Amber, d20 Point-Buy Dragoness

   Amber was a character in the Darkweird Campaign, where Dragons were just one of the hidden supernatural races which walked the earth – albeit one of the ones with the highest ECL modifier. Like all the sample characters here, she’s a d20 Point Buy character built using the rules from Eclipse: The Codex Persona and The Practical Enchanter (also available as Shareware PDF files, Here and Here). Also like several of the other sample characters, she’s a definite power build. Given that Darkweird was a pretty rough place for anyone who was magically aware, this was quite acceptable.


Amber Ryuko Lung Lockheed

   Young Dragon-Mage, Darkweird Campaign, L2+4 ECL Dragon Modifier

   Dragon Template (+4 ECL): Str +8, Con +8, Int +2, and Cha +2. (60 CP), Full DR 8/- (12 CP), Celerity/30′ Flight (9 CP), Occult Senses/Low-Light and Darkvision (6 CP), Defender (5+L/5 Natural Armor, 18 CP), Martial Arts/Natural Weapons (1d20 base damage, 10 CP), Inherent Spells (a related set of one each of levels 3, 4, and 5, each usable five times per day. These are generally unique to each dragon, although at least one is usually a “breath weapon”, 18 CP), Dweomer (Healing) (3 CP), Adept (four dweomer skills, 3 CP), Fast Learner (specialized in Dweomer Skills, double effect, 3 CP), Innate Enchantment (5000 GP worth. Normally Shield [2000], Mage Armor [1400], Enlarge [Self-Only, only in Dragon Form but automatic then, 1000 GP), and Resistance [+1 on Saving Throws, 700 GP], 3 CP), Shapeshift [May take human form L/3 + 4 times daily, including variations and ordinary clothing, 9 CP), Shaping (3 CP), and 24 CP worth of abilities from the Path of the Dragon (12 CP). Total: 169 CP. The Darkweird World Law-required specialization on the Rite of Chi (if they buy it) is to spend at least two hours sleeping on a pile of treasure.

   All of the abilities in the dragon template are subject to the limitations listed below, and are considered Specialized for half cost (this has already been included in the costs listed above):

  • Dragons are obvious supernatural beings. Even when shapeshifted,they radiate magical power and an aura that disturbs normal humans and ordinary animals. Their natural forms are obviously monstrous.

  • Their racial abilities are all supernatural abilities, and will not work in antimagic fields and similar areas.

  • Dragons take damage (1d6/Caster Level to the usual maximums) from “Dispelling” and similar effects.

  • Their racial abilities may be weakened or hindered by physical damage or restrictions. For example, they may need to make constitution checks to use their innate spells if they’re seriously injured, western types need wingroom to fly, and so on.

   Innate Spells: Fireball/Blast (1d6/Level, currently 6d6, save DC 20), Iceball/Blast (as per Fireball, but coats area with ice; anyone who fails to save may save again each round to break free, save DC 21), and Mind-Numbing Mist (as per Dominate Person, but affects a 10′ radius within close range and only lasts one hour per level, save DC 22).

   Level Based Bonuses: L1 Feat: Dweomer/Psychokinesis (0 CP)

   Disadvantages: Accursed (automatically reverts to dragon form while sleeping), Hunted (yes, there are groups out there which don’t like dragons), and Showman (others get a +3 bonus on figuring out what you’re up to, -3 on initiative). Current Total: 72 CP (L2 Base) + 10 CP (Disadvantages) = 82 CP.

   Basic Attributes: Strength 14 (22/+6, 30/+10 in dragon form), Dexterity 16/+3 (14/+2 in dragon form), Constitution 14 (22/+6, 26/+8 in dragon form), Intelligence 16 (18/+4), Wisdom 14/+2, and Charisma 12 (14/+2).

   In Dragon Form: Str +8, Dex -2, Con +4, -1 AC and To Hit, -4 on stealth skills and related skill checks.

   Warcraft: +1 BAB (6 CP).

   Saves: Reflex +2 (+6 Net, +5 as Dragon, Corrupted: purchased bonus does not work if the attacker knows your true name, 4 CP), Fortitude +2 (+9 Net, +11 as Dragon. Corrupted: purchased bonus does not work if the attacker knows your true name, 4 CP), Will +2 (+5 Net, Corrupted: purchased bonus does not work if the attacker knows your true name, 4 CP).

