Recordings from the Holocron of Kira Keldav – Session 7

   Here we have Kira’s log for session seven of the Star Wars game, with some annotations as to what everyone else was up to. Alys’s player log can be found over on her player’s blog in Part I and Part II.

   Session Seven started off in Crevasse City, Alderaan, where:

  • Kira and Alys were outside Bernelli’s (a high-class restaurant belonging to some of Kira’s friends) surrounded by one very exasperated policeman who knew Kira, one blatant bounty hunter, two bounty hunters in disguise as police officers, and a crowd, where someone had just yelled “Sith” and started a riot.
  • Jarik at a first aid post on level 15, where he’d been helping the two on-duty medics deal with an unexpected influx of fractured bones and other semi-serious injuries – apparently the result of having swarms of combat-trained individuals (bounty hunters and republic troops) loose on the local equivalent of Mardi Gras. Fortunately, so far, none of the local gamblers he’d upset had spotted him – although he had spotted some of the non-local tough guys wandering around.
  • Khadim and 10-CH, being both metallic and far too heavily armed to get through customs, were still aboard the Nightraptor, up on level 0 at the top of the chasm.
  • Lazlo, Handell, and Telera – along with a young woman Handell was towing along – were leaving a play on level fifteen, only a few blocks from the first aid post. Anticipating the riot, Lazlo was trying to get Handell and the others away from the crowds.
  • Ben was on level eleven, shopping for parts – although it looked to him like he might have spotted some of the Sith agents; one guy had several bounty-hunter types along, and his reactions to the cries of “Sith!” and the riot had either indicated an exasperated peace enforcer or an exasperated person with a personal stake in the matter…
  • “Shipwreck”, having recently left Jarik, was still keeping an eye on the Doc (Jarik) while he had a little fun at the party.

   And taking things up from Kira’s viewpoint

   Things were not going according to plan to say the least. I had one bounty hunter in front of me, two dressed as police officers behind me, and Officer Larson to my side. Apparently Alys found me about the same time as Larson. The chaos and rioting outside only added to the tension in the air as the standoff continued. Larson comment “You’re in real big trouble Kira!” was an understatement of epic proportions.

   I decided there wasn’t a whole lot to lose so I let it spill that Sith and Bounty Hunters were on planet, had kidnaped Dorothy, were impersonating police officers, and were monitoring or hijacking the police frequencies. Between that and Alys shooting wildly (admittedly, with a light blaster on stun – apparently as a diversion), Larson was pretty distracted. That left me with three bounty hunters. The first one pulled a grenade and threatened to gas everyone to sleep unless I came quietly. While I wasn’t able to yank the grenade out of his hand, I was able to hold the button in place to keep him from arming it.

   More police arrived, they might have been bounty hunters or real police, it didn’t really matter at that point. Barcos was finally coming around and made a run for the kitchen away from the fighting. Meanwhile the “police” fired a large stun cannon at me, which I merely sidestepped. Flipping over a table for cover with the Force, I settled in for a long standoff as the stun blasters started blazing at me. I made a quick call to the Republic fleet in orbit to inform them of what was going on and to taunt them into landing troops to assist the local police. During which time I lost track of the fact I was holding the grenade button in place. That proceeded to blow up in my face.

   Meanwhile, Handell had been remote-piloting the Nightraptor down to level fifteen – no mean feat in Crevasse City, the thing WAS a sizeable freighter after all – and had brought it in next to a balcony. Khadim cheerily opened the ramp and stood ready to help people aboard. Unfortunately, the republic contingents had seen a heavily-armed and armored starship dropping in uninvited – and what appeared to be an armored war-droid emerging. This led to a mass exchange of fire with Khadim. Khadim was still under the impression that the proper way to greet people was to fire massive amounts of energy at them. We are so going to have to remedy that misunderstanding soon.

   After a brisk little firefight – fortunately, with everything locked down to stun – Lazlo (with some help from Khadim) managed to throw Handell (who’s potential girlfriend had fled, leaving him more morose than usual) and Telera aboard before leaping in himself. Handell took the ship even deeper into the city for temporary cover from the incoming republic fighters and shuttles.

