Session 34: The Faerie Queen

   Back at the mansion, the White Necromancer returned from an astral excursion and was briefly confused by the battle traces, but got straightened out quickly enough. Catching up wasn’t that hard… Faerie was as chaotic as ever: duels with faerie knights, b-movie ninja, kidnaped princesses, cranky gnomes in the housing business, merchants buying and selling (The White Necromancer managed to trade off that incredibly infectious song that had been stuck in his head), and military fey with an insane confusion of passwords. Zachary – the demigodling hero groupie with the camera (and, as yet, no code name) – dived through a vortex at random and wound up in a Manticore’s lair. It apparently had eaten lots of previous kids and swallowed their souls – which wound up in Zachary’s possession when he managed to entrap it in a photograph. He eventually gave them to Titania, if only because he had no idea of what else to do with them.
   Meanwhile, the rest of them wound up negotiating with various fey to jump the audience line, since the White Necromancer could tell that the kids were nearby – and involved in a major spirit-magic ritual.
   Apparently Queen Titania was binding their souls to some of the fey… While this would incidently give them a bit of extra magical potential, the primary purpose was to let the Fey they were linked to “inherit” their souls when they eventually died. Instant reincarnation, and fey who would be truly a part of the human world.
   Unsure of what would be the heroic thing to do, the group eventually elected to not interfere, and simply took the kids home afterwards.
   Back at home, Dagger was waiting to ambush them. The battle was spectacular, but eventually ended in another sound thrashing for Dagger. That made what, 50 losses in a row? How could anyone take these people seriously any longer?
   Oh yes, that was right: no one did.


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