The Knights of Hades

   The Knights of Hades are the cursed spirits of noble knights, paladins, and other mighty warriors who. once dedicated to the forces of light. turned from that allegiance and swore themselves to darkness and destruction for reasons of affronted pride, unrequited lust, or blind wrath – and who then perished without renouncing that goal, or admitting that it was unjustified, despite knowing of their coming doom.

   Few mortal warriors are powerful, prideful, and frustrated enough to qualify – and those few are greatly valued by the powers of darkness. By virtue of their embracing both evil and death, they can be returned to the material planes as Undead, still possessed of much of their mortal powers (along with their new powers as powerful undead) – rather than having to wait to be summoned as easily-banished Outsiders.

   Knight of Hades Template:

Greater Undead Package (64 CP/+2 ECL).

   All of these effects are Specialized: the user becomes an undead horror, seeks to prey on the living, becomes vulnerable to being Turned (Channeling), and will find it essentially impossible to turn away from evil without dying. This does mean that a couple of the defenses are double-specialized, but – in this case – the effects don’t overlap, and so I’ll give permission for that.

  • No Constitution score (0 CP). Includes immunity to ability damage (including all poisons), ability drain, energy drain, and effects requiring fortitude saves unless they work on objects or are harmless. Does not breathe, eat, or sleep, cannot tire, and can move, work, or remain alert indefinitely. They cannot be Raised or Reincarnated and are instantly destroyed at 0 HP.
  • Negative Energy Metabolism (0 CP): Undead are healed and enhanced by negative energy and harmed or hindered by positive energy, instead of the reverse. As a side effect, they regain 10 HP whenever they would normally suffer a negative level, but treat Positive Levels as negative levels.
  • Finesse (3 CP): May substitute their (Cha Mod) for their (Con Mod) when calculating hit points and related effects such as concentration checks.
  • Immunity to things which affect biological processes (Very Common/Major/Epic, Corrupted: cannot heal naturally, must use other special abilities, 15 CP). This includes paralysis, stunning damage, nonlethal damage, diseases, death effects, critical hits, and most necromancy effects.
  • Immunity to all mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, and morale effects) (Common/Major/Legendary, Corrupted/the user loses all but vague memories of most positive emotions, 12 CP).
  • Occult Sense/Darkvision (3 CP).
  • Damage Reduction 5/-, Specialized/only versus physical attacks for Double Effect (10/-), Corrupted/not versus Magical Weapons (4 CP)
  • Immunity to Energy Attacks. That’s Very Common, Major, Great/60 Points, Specialized and Corrupted/only works against cold and electricity (5 CP).
  • Leadership: Greater Undead normally have other undead – or infernal – followers (3 CP).
  • Imbuement with the Improved and Superior modifiers/unarmed variant (9 CP). The touch of the Undead can have a variety of effects depending on how powerful they are.
  • +4 Turn Resistance (4 CP).
  • Defender, Specialized for Double Effect (+2xLevel/5 rounded down Natural Armor, 6 CP).

   This sub-package is suitable for any character who wants to be undead. Just apply it as a +2 ECL acquired template and get some way to heal your injuries…

   Knight of Hades Upgrades

(over the Greater Undead package):

   Knights of Hades add the following items to the basic Greater Undead Package, leaving them subject to the same limitations. This does require that the limitations be upgraded a bit though; the Knights of Hades are major champions of the Dark Powers – and so their activities draw a constant stream of attacks, interventions, and opposition from good churches, higher powers, and other powerful creatures of good.

   Infernal Leadership Package (+35 CP):

  • +4 Charisma (Half cost in a Template, 12 CP).
  • Unholy Might: Augmented Bonus/adds (Cha Mod) to (Str Mod) for the purposes of combat and other applications of brute force (3 CP).
  • Presence/Aura of Cause Fear (3 CP).
  • Spell Resistance 10 + Level (6 CP).
  • Grant of Aid with +12 Bonus Uses, Specialized/only heals hit point damage (6 CP).
  • Upgrade Turn Resistance to Immunity to Turning (Common, Severe, Major, +2 CP).
  • Returning. Unless you take care to entrap a Knight of Hades soul when you destroy it, or chase it back to the lower planes and disrupt it there, they tend to come back (3 CP).
  • Major Privilege/can confirm Witchcraft Pacts and swear followers to the Powers of Darkness (3 CP).

   Infernal Command Package (58 CP):

   Newly-recruited Knights of Hades are generally powerful warriors, but usually lack the ability to cast, or effectively counter, spells. To counter this weakness, they are granted the direct command over magical energies. That doesn’t give them any particularly sophisticated effects to call on, but it certainly gives them a variety of options.

  • Inherent Spells: 12xL1 (12 CP), 8x L2 (15 CP), 8x L3 (17 CP), 8x L4 (17 CP), and 8x L5 (17 CP). All Specialized and Corrupted: Only usable to power Theurgy, immediate commands only, blatantly displays the user’s nature when used via a burst of infernal energies (incidentally negating any attempt at stealth), attracts the notice of various powers of light. Caster Level = User’s Level, Save DC is Charisma based. Net cost: 26 CP.
  • Metamagic/Easy and Metamagic/Elemental Manipulation with the Fast modifier and four levels of Streamline, all Specialized and Corrupted/Only works to Quicken his spells and to change the damage of damage-causing spells to Profane/Negative Energy damage, requires the patronage of the greater powers of the lower planes, who WILL demand regular services and offerings, must possess – and prominently display – a very expensive (2500 GP+) bejeweled unholy symbol to gain this enhancement (14 CP).
  • Mastery x2/all Theurgy Verb Skills, Specialized for Double Effect (may “Take 20”)/Immediate commands only: No long-term enchantments, duration spells, triggered or waiting effects, etc (12 CP).
  • Augmented Bonus/adds (Cha Mod) to all Theurgy Skills (6 CP). Note that it requires a Cha Mod of at least +3 to use fourth level effects and of at least +5 to use fifth level effects.
  • Reflex Action with +8 Bonus Uses, Specialized and Corrupted/only for Theurgy, only allows a single spell to be cast despite the Quickening effect (6 CP).

   That gives our Knights of Hades a total template cost of 160 CP – in +4 ECL territory. If you’re converting a character into a Knight of Hades in Eclipse, simply add that to his or her racial package, eliminate any overlapping or conflicting elements (such as a Constitution bonus or Penalty), and see what you wind up with.

   If you start with a normal human though, you’ll still wind up with a +4 ECL modifier.

4 Responses

  1. Love it! Can’t wait for the Actual Character Write-up. HAPPY HALLOWEEN folks!

  2. […] ECL Greater Undead Template and +4 ECL Knight of Hades Template. For when you really want some horrors running […]

  3. […] ECL Greater Undead Template and +4 ECL Knight of Hades Template. For when you really want some horrors running […]

  4. […] The Knights Of Hades get “Returning. Unless you take care to entrap a Knight of Hades soul when you destroy it, or chase it back to the lower planes and disrupt it there, they tend to come back (3 CP).” Usually their dread masters send Knights Of Hades back when they’ve got a job for them, but sometimes they just come back on their own to spread havoc. As a rule, they tend to re-appear in some ancient crypt or torture chamber or other noisome location at midnight during the dark of the moon or some such – but that’s mostly just a flare for the dramatic. […]

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