The Red Knights of Iskarin – Serrulan

   The wilderness at the edge of the world was a wild and dangerous place; the storms and creatures that walked the realms of beyond intruded often into the worlds of men. No ordinary settlement could endure there for long – yet the lands could not be left unguarded; if the creatures remained too long in the mortal world, they would attain their full power – and even the most strongly-held cities would be safe no longer.

   The Rangers walked the edge of the world – and walked the interior lands as well, when creatures slipped past the borders, or when warnings needed to be carried. In either case, other adventurers always made the best friends and allies – and possible recruits for the rangers later on.

   Serrulan joined the Red Knights in a series of monster hunts – and has continued to accompany them in their adventures since. Unlike the rest, he’s the only one who actually adheres to a heroic archetype, and thus is the only one who has a package deal.

   Serrulan also neatly demonstrates one of the major aspects of the Twilight Isles; the characters are starting off with a great deal of power – but, while they will improve in endurance and flexability, and gain more control, their major abilities and powers aren’t likely to change all that much over the course of the campaign. They’re starting at level two, and will probably still be quite recognizable several years from now at level ten. If you want a different power curve, that’s what the Campaign Options checklist is for.


   Level Two Thunder Dwarf (Air Affinity) Wilds Ranger

  • Rolled Attributes: Str 13, Dex 13, Con 16, Int 15, Wis 15, and Cha 12.
  • Race-Modified Attributes: Str 13 (+1), Dex 20 (+5), Con 16 (+3), Int 15 (+2), Wis 15 (+2), and Cha 16 (+3).
  • Secondary Attributes: Inherent Power 8, Generic Spell Levels 5, and Mana 5.

   Available Character Points: 72 (level two base) +6 (level one Feat) +10 (three disadvantages; History, Irreverent, Compulsive/Monster-Slayer) +2 (Duties to the Rangers) = 90 CP.

   Package Deal: Worlds-Edge Ranger (Free).

  • Imbuement/Bows (6 CP).
  • Immunity/the need to have cover or concealment to use the Hide skill (Common, Minor, Minor, Specialized/only while in natural terrain, 2 CP).
  • Immunity/the inability to hide while under direct observation (Common, Minor, Minor, Specialized/only while in natural terrain, 2 CP).
  • Immunity/Running out of arrows (Common, Minor, Trivial, 2 CP).

   The Worlds-Edge Rangers are the guardians of the world, the first line of defense against the powers of darkness and chaos. If they fail in their guardianship, there will be another full-scale war against the powers beyond the rim of the world.

   That will not happen until the last of the Rangers has fallen – something that has happened before and which will surely happen again, which is why the order of Rangers has been re-established at least four times. Still, it need not happen NOW – and as long as they fight well enough, it need never be NOW.

   Basic Purchases (60 CP):

  • Proficient with All Simple and Martial Weapons (9 CP), and Light Armor (3 CP).
  • +11 Skill Points (11 CP).
    • Net Total Skill Points: 10 (Int) +11 (Purchased) = 21.
  • Fortitude +3 (+3 Con)
  • Reflex +5 (+5 Dex)
  • Will +2 (+2 Wis).
  • Hit Points: 20 (L1, d20, 16 CP) +10 (L2, d10, 6 CP) +16 (Racial Bonus HD) + (4 x Con Mod) = 58 HP.
  • BAB +2 (12 CP), additional +1 only with Bows (3 CP)

   Combat Notes:

  • Armor Class 10 (base) +4 (Armor, Shimmermail) +5 (Dex) +2 (Natural) = 21.
  • Initiative +5 (Dex) +4 (Racial, Improved Initiative) = +9
  • Move 30′ with Acrobatics and Light Foot. Takes no damage from falls.
  • Ranged Attacks +7 (+2 BAB +5 Dex).
  • Melee Attacks +3 (+2 BAB +1 Str), +1 Damage (Str).
  • Longbow: +13/+13/+8 (+6 BAB +3 Martial Art +5 Dex +1 Magic -2 Rapid Shot), 2d10+2 (+1 Magic +1 Str), Range Increment 150′, Crit 20/x3.

   Once Serrulan becomes used to his new powers as a Thunder Dwarf, he’ll probably keep a couple of archery-enhancing spells and a passive “sonar” spell running continuously.

   Special Abilities (30 CP):

  • Fast Learner, Specialized for Double Effect in Skills, Corrupted/Points automatically go to his Adept skills, keeping them at the maximum (+2 SP/Level, 4 CP).
  • Adept (6 CP). Half cost on the Hide, Listen, Spot, and Survival skills.
  • Luck with +2 Bonus Uses, Specialized/only for defensive rolls (4 CP).
  • Luck with +2 Bonus Uses, Specialized/only for use with skill and attribute checks (4 CP).
  • Luck with +2 Bonus Uses, Specialized/only for attacks (4 CP).
  • Reflex Action/Three Extra Actions per Day Variant, Specialized/only for attacking (3 CP).
  • Track (Wilderness) 3 CP.
  • Create Relic, Specialized and Corrupted/archery-related relics only, requires days, a great deal of the user’s own blood, and special woods and materials to suit the relic (GM’s judgement) (2 CP).
  • Original Wealth Level: Poor/+4 to Craft/Woodworker, +2 to Bluff and +2 to Gather Information. +2 SP to spend on Profession, Craft, Bluff, or Gather Information.
  • Current Wealth Level: Common (0 CP), Effectively Well-Off due to racial bonus: May use three charms and one talisman. Currently uses an Elfin Cloak, Elfin Rope, Journeybread, and Shimmer Mail.

   Relic/Heart Bow (4 CP).

  • Far Shot, Specialized/only with the relic-bow (3 CP).
  • +3 BAB, Specialized/only with Bows (9 CP).
  • Martial Arts/Increased 1d8 base damage on Bows to 2d10 (12 CP).


Skills: SP Base Att Bonuses Net
Bluff 1 +1 +3 +2W +6
Climb 1 +1 +1   +2
Craft/Woodworker 1 +1 +2 +4W +7
Escape Artist 1 +1 +5   +6
Gather Information 1 +1 +3 +2W +5
Handle Animal 1 +1 +3   +4
Heal 5 +5 +2   +7
Hide Sp +5 +5 +4M* +14
Knowledge/Nature 1 +1 +2 +2Sy +5
Knowledge/Geography 1 +1 +2   +3
Listen Sp +5 +2   +7
M. Art/Feathered Winds 2 +2 +5   +7
Move Silently 5 +5 +5   +10
Ride 1 +1 +5   +6
Spot Sp +5 +2   +7
Survival Sp +5 +2   +7
Swim 1 +1 +1   +2
Use Rope 1 +1 +5 +4M +10

   *Additional +3 if standing still or in natural terrain, additional +6 if both apply.

   Feathered Winds Techniques Known (4): +3 Attack, Rapid Shot

   Thunder Dwarf Racial Summary (+0 ECL Race)

  • May use Charms, Talismans, and up to four character points worth of Relics.
  • +2d8 bonus level one hit dice.
  • 60′ Darkvision
  • All their spells with non-instantaneous durations last for twenty-four hours.
  • +4 bonus on saves against Poison, Sleep, Paralysis, and Stunning effects.
  • Eat, sleep, drink, breathe, and age, at only one-half the usual rate.
  • Automatically gain Create Item (select type) with Harvest of Artifice, Specialized/only usable to create items related to their elemental theme.
  • +1 bonus to their effective Wealth Level.
  • Universal (affects both physical and energy attacks) DR 3/-.
  • Are always tied to a specific “Thunder” – one of the eight (Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Spirit, Life, Death, and Magic) elemental powers of the Twilight Seas. Which is determined at birth.
  • May invoke their affinity eight times per day, producing an effect based on that element of up to three, binding such a spell into a potion or talisman triggered by some simple action for later use at the cost of (Spell Level x Caster Level x 2) XP and having to find the right ingredients, or invoking a defensive or self-enhancing effect based on the element of up to level two as a swift action.
  • Can sense and analyze items and occult energies within their elemental affinity.
  • Gain a +4 bonus on checks closely related to their elemental affinities – appraising or crafting an appropriate item, searching for a relevant effect, or trying to analyze an appropriate magic.
  • Can communicate with elemental spirits of the appropriate type.
  • May inflict 1d6 lethal damage unarmed and are never considered unarmed.
  • Other abilities depending on elemental affinity – including a couple of minimum attributes. If the initial value is below the one listed, raise it to the listed value.
Base 20 16 NA Special Abilities
Air Dex Cha +2 Acrobatics with Light Foot, +4 Improved Initiative, Takes no damage from falls.
Earth Str Con +6 No additional special abilities.
Fire Dex Int +2 Fire Resistance 30, Produce Flame at will, Improved Initiative +4, Lunge (+5′ Reach).
Water Con Str +4 Swim 30′, Elemental Resistance 5.
Spirit Wis Cha +2 Spirit Sight, Spirit Speech, Witchcraft I and access to The Shamans Way magical path.
Life Cha Con +2 Improved Healing Touch with Switch, Negative Energy Resistance 12/+4 on relevant saves.
Magic Int Dex +2 +2d6 Mana, Rite of Chi with +4 Bonus Uses.
Death Con Str +4 +4d6 Sneak Attack.

   On the downside:

  • Local environmental conditions affect their moods and general condition.
  • They must make fortitude saves against Dispel and Anti-magical effects to resist being stunned for 1d4 rounds.
  • They are easily detected by senses such as Detect Magic or elemental detections.
  • -10 base movement. This is not cumulative with the effects of armor and encumbrance.
  • They can only tolerate carrying (Con) “points” worth of standard magic items. The value of any given item is up to the game master. As a rule, low-level single-charge items are little trouble (several to the point), spell storing items are only moderately troublesome (1-2 points), and permanently-active personal enhancement items are very troublesome (2+ points)). Annoyingly enough, this limit also affects temporary external spells – although their short-term nature means that the limit is increased by the user’s (Con Mod).

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