   Meanwhile, Ben had seen his suspected Sith leap up onto the safety railings and begin skidding down them towards the riot on level seventeen while standing erect – which might not be blatantly superhuman at any given moment, but would be a pretty good indication of force powers if he could keep it up for long. Ben threw in some obstacles and rail-shaking, which the guy had no trouble leaping past and evading while sliding at eighty miles an hour or so. Oh yeah. Sith.

   Shipwreck had spotted one of the tough guys out to drop concussion grenades on the republic troops going to quell the riot, won a fist fight with him, and swiped his weapons – including a good stock of gas, concussion, and flash grenades – and fell in with a contingent of republic troops heading for the riot. He was in uniform after all. Unfortunately, they spotted him easily – but he managed to (with a most improbable search check looking for explosives) demonstrate that he was running around the city disarming the diversionary explosive devices that someone had been planting.

   Jarik had been appalled: the local kids were so confident that Alderaan was SAFE that they tended to run TOWARDS riots to see what all the excitement was about – and jumped over the safety rails like lemmings, trusting to the safety fields to catch them and let them down gently on the next level! The little idiots were suicidal!

   He promptly started knocking them out with tranquilizers – and left them lined up with at the aid station, their chests covered in red sauce (for “blood”) and facing a large sign that said “The Sith have captured you and are bleeding you to death for an unholy experiment!”.

   Whether practical joke or shock treatment, they probably wouldn’t get over THAT one in a big hurry.

   Down below, Kira looked up while he was glancing around…

   Ben was following someone he suspected to be a Sith sliding down the rails towards my location, and even threw a cup in the Sith’s way trying to trip him up. The Sith proved to have exceptional reflexes as he jumped over the disturbance and continued sliding on down the rail towards me.

   From my vantage point I was able to see the impressive acrobatics and drew the same associated conclusion as to what he was. The table I was using for cover was also beginning to turn to plasma from so many blaster discharges. It looked like the Republic Soldiers, the Police and the Bounty Hunters were all firing massive amounts of weapons at me.

   Not good.

   I made a quick mental note to apologize to the Bernelli’s when I got the chance, and sliced a hole in their wall with my lightsaber. I sliced through a second and third wall before finding a thinner spot in the floor to cut through. Having dropped a floor, I then proceeded to run from the scene hoping to meet up with the others and rescue Dorothy. I quickly ran into our supposed Sith and two bounty hunters loaded with weapons in front of me. The odds of me getting out of this were not looking good.

   The presumed Sith had apparently had some way to track Kira’s little odyssey through the walls and cellars – and had called on the two bounty hunters who were pretending to be cops to come along, since they had a car. He’d just slid on down to where Kira was likely going to emerge… In the meantime, Handell and Khadim had scooped Jarik out of the air – he’d called for a pickup and leapt over the safety railings. He’d picked up Alys and Shipwreck next; Shipwreck had also taken the over-the-rails shortcut, and Alys had gotten to him; he was so good with sensors that he might be able to pick out Dorothy’s tracer signal even through all the interference. Handell then took the ship into hiding in a freight garage while Lazlo had launched his fighter to help be a diversion.

   At which point Lazlo noticed our little commotion and was bringing his fighter in behind the Sith and Bounty Hunters to flank them. The Sith wanted me to surrender quietly in exchange for leaving my friends and family alone. I was fairly certain that even if I did surrender, they would still try to take as many of them as possible for “insurance”. I stalled the talks with the Sith long enough for Lazlo to get into position for maximum effect. It was right about the time the Sith started monologuing about how I had “No chance of winning” that I pointed out the star fighter behind them.

   At which point I was shocked as the Sith didn’t even bother to turn around as he lept up and backwards into the cockpit of the fighter with Lazlo. I like to think I have learned the basics pretty well, but it was clear this guy was on a higher level than I was. Plus he was now in the cockpit armed with a lightsaber and Lazlo was unarmed. Lazlo reacted quicker than I could and slammed the canapy into the Sith’s head stunning him hard.

   Ok, that “super-soldier” hypothesis has gained a lot of traction now.

