The Champions game has been going on and off hiatus since first edition champions came out. Unfortunately, that means that most of the material predates computer files, and almost all of it would need a great deal of updating. Still, things will be going up here as they come up or are requested.

   If you want to know why “The Emergence Campaign”, you’ll want the timeline down below, starting with “The Ancient Days”.

   Welcome to the Emergence Campaign!

   Character basics and Allowable Character Cheese

Characters and Templates

Major Groups:

Champions Timeline:

General Champions Material:

Session Logs: Compiled Earlier Sessions. Session 1: The Regathering. Session 2: The Children of Chaos. Session 3: Castles In The Sky. Session 4: Crash Go The Castles. Session 5: When Dinosaurs Ruled The Garden Maze. Session 6: Trick Or Death. Session 7 Part I: Legal Sorcery. Session 7 Part II: Getting Schooled. Session 8: Darius Metaxis, the Castellan. Session 9: The Mandate-Mexican War. Session 10: The Deeper Shadows. Session 11: Baked Alaska. Session 12: Into The Depths. Session 13: Try, Try Again. Session 14: The Lists Unlimited. Session 15: Castle of Black Sand. Sessions 16-17: The Tokyo Terrors, The Gates of Light. Session 17 Coda: Lycanthropic Coda. Session 18: Between Enlightenment and Darkness. Session 19: The War of Souls. Session 20: A Spirit of Mischief. Session 21: Wherefur Art Thou. Session 22: The Golden Daze of Siberia. Session 23: A Wind from the East. Session 24: Trials and Tribulations. Session 25: Within the Kremlin. Session 26-27: Six Weeks of Chaos. Sessions 28-29: It’s Not My Fault, It Was The Ninja’s Sister’s Husband. Session 30: Trials and Tentacles and Bears, Oh My. Sessions 31-32: Ride the Whirlwind. Session 33: Nor Iron Bars a Cage. Session 34: The Faerie Queen. Sessions 35-36: A Sea of Troubles, The Fall of Manchow, Session 37: The Bamboo Fox,  Session 38: Murder at the Museum. Session 39: The Little Ice Age. Sessions 40 and 41: The Spirit FIsher and the Barque of Ra. Sessions 42 and 43: The Return of SETI and Homeland Security. Session 44: The Raving Maniacs. Sessions 45, 46, and 47; Gates of Darkness, The Unquiet Realm, The Akhasic Plane.  Session 48; The Cyborg and the Fox. Session 49; And From the Darkness Light. Session 49a. The Codex Draconis.

7 Responses

  1. Would like a list of super hero groups and individual heros.

  2. I finally got around to getting here, and I can’t find the place to sign up for Paul

  3. Mirbo: Individual heroes change a lot, but I’ll try to put some up. Groups are easier: they should be up shortly.

    Zeke: The invitation Email should have included a sign-up option. I’ll try to resend it. If you can’t find it or it doesn’t work for some reason, just create a free account / blog on WordPress.Com (pretty much just takes a username and password) and I’ll add you in as a contributor manually.

  4. I usually post question in the D20 section, but this is most appropriate here . . .
    I actually prefer Hero system to D20, But D20 has a really cool critter list. Trouble is, I have never found a good general system for converting D20 monsters into Hero system.
    (I loath the way the D20 damage system makes characters nigh unkillable, but that same approach works just fine for large and/or supernatural combatants . . . = “monsters”, in any setting)

    Do you know of any resources to do such conversions? I have looked around the web using three different search engines, and got Nothing I can use. (Signal to noise ration is just terrible – what little I find is all for converting the other way)

  5. […] here is a proposed world made to fit (if a bit uncomfortably in some places) into the Emergence Campaign Setting.  While ultimately whether such additions are allowed is up to the GM, this can still be useful as […]

  6. […] here is a character for the proposed continuation of the Emergence Campaign. Easily the most complex character build I’ve done thus far, Cola is designed to be a […]

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