The Company of Kardeon

   Here we have another sample Party Template – this time one suited for new recruits to an established group and one on the verge of becoming a standard Package Deal.

   Originally, the Company of Kardeon was a footloose band of high-powered adventurers, like so many others – but a series of wars, and being placed in charge of several border towns, changed that. The dozen or so members of the original Company took personal charge of the veteran troops and became the command-and-support structure of a considerably larger company. While this spread their training and techniques thin – taking the minimum level from twelve or so down to two – it also ensured that their party template wouldn’t die with the later dissolution of their original company. Their original template is now well on it’s way to “Package Deal” status – and isn’t a bad one, as it’s at the twelve-point limit for such bonuses.

   The Company of Kardeon now functions as a mercenary company, and has about six hundred members. They still only accept combat veterans and noncombatants with demonstrated special abilities in support roles – effectively demanding a minimum level of two.

  • Ergo, their lowest-level member is level two.
  • The traditions of the Company demand that they stick with their contracts. They usually include a few escape clauses to cover pulling out of catastrophes, but this is still a form of the “Compulsive” disadvantage.
  • The company is widely know as a bunch of ruthless, cutthroat, mercenaries, as well as a haven for thieves, murderers, and vicious madmen. That isn’t entirely deserved – but it isn’t entirely unfounded either. Still, quite a few of the nobles, and more fastidious or ethical factions, want nothing to do with any member of the Company – a form of the “Outcast” disadvantage.
  • The company avenges betrayals ruthlessly, and does not put up with being shortchanged, exploited, or abused. In their view, if you let anyone get away with that kind of thing, you’re asking for it to happen over and over and over again. Whether in great matters or small, the members of the Company do their best to ensure that no one ever gets away with doing anything like that to any other member of the Company – a form of the “Obligations” disadvantage that isn’t always welcome. Occasionally even members of the Company would rather forgive and forget.

   That gives them the afore-mentioned 12 CP to spend.

  • The members of the company are all trained in using various poisons safely – although not in the techniques needed to actually make their own (Poison Use, Corrupted/does not cover making poisons, 4 CP).
  • As a military group they gain the Legionary ability – providing them with bonuses to their AC, Attacks, and Reflex Saves as long as they’re working together. Unlike the Forest Stalkers, their training is general enough to let them work with other legionaries – but they’re only trained with the company-issued armor and weapons, a Corruption they’ll have to overcome later if they want to branch out a bit (4 CP).
  • Finally, they’re trained in parrying; not being hit in the first place is a lot better than relying on a cleric being handy. Sadly, they’re only trained in blocking with their primary weapons again, and will have to spend a few of their own character points if they want to generalize the ability (Block/Melee, Corrupted/only while wielding one of the standard company weapons, 4 CP).

   The Company of Kardeon “