USS Charleston

   The USS Charleston is one of the silliest d20 Point-Buy designs that our players have ever come up with – especially for a campaign where most of the action took place inland. Still, it is a nice illustration of just how far Eclipse: The Codex Persona (also available in a Shareware Edition Here) will stretch.


CL-56 Cruiser, Level Eight

   Cruiser Racial Bonuses: (+4 ECL): 5 levels of Growth (Str +40, Con +20, Dex Sp, only affected by area-effect attacks, -24 on Stealth Skills and Knockback, 1d100 damage per 10′ fallen, base AC 30, no reach. Corrupted/Realistic: character weighs about 10,000 Tons, requires massive amounts of fuel, can’t get into buildings, breaks through floors, can’t use most equipment, and is too large for most helpful spells to work. 148 CP), No Con Score (must be repaired instead of healing, immune to ability damage and drain, energy drain, effects which require fortitude saves, can’t tire, does not sleep, instantly destroyed at 0 HP), but gains bonus HP for size (+240 HP at Mountainous, 12 CP), Water Vehicle (Celerity, Additional Movement Mode, Swim 40 and +8 on Swim checks, Specialized: Surface Movement Only, 10 CP), Disadvantages: Easily Recognized, Considered Property (-6 CP), net 164 CP.

   Disadvantages: Dependent (oxygen atmosphere and fuel or cannot move), Irreverent, and Valuable (+10 CP), Restrictions: No land, air, or submersible movement possible, can only talk with bridge/OIC, no limbs, no spellcasting, no psychic powers, needs a crew to fire weapons and provide support (+6 CP/Level), plus 120 CP (L4 base) = 154 CP.

   Level Based Bonuses: L1 and L3 Feats, L4 Attribute Bonus (+1 Int).

Basic Attributes

  • Strength 54 +22

  • Dexterity 12* +3

  • Constitution — —

  • Intelligence 14 +2

  • Wisdom 16 +3

  • Charisma 13 +1

   *No fine manipulation or dexterity-based skills possible. Reflex saves only apply against effects operating on a similar scale.


Saves: Reflex +0 (+1 Total, 0 CP), Fortitude N/A, Will +4 (+7 Total, 12 CP).

Warcraft +2 BAB (Specialized: Ramming Only, 6 CP)

Hit Dice: L1 d20 (16 CP), L2-4 d4 (0 CP). 269 HP after construct size bonuses.

Move: 30

Initiative: +1

Armor Class: 30 (Base) + 1 (Dex) = 31

Proficiencies: None. Has no limbs.

Languages (2): English and Scrambled Radio

Basic Costs: 34 CP

Usual Weapons

  • 8 x 6 Inch Guns: 6d8 to a 20′ Radius OR 4d8+2 to a 10′ Radius AP. 600′ Range Increment. Gargantuan Weapon.
  • 16 x 3 Inch Guns (x12): 3d8 to a 10′ Radius. 400′ Range Increment. Huge Weapon.
  • 8 x 40 MM AA Gun: 4d8, 500′ Range Increment. Large Weapon

  • 12 x 20 MM AA Gun: 3d6, 400′ Range Increment. Medium Weapon.

  • 4 x Depth Charge: 4d8, 30′ Radius. Huge Weapon.

   Note that all weapons are crew-served, and most of the crew will have a +1 or +2 BAB, not counting the +2 bonus for Imbuement – although a couple of them may cooperate on each gun to try for assistance bonuses. They are also subject to target size adjustments, hence the chance of directly hitting anything small and evasive with a big gun is pretty poor. Of course, the chances of hitting another ship aren’t all that bad. Secondarily, these are EQUIPMENT, not personal powers, and thus are subject to damage, malfunction, ammunition requirements, limited fields of fire, and local conditions.


Other Abilities: (120 CP + 2 bonus Feats = 132 CP).

  •    Radar/Sonar: Improved LOS Occult Sense, Corrupted: provides no details, 8 CP (360′ “darkvision”).

  •    Vehicle Armor: Damage Reduction 20/-, also affects energy damage. Specialized: does not work against critical hits, half value against armor-piercing ammunition (37 CP). (AP Ammo does 1/3 less damage and halves its radius of effect).

  •    Crew: Leadership with Strength in Numbers and Horde modifiers. L4 captain, L3 first officer, 5x L2 individuals, numerous L1 sailors and marines to make up a total compliment of nearly 1000, 12 CP).

  •    Warship: Privilege/free access to heavy military gear (Corrupted: only while in national service, 4 CP). (Note that, like most privileges, this is geographically restricted. It only works on the user’s home world).

  •    Technological Triumph (Spell and Power resistance at [Level+10], 24 CP).

  •    Imbuement/Big Guns: The ship weapons gain a +2 to Hit and Damage (Improved, Superior, Multiple x4 (up to 24 weapons at a time), 30 CP). (The crew has no way to explain this, although they’ve probably never noticed it at all. “Multiple” isn’t listed, but seems reasonable: the base is up to two weapons, +3 CP per additional doubling).

  •    Special Equipment: Innate Enchantment (5000 GP value/6 CP): Radio (Message. Has a greatly extended range, but the recipient must have special equipment and be actively listening, 1000 GP), Compass (Detect North, 1000 GP), Smoke (Obscuring Mist, 2000 GP), and Floodlights (Light, 1000 GP).


Available Skill Points:

   11 CP +5 SP (Intelligence) = 16 SP. Swim: 6 SP + 22 (Str) + 8 (Celerity) = +36, Knowledge/Geography (Maps): 2 SP + 1 (Int) = +3, Spot: 4 SP + 3 (Wis) = +7, Decipher Script (Code Books): 2 SP + 2 (Int) = +4, and Listen: 1 SP + 3 (Wis) = +4. Speciality: Current National Codes (1 SP).

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5 Responses

  1. Yep, the silliest thing I ever thought up isn’t it ?

  2. Well, it really didn’t work well in a land-based non-technical campaign – and given that everything was run by the crew, it wouldn’t have been very interesting to play.

  3. Per request, here’s a breakdown on how the USS Charleston got its save and attack bonuses:

    Reflex Save +0 (purchased) +1 (dexterity). No matter how unreasonable that sounds, sometimes it turns enough so that an attack is partially deflected from the armor.

    Fortitude Save: Not applicable. This character was built using the “No Attribute” option and has no constitution score.

    Will Save: +4 (purchases) +3 (wisdom).

    Ramming: +2 BAB (purchased Warcraft) +22 (strength). Damage technically 1d4+22 over a sizable area. We’d allow a doubled-up strength bonus on an all-out ram, making it 1d4+44, but that’s purely a house rule. In practice, of course, the Charleston would only be overrunning or ramming another ship, and the base damage would be done to most of those aboard it.

    Eclipse did not actually include size-based hit points for characters of above colossal size using the “no constitution” option. Honestly, we didn’t think they were playable (in fact, I suspect that the Charleston really isn’t), so we just extrapolated one for the player. If there’s any demand I’ll make and post a quick table.

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