Star Wars: HUND and CLS10 Droids

HUND Wilderness Support Droid:

   The HUND series is designed as a light guide and guardian-droid, suitable for accompanying it’s masters on wilderness recreational trips, hunting expeditions, and similar excursions. Physically it resembles a broad, squat, humanoid with very long arms it uses to brace itself (think “gorilla”) and a broad “hat” which supports it’s sensor systems. They’re usually also fitted with a “pack” which provides a number of compartments and a few minor electronic accessories, but these are optional extras. A properly-equipped HUND series should be capable of dealing with most minor wilderness emergencies, of summoning help when faced with a situation beyond its capabilities, and of keeping its master or masters comfortable in the wilderness for a reasonably lengthy period.

  • Skills: Survival 6D, Medicine 4D (8/6D), Cyberweapons 4D
  • Built-In Gadgets:
    • Wilderness Reference Library: planetary notes, known alien races and creatures, 4D.
    • Hunting Blaster, 4D.
    • Medical Pack: +4D medicine for original owner’s species, +2D otherwise.
    • Camp Security Field Generator: provides a basic environmental screen and ultrasonically repels minor nuisance creatures.
    • Armor, +2D: +3D with extra die from base allotment, total 4D.

   The optional pack system (+250 credits) provides a comlink and assorted storage compartments – two of them normally prepacked with a condenser canteen, glow rod, 30-day ration pack, flaregun, tarp, cord, rope, hammer/axe, 24 spikes, sleeping/shelter bag, water purification tabs/kit, miscellaneous kit (compass, lighter, fishhooks, line, whetstone, gloves, survival manual, sunglasses, sewing kit, etc) supplement tablets, folding shovel, filter straws, knife, grapnel, stimpills, monofilament “saw”, salt, wire, “space blanket”, machete, monocular, and pyroconcentrate tabs.


CLS10 Piloting Droid:

   The CLS10 was designed as a backup unit – a droid which came with a small yacht or other light ship and which provided basic piloting and repair services when a qualified pilot, mechanic, or more specialized droid, was unavailable. It’s a repulsorlift model – basically a sphere with a few features (some humorists add a large “face” to the basic unit), and a set of dangling control tendrils. Unusually, the CLS10 is capable of remotely-interfacing with, and piloting, a properly-equipped ship. The model has, however, gained an unjustifiably-poor reputation due to the common practice of taking them along when their owner switches ships – only to find that, unless their databases are changed out, they are far less effective, since they are usually programmed to pilot and repair particular models of ships – and without any major modifications at that.

  • Skills: Astrogation 6D, Starship Piloting 6D, Languages 3D (for dealing with port officials).
  • Built-In Gadgets:
    • Subspace Communicator.
    • Remote Ship Operations Link.
    • Light Armor (+2D as a major gadget, net 3D).
    • Repair Database for the ship being piloted (4D starship repair for that ship only).
    • Built-in starship toolkit (+2D starship repair).

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