For today, a couple of announcements – first, Brian’s back online, so things should be getting back to normal there. Secondarily, the Champions game will be at the University of Tennessee Library starting about 7:00-7:30 tonight as usual. As for the progress on the cross-linking – well, I’m appending the current cross-link address table below. It’s not quite done yet, but if anyone wants to suggest additional categories or methods of organization, feel free.


Legend of the Five Rings

Asahina Ninsei
Neko Miyako
Tamori Kochige

Rokugan Area Map
Rokugan World Map

Toshi Ranbo Circa 1124
Toshi Ranbo Map
Character Objectives
Naga Forest Map Key
Alex’s Fief
Alex’s Fief Full Scale Map
Locating the Black Scrolls
Around Toshi Ranbo
Shigure: On Warfare
Shigure: On Administration
Ninseis Secret Diaries
Ninseis Secret Diaries
Lion Clan Politics
Compiled Earlier Sessions

d20 FA


Arnold Jeremyn
Benedict’s Homeworld
The Preatorian template
Adam, Praetorian Nightmare
+1 ECL Dragon Template
House of Roses Package Deal
Influential Reporter
Ithulsin the Outcast
Krell Psychic Adept Template
Jarvian Mitchell
Kevin: Character Sheet
Kevin: Contacts
Marty: Original Sheet
Marty: Character Sheet
Marty: Battling Business Regs
Marty: History and Contacts
NPC Listing
Neanderthal Template
“Pureblooded” Humans
Raphial Midwater
Terin Aderath

Federation Campaign Sheet
The Quantum Worlds
Federation Technology

Multiversal Personalities
Major Factions
Intro to Quantum Realities
Realms, Souls, and Mana

Common FA Gadgets
Small Arms
Effectors and Remotes
Medical Care
Mecha and Power Armor
Timeline Extensions
Identities and Wealth
Life in Core: People & Economy
Life in Core II: Wealth
Life in Core III: Law
Character Motivations
Skill and Purchase Benchmarks
Weapon Benchmarks
Star Wars and Jedi Powers
Core Psitech
Flit, Orb, and Starship Shields
Battlemech Conversions
Orb Stats and Singular Tech

FA Log

Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Session 5
Session 6
Session 7
Session 8
Session 9
Sessions 10-11
Sessions 12-13
Session 14
Session 15
Shandar: The Fallen World
Starting Areas
Ironwinds Campaign
Arith Lewauken
Julius Gaius Maximus
Xaliotl (d20)

Atheria Character Design Sheet
Atherian Glossary
History of Atheria
The Ritual of Naming

Amber the Dragon Sorceress
Charles Stevenson
Kristin Stanwell
Matthew, Paladin-Archer

Campaign Character Design Sheet
d20 General

Eclipse Power Packages
The Celestial Martial Arts
Mecha Design System
Building the Warlock
Incarnum Weilders
Khamsin The Wanderer
+1 ECL Lesser Outsider Template
Raven: Sheet and Wyld Magic Template:
Raven: History
Raven, Friends and Allies

Practical Enchanter Staff Review
3.5 Races for Eclipse
Eclipse Web Expansion One
Exotic Martial Arts
Bright Blades Recruiting Poster
Medevial Price List
Dark Ages Worldviews
Weapon Benchmarks



Angel Template
The Bane Mummies
The Darkmage
Das Impetus
Telekinetic Constructs
Kristin Stanwell
Local Villagers
Mystic Ninja Template
Das Ubermensch
Zoe Zann
Zachary Zann

Nithi, Serpent Familiar

Explosive Benchmarks
Superheroic Law
The Obsidian Claw
Superheroic Answers
Artifacts of Darkness
Compiled Earlier Sessions

Session 11
Session 12
Session 13
Session 14
Session 15
Sessions 16-17
Session 17 Coda
Session 18
Session 19
Session 20
Session 21
Session 22
Session 23
Session 24
Session 25
Session 26-27 (?)
Sessions 28-29
Session 30
Sessions 31-32
Session 33
Session 34
Other Games

Useful Exotics

BESM: Zhao Shou Lung
El-Hazard Timeline
BESM Templates and Relics
Marvel: Dark Futures
Marvel Dark Futures Characters
Marvel: Kriegspiel & Kalrith
Base Packages
Skills and Talents


Iuri’s Colonization Progress
Iuri’s Tale


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