally 12 CP worth of Witchcraft or additional Power.
    • A Witchcraft Pact: The Spirit Pact. This means that – if they’re killed – their spirits will be drawn to Kadia, Kevin’s afterlife-realm. It also provides them with the remaining 6 CP needed to purchase full basic Witchcraft. That’s (Str+Dex+Con)/3 Power and seven abilities from the basic Witchcraft list – normally including The Hand of Shadows and Healing.
  • Mental Shields/Immunity to Sensory-Based Mind Control (4 CP). Immunity (Uncommon / Major / Minor, blocks effects of up to L3 and provides a +4 on saves against more powerful effects)
  • Dimensional Adaption (2 CP): Enthusiast, Specialized for double effect: Only for the “Identities” skill, Corrupted: only changes in new realm, reduces the cost of Identities by 2 SP. For wannabes in the Manifold, this will usually provide +16 CP worth of local privileges, wealth, and so on.
  • Wealth +1 SP (1 CP). In worlds which aren’t using a “wealth rating”, this simply means that enough income appears – from somewhere – for them to live comfortably.
  • Reflex Action (6 CP): 3 bonus actions as required per day
  • Shapeshift, Specialized/requires a full minute (3 CP).
  • Relic Mastery (4 CP): Enthusiast x2, Specialized in Relics for double effect the first time, to half the cost on the second time. This lets them have 3 CP worth of relics of their choice.
  • Create Relic (2 CP): Specialized (2 Point Relics Maximum), Corrupted; only points from Enthusiast.

   Would-be followers can usually be assumed to have created some personal relics:

  • A personal psychic focus of some sort, which provides +3d6 Power (1 CP as a relic).
  • A shapeshifting focus that removes the specialization on their shapeshifting and provides +2 bonus uses (1 CP as a relic).
  • A one-point relic of choice.

   That’s rather a lot of power. In fact, this particular package is pretty heavily optimized – mostly because the powers that Kevin handed out originally were pretty heavily optimized, and that’s what his followers all expected. It should also be enough to let some of those would-be followers get into an awful lot of trouble…

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