Star Wars, Kira Keldav – Writing Home

   Here we have a small item from one of the Star Wars players…

   Hey Sabrina;

   This is Kira, your little brother! For all I know, you and the rest have probably written me off as dead after the destruction of the Naichron. Now please don’t kill me for not getting in touch sooner but things have been very difficult lately. You know how it is, get captured by the Sith, discover you can use the Force, get brutally trained by a Sith Master as he tries to force you to the Dark Side, escaping before that happens and now being on the run from much of society at the moment.

   Not sure when or if I will be able to return home. These Force powers are very annoying if you want to behave anything like a normal person at all. So I am going to have to come to some kind of terms there and I may have a plan (don’t ask). Plus there is the fact that I have Sith chasing me since I escaped. You and the rest of the family may want to go into hiding or at least inform the Republic because of that. Sith aren’t real big into the fighting fair bit and all, trust me.

   If it makes you feel any better, I am now in the company of a Jedi named Telera Mercorin and a few other companions as we try to get this whole misunderstanding sorted out. Tell the rest of the family and friends I said hello and that I am still alive.



   This is not my fault, I swear!

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