Star Wars – Hedi Master Groas

   Tian V was an agricultural world, with limited technology and a puritanical, and tightly-regulated culture. It wasn’t a good place to question the authority of the elders, to have visions, or to not fit in. It REALLY wasn’t a good place to be born a force-sensitive either; there was “training” of a sort available – but the life of a meditative monk or church inquisitor wasn’t what young Groas wanted out of life.

   Like many another untrained force-sensitive dealing with unwanted powers, Groas turned to self-medication to dull the perceptions he found hard to handle – and to mute the siren call of the dark side. Unlike most Hedi, however, he did so with no medical advice and in a culture that banned virtually all psychoactive substances.

   He took what he could get. Sadly, while the fumes of heated or burning “Harmony Grass” (the local name for Pillicorsi, a fairly widespread herbivore crop in the galaxy, and quite harmless when eaten) are psychoactive in his species, they’re not especially benign. They find the fumes horribly addictive. Worse, user’s tend to develop peculiar physical symptoms and mental damage. The authorities on Tian V actually have good reason to ban the stuff locally – but the traffic is nearly impossible to stop, given how widespread the stuff is in the galaxy.

   As a force-adept Groas is actually quite resistant to such difficulties – but Groas has been hitting the Harmony Grass hard for a very long time.

   Perhaps worse, Groas has carried over the authority-resentment of his youth; he’s distrustful of large organizations and any form of authority, and he’s convinced that anyone who tries to get him to use something other than his harmony grass is trying to drive him mad. He even has the Republic confused with the Elders of Tian V, and believes that the Republic is seeking to ban Harmony and has been trying to ban it for decades. The fact that he can buy the stuff by the bale in herbivore grocery stores has only convinced him that resistance to the authorities is widespread.

   Over the years, Groas has actually become a powerful Hedi Master – even if he does tend to rant a lot more than the usual mellow, tranquilized, Hedi.

   Currently Groas works for a traveling carnival group, nominally as a puppeteer. He never puts on an actual “show” since he regards attempts to get him to schedule a performance as authoritarian oppression, but he does wander about talking to his puppets – unconsciously animating them and even making them reply with the force. That’s quite an act by itself, and, added to Graos’s semi-random services as a physician, navigator, bouncer, and trouble-warning system, is more than enough to maintain his welcome with the company.

   Master Groas even has a following; his “act” is fairly random – but the puppets sometimes reveal precognitive visions, interesting secrets, or shrewd insights, perform impressive tricks, and are even fun to watch. Groas himself is even actively helpful sometimes, especially if you claim that you’re being oppressed somehow.

   Occasionally Groas will wander off from the carnival for a sabbatical (whether to “hunt for new material” or simply because a whim has stuck him), sometimes returning with an “apprentice” in tow. Master Groas has had quite a few “apprentices” over the decades – although whether or not he realizes that they’ve been different people is open to question. Sometimes they “graduate”, sometimes they leave or wander off, and sometimes Master Groas forgets about them and leaves them behind someplace. When he does finally remember, Groas will often go searching for them again – usually finding another hapless sensitive to take in.

   Most of them wind up taking something else of course; Harmony Grass has no particular effect on most of the species of the galaxy.

   Hedi Master Groas


  • Addicted to Harmony Grass, shows a variety of physical symptoms and various paranoid mental symptoms as noted above (-6).
  • Disorganized and confused (-3).


  • Force Master: Gains an intuitive starting die in each force skill, may spend his starting skill points on all three force skills, and has some ability to manipulate the coincidences that go with being an active force user. Force Masters are forever having convenient encounters, finding that prospective students drop out of the sky and almost land on top of them, and finding the people they need to find (9 Points).
  • Multiaction: Groas has a pool of four bonus dice which can be used each round to buy off multi-action penalties only. This usually shows up as his puppets helping him out. (6).
  • Tolerance: After decades of functioning with massive doses of drugs in his system, Groas is virtually impossible to drug, gaining a +3D bonus on all checks to resist such substances (3).
Dexterity 3D Dodge +2D, Melee +2D, Pistols +1D, Slight of Hand +4D
Perception 4D Alertness +4D, Con +3D, Performance/Puppets +6D, Persuasion +2D, Sense Motive +4D, Sneak +4D.
Knowledge 1D Bureaucracy +2D, Languages +4D,
Strength 3D Brawl +2D, Brawling Parry +1D, Carousing +3D, Swim +1D
Mechanical 2D Operate Ground Vehicles +2D
Technical 2D Computer +1D, First Aid +3D, Medicine +3D

 Force Skills:

  • Inner Control 8D
  • Force Sense 9D
  • Manipulation 8D

   Note that, as a self-medicating Hedi, Groas: 1) suffers a -1D penalty on all his actions, 2) suffers an additional -1D penalty on his force skills, and 3) cannot gain Dark Side points. Neither can he summon up the hostility to use any force power that would normally result in an automatic gain of one or more Dark Side points. (Full information on the Hedi can be found in their article, HERE).

Equipment: Money, Harmony Grass, Heater/Inhaler, Assorted Puppets, various minor items.

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  2. […] Hedi Master Groas, a Hedi with a bit of a problem […]

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