   This still left me with two bounty hunters armed more heavily than I was. Alright, it was time for a move I wondered why they didn’t do more often in the movies. Reaching out with the Force, I armed all the grenades the two were carrying. The look of fear and annoyance I saw in their eyes was quite satisfying. The belts of grenades thrown at my face was significantly less so. Reflex and habit caused me to try to block with my lightsaber with predictably unhelpful results.

   Quick glance around showed grenades scattered everywhere around us. No way I would be able to get far enough away in time, even with my speed. No where to go but to follow the Sith and try to help Lazlo. A Force enhanced leap into the air landed me on top of the cockpit canopy and my weight slammed it down onto the Sith’s head again with a satisfying thud. I had to admit this was pretty fun, a lot like those action movies with over the top stunts. I had always figured such things were unrealistic. Apparently I was wrong.

   At which point the grenades below us detonated.

   The blast was largely blocked by the fighter beneath me, but the reflected shockwaves caught me by surprise. With my last few moment of consciousness, I saw the ground rushing toward me and thought to myself “Do I not get to play the hero and dramatically save Dorothy?” Mercifully, everything went black before I hit the ground.

   Lazlo then proceeded to maul the stunned Sith – ripping his throat out without even being wounded – as the Republic forces arrived and took everyone there into custody.

   Meanwhile, Handell had the Nightraptor reasonably well hidden – not that there were really all that many places where you could hide a freighter in a city – and was camouflaging it as best as possible with some heavy transports. Shipwreck, Alys, and Jarik had tracked Dorothy down to the upper levels and taken a freight elevator up. Shipwreck got into a fist fight with one of the party-goers running around. Alys found the central communications hub the bounty hunters were using to coordinate themselves and waited quietly after informing the Republic of the location. Jarik went off to find the Republic patrol nearby. Shipwreck came back from his fight and threw an explosive he got from somewhere not entirely clear to me [the one he’d disarmed after that absurdly lucky search check earlier – still disarmed, but rigged to look activated) into the room full of bounty hunters. I have learned it is best not to ask when dealing with people and explosive tendencies.

   The bounty hunters all scattered like roaches when the lights turn on. Alys and Shipwreck then headed upstairs to where it looked like Dorothy was kept only to find two women in the room. One was laying against the wall sleeping, and the other one wearing a costume and mask seemed highly annoyed. The highly annoyed woman expressed frustration that I had not shown up personally to take the bait but did recognize Alys. In short order, the woman managed to knock out both Shipwreck and Alys with one hit each before escaping ahead of the Republic soldiers.

   Jarik got back a little ahead of the Republic soldiers (who had, of course, stopped to relay information back up the chain of command), and was busy treating both Alys and Shipwreck when the troops arrived to take control of the situation.

   When Alys came to, there wasn’t much left to clean up. Apparently, Dorothy had been lured to the location with an invitation of a party. A bit too much alcohol and recreational drugs was all the Sith and Bounty Hunters needed to sedate her. To be honest, I think just about everyone in our group if not our school system has experimented with every recreation drug at some point and some of the illegal ones too. I am just sorry she didn’t know to be more careful.

   Actually, that’s a bit weird. Dorothy usually IS a lot more careful than that. Maybe a touch of Sith mind control? It’s not like there’s usually a lot of resistance to “have another drink!” at a party.

   When Dorothy awoke, she recalled nothing of the kidnapping. Only that she had been invited to the party, and went, and had some drinks. Drat it; there wasn’t even necessarily a crime there; she’d just been put in a corner to sleep it off! The Republic troops escorted her home after making sure she was alright and asking some basic questions.

   I awoke on the pavement with a splitting headache, missing my lightsaber, and a large number of Republic soldiers with weapons at the ready. Not having any real option, I surrendered.

   What followed was one of the most bureaucratic interrogations I have ever seen. Questions without end, a lot of repetition or rephrasing to see if I would tell a different story if they switched their word order, and lots of requests for details and explanations. Biggest bits they wanted were with regards to my time with the Sith, details of our time on the occupied world, how we rigged such explosions, how we escaped an occupied world, what happened at the Jedi temple afterwards, and how we managed to get a jellyfish to eat a Sith battleship. I couldn’t help the smug grin on my face as I explained the mundane tricks behind my apparently supernatural abilities. I could also tell my interrogator was getting really frustrated with my answers as well. I don’t know if it was that they had wasted their time with such a small fry or that a small fry had caused so much damage.