   Hit Dice: L1 d20 (Specialized/Double Effect. Points from this die may only be recovered by magical healing), L2 d8 (4 CP). Net = 65 HP [71 as a Dragon].

   Move: 30, Ground and Air.

   Initiative: +0 [-1 as a Dragon].

   Armor Class: 10 (Base) + 3 (Dexterity) + 4 (Mage Armor) + 4 (Shield) + 6 (Natural Armor) = 27, 28 as a Dragon

   Proficiencies: Natural weapons only (no cost).

   Languages (5): English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and Tibetan

   Usual Weapon: Unarmed (Human Form): +7, 1d20+6, Crit 20/x2. Unarmed (Dragon Form): +11, 1d20+10, Crit 20/x2

 Total Base Costs: 38 CP

Other Abilities (34 CP)

  • Mana (6 CP): 4 Points

  • L4 Wilder Progression/Power (Con Based, no Base Caster Level, Specialized: only to power Dweomer, 6 CP): 33 Power

  • L4 Wilder Progression/Spell Levels (Con Based, no Base Caster Level, Specialized: only to power Dweomer, 6 CP): 18 Spell Levels

  • Base Caster Level 2 (Specialized: Dweomer Only, 6 CP).

  • Adept (Dweomer skills, as marked, 6 CP).

  • Fast Learner (Specialized in Dweomer Skills, +2 SP/Level, 6 CP)

The Path Of The Dragon (0) CP

  • Pulse of the Dragon (May draw 1 spell level per round from the environment. Racial/0 CP)

  • Heart of the Dragon (May use shaping to cast a L0 spell 1/round. Cumulative effects lose potency after 2d6 applications to any single target in a day. Racial/0 CP)

  • Taskmaster (May accomplish mundane tasks in 1/18’th the normal time. Racial/0 CP)

  • Hands of the Dragon (+3 to all Craft, Knowledge, and Profession Skills. Racial/0 CP)

Relic: The Eye of Odin (4 CP):

   Augmented Bonus (Adds average Con Mod to Dweomer Checks, 12 CP) and Berserker (Odinmight: +8 Caster Level, +8 to Dweomer Checks, +4 to saves versus Magic, and -2 AC. This may be invoked [1 + Level/3] times per day, lasts for [3 + average Con Mod – currently 10] rounds each time, and leaves you Fatigued. 12 CP).

Common Aliases:

   Amber is fond of aliases, and uses a lot of them. She is also known as Amber Wong (Female), Li Lung, Aaron Chan (Male), Amagatdi Mayako (Female), Harry or Harold Ming (Male), Lara DuMonde (Female), Spitfire (Female), Anna Smythe (Female), Kottara Ome (Female), Gwendolyn Schend (Female), and Ang Lee (Male).


Using Dweomer (Quick Summary):

   Using Dweomer is relatively simple: 1) decide what effect you’re going to try to produce, 2) select which of your skills you’re going to use to do it, 3) get a ruling on the level of effect you’re going to need from the GM, 4) either change your mind or go ahead and roll, and 5) spend your power and spell levels or mana, whether or not the effect succeeds. For every 5 full points by which your result exceeds the DC of the effect being produced you may reduce the net cost by 1 Power OR by 1/2 spell level to a minimum of 0.

   Trivial Effects (Cantrips and L0 spell effects) have a Casting DC of 10, a Save DC of 17, and cost 1 Power OR 1/2 a Spell Level to cast. Easy Effects (L1 and L2 spell effects) have a Casting DC of 15, a Save DC of 19, and cost 2 Power AND 1 Spell Level OR 1 Mana. Average Effects (L3 and L4 spell effects) have a Casting DC of 20, a Save DC of 21, and cost 4 Power AND 2 Spell Levels OR 2 Mana to cast. Higher level effects are beyond Amber’s current limits – at least for safe casting (consult the full rules in Eclipse: The Codex Persona).

Amber’s Dweomer Skills Currently Include:

  • Environmental Healing (+12): Restores the natural order, purifies the environment, banishes outsiders and alien influences.

  • Life Transference (+12): Donating or draining life energy, transferring souls, dispelling negative energy, and raising the dead,

  • Physical Healing (+12): Repairs bodily injuries and malformations, removes poisons, diseases, and drugs.

  • Spiritual Healing (+8): Repairs emotional wounds, inspires and aids, dispels mental compulsions, casts out possessing entities.

  • Stabilization (+12): Maintains and enhances life, increases attributes, hit points, and toughness, resist death and physical needs.

  • Transformation (+8): Modifies the metabolism and body, allows genetic engineering, and alters life processes.

  • Electrokinesis (+12): Manipulates electrons, photons, and electromagnetic fields.

  • Nucleokinesis (+12): Manipulates atomic nuclei, mesons, quarks, and similar particles. Radiation and transmutation effects.

  • Reconstruction (+12): Rebuilds molecular structures and changes materials into unnatural states.

  • Telekinesis (+12): Manipulates matter in large chunks. This also covers strength amplification, flight, and similar effects.

Skill Points: 20 (Int) + 6 (CP) + 14 (For Dweomer from Fast Learner) = 40:

Purchased Skills:

   Major Skills: Computer Use 1/+5, Decipher Script 4/+8, Dweomer/Healing [Environmental Healing* 2/+12, Life Transference* 2/+12, Physical Healing* 2/+12, Spiritual Healing 1/+8, Stabilization* 2/+12, and Transformation 1/+8], Dweomer/Psychokinesis [Electrokinesis* 2/+12, Nucleokinesis* 2/+12, Reconstruction* 2/+12, Telekinesis* 2/+12], Intimidate 3/+5, Knowledge [Arcane Lore 1/+8, Behavioral Sciences 1/+8, Earth and Life Sciences 1/+8, History 1/+8, Physical Sciences 1/+8, Technology 1/+8], Ritual Magic 4/+6, Repair 2/+6, and Research 2/+6. (*) Indicates a skill modified by the Adept ability.


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4 Responses

  1. As per request, here’s the breakdown on how the saving throw and attack modifiers were derived. Ambers are relatively uncomplicated – save for being different in her two forms.

    Reflex Save: +2 (purchased) +3 (human dexterity) OR +2 (dragon dexterity) and +1 (resistance from Innate Enchantment).

    Fortitude Save: +2 (purchased) +6 (human constitution) OR +8 (dragon constitution) and +1 (resistance from Innate Enchantment).

    Will Save: +2 (purchased) +2 (wisdom) +1 (resistance from Innate Enchantment).

    Unarmed Human Form: +1 BAB (warcraft), +6 (strength). Martial Arts for 1d20 Base Damage, +6 from Strength.

    Unarmed Dragon Form: +1 BAB (warcraft) +10 (strength), Martial Arts for 1d20 Base Damage +10 (strength).

    Now, Amber has two different special effects for her Martial Arts: in human form, she uses literal martial arts backed by her inhuman toughness and strength. In dragon form, she relies on her teeth and claws. Given that this makes no difference whatsoever in game terms, there’s no cost for this bit of characterization. That’s unlike a Spirit Weapon, where at least you can hope to confuse your enemies about what it corresponds to if you buy an unusual special effect.

  2. I have a question regarding page 163 in Eclipse: The Codex Persona: I’ve now encountered an abusive character (well, by the numbers, he doesn’t actually abuse his power) and would like to know what I can do without destroying it entirely.

    Now I’ve looked at the page and it said: “Explaining rationally […] better than smiting them without explaination.”

    Looking at the 10 “options” presented, however, the page doesn’t really tell me how to do just that: Option 1, 7 and 8 seem to be saying “Fuck you” pretty blandly, whereas 2, 4 and 5 seem to be able to backfire greatly and haven’t really shown the player where the problem is (he could lead the over-monster back to the party or the character to protect dies because of a natural 1).

    Reading the “explain rationally”-line, I rather expected more of the likes of option 3 (you are powerful, you just won’t get any stronger), option 6 (talking seems to solve such a disagreement rather smoothly) and option 9 (well, the last 2 lines at least imply that you aren’t trying to just screw others over out of what can easily described as (in my case and I’m sure in about 95% of the other cases) the DM’s incompetence (I’m fairly new, so I make my mistakes…).

    Also, should I consider option 10 after already having applied options that aren’t 3, 6 or 9? After all, it seems likely to me that there will be divine justice as soon as my character would enter the scene (especially fearing option 9 as justified revenge since his designs seem to outsmart me at given times…)

    A DM that would really like his group to not soon view him as vengeful monster^^°

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