Secrets of the Sith – Biowarfare

   Self-reproducing biological weapons are, in many ways, the poor man’s Death Star. You can not only render a planet near-useless and virtually uninhabitable, but you can – with only a little luck – sucker your enemies into wasting vast amounts of resources on evacuating or attempting to salvage the place.

   Biowarfare organisms can be transported in a small ship, quietly smuggled in, and – quite often – can be released without even raising an alarm. Often, you can get away without anyone even being able to identify you – and once you’ve got some, restocking is cheap and easy.

   OK, they’re slow, and often get out of control, and sometimes counteragents can be found – but they are still terror weapons par excellance. Even the Sith don’t usually use many weapons in this category; such things are too easily turned back against your own domains. After all, once you release such a weapon, you’ve placed it in the hands of your enemies.

   Currently the characters are exploring a bioweapons facility established by an ocean-dwelling Sith Lord many centuries ago – and have found that, thanks to stasis-cells, an unknown number of the weapons and experimental subjects contained therein are still viable. Perhaps worse, the maintenence  and security drods have been using the production facilities to maintain the production facilities and themselves – and are still waiting and ready to follow out their ancient orders.

   Fortunately, they have managed to pull the basic layout. The constructing species likedwide, gently curving and branching tunnels (to allow for better water flow) and circular domed rooms – and saw no reason to change that simply because they were building deep underground. From a human’s point of view, the place is a semi-random tangle of huge round rooms with equipment scattered through them and curving and branching connecting corridors with a distinctly “organic” feel. The major rooms include:

  • 01) Entrance from Spaceport.
  • 02) Entrance from Lab Buildings.
  • 03) Security Room, Final Biocontainment.
  • 04) Decontamination Chamber.
  • 05) Biohazard Gear Storage.
  • 06) Internal Monitoring Room, Drone Control.
  • 07) Megafauna Prototype Evaluation / Combat Arena.
  • 08) Megafauna Prototype Pens.
  • 09) Test Subject Pens.
  • 10) Arena Control Room, Panic Room.
  • 11) Drone Storage and Maintenance.
  • 12) Microbiological Laboratory.
  • 13) Genetic Synthesis.
  • 14) Culturing and Storage.
  • 15) Test Animal Facilities.
  • 16) Monitoring Room, Bio-Isolation Control.
  • 17) Convenience Rooms (scattered off corridors and rooms. Unnoted, but common).
  • 18) Megafauna Cloning Systems.
  • 19) Support Systems: Food Synthesis, Life Support, Waste Reprocessing, Maintenance Drone Hangers, Workshops.
  • 20) Bioweapon Packaging, Biostasis Systems.
  • 21) Biofiltration and Anticontamination Systems.
  • 22) Staff Quarters.
  • 23) Break and Lunch Room.
  • 24) Test Subject / Prisoner Storage.
  • 25) Computer Services (With Backups, Backup Power, and Microelectronics Workroom).
  • 26) Primary Control, Evaluation and Analysis. Central Drone Control.
  • 27) Directors Escape Shuttle.
  • 28) Emergency Power Room.
  • 29) Special Projects (Force Weaponry).
  • 29a) Sith Guard Posts.
  • 30) Security Guard Quarters, including arsenal, interrogation room, and training room.
  • 31) Security Room, Final Biocontainment.
  • 32) Biosample Stasis Lockers.
  • 33) To Geothermal Power Plant / Sterilization Vent.
  • 34) Executive Entrance (to private shuttlepad).

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  2. […] Secrets of the Sith: Biowarfare and a description of an ancient Sith Bioweapons Lab […]

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