   I eventually refused to answer anymore questions before they told me if my family and friends were alright. The guy finally obliged and told me they were safe, save for Dorothy’s drugged kidnaping and rescue. Well that was good. Not as clean or dramatic a rescue as I was hoping, but it worked nonetheless. Dorothy would probably tell me I am not very good at the gallant hero anyway.

   Handell, along with 10-CH and Khadim, established that everyone else was all right – if in the hands of the authorities – and actually managed to sneak the ship out of the city, mostly by taking advantage of the river in the bottom of the chasm and the Nightraptor’s submersible capabilities. They quietly skipped over to one of the moons and established an alibi of sorts. “No, no! We weren’t in the city at all that evening! If we had been, how could we possibly have hidden leaving in a freighter?”. Similarly, they claimed to not know who had been wearing Khadim’s style of armor; after all, no one had been in it when they checked…

   We (Alys, Ben, Jarik, Shipwreck, Lazlo, and I) were brought before a judge as to whether any charges should be leveled against us. The bounty hunters received hefty fines for impersonating police officers, monitoring Republic frequencies, and belligerent use of weaponry in the city. Most of the charges – and all the criminal ones – against us were dropped on a lack of evidence or lack of crime committed. Even Lazlo got off the illegal starfighter charges when he pointed out that his fighter didn’t have a life-support system yet, and therefore was not space-capable, and didn’t have any functional weapons yet either, which got it out of the “fighter” category – leaving him guilty of nothing but aircar traffic regulation violations in an arguable emergency. There were some fines for property damage and such, but the profits from the alcohol run covered all of it with some to spare – although Shipwreck was asked not to come back to Alderaan if possible.

   Meanwhile it was determined we all classified as “trouble-magnets”. I had seriously thought that sort of thing was a joke for comedies and such, I didn’t think the Republic actually had such a designation – although, after better than twenty thousand years, I suppose it was no surprise. This meant the Republic was willing to overlook or pressure local governments to ignore various behaviors in exchange for us taking on missions for the Republic. Looks like we are going to be working for the Republic. At least I will get paid and can come home to Alderaan every so often.

   When they asked what were we likely to run off and do when given the chance, I decided to come clean and reveal my theory about the Anti-Force. Telera was against the idea of course, although most of the others seemed alright with the idea of exploring old dead ruins to find out the origins of the Jedi and Sith. The Republic was pleased as well about the idea of us going to dead or abandoned worlds instead of major population centers. Well, I suppose that is better than the Republic having a bounty on my head.

   Ben decided my coming clean about the Anti-Force and Alderaan being my homeworld was a cue for him to come clean as well. Ben revealed his past as a Sith bioweapon which surprised us all I think. I spent a few moments trying to figure the odds of him running across us before realizing my mistake and smacking myself.

   The woman that knocked out Alys and Shipwreck is still on the loose. The Republic haven’t found her yet. I highly suspect she is a Sith given the accounts of her abilities from Shipwreck and Alys. Several things do not add up though. She had the chance to kill Alys and Shipwreck, but chose not to. I really doubt she was that time constrained that she couldn’t kill them. She also knew at least one of them was associated with me. If I had been in her shoes trying to capture me, killing the allies of my prey when I had the chance would have been an easy decision. Yet she didn’t do it.

   She was also clearly after me. Her announcement of taking Dorothy hostage as bait more or less proves it. There is some critical assumption at play here that I am missing. Like our Sith has more goals in play than I think. This is worrying on a lot of levels. I do not think I could knockout Alys and Shipwreck with one blow each.

   She is still out there, and with the planet in lock-down, she is probably still on Alderaan. I imagine she is laying low for the time being. After that, I give 50/50 odds on her trying to leave, or making another attempt at getting a hostage. Best to try and track her down before the lockdown is lifted.

   Enough brooding for now. I have a family and friends to go see. I am not sure which I am more nervous about: the woman, or this reunion.

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  2. […] Recordings from the Holocron of Kira Keldav: Session Seven […]

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