World of Darkness Material

   The World of Darkness (First and Second Edition) timeline page is up, and the Exalted Artifact Creation .PDF is now available in the download box. The Champions game is scheduled for Saturday evening, at the University of Tennessee Library as usual. Expected characters are currently Castellon, Ranko, the White Necromancer, the Hauntsman, and the Super Bum, with a possible appearance by the Chauffeur. On the other hand, several of the new players have expressed an interest in experimenting with new characters now that they’re more familiar with the system, so we’ll just have to see won’t we?

   On a rules note for Champions, characters with power pools, easily-changable multipower slots, equipment pools, aid effects which modify or add powers, or any similar method of quickly and easily changing their powers around must select a limited range of “No Normal Defense” attacks which they can use. Creating attacks of the form “the defense is not being the guy I’m currently targeting” is excessively cheap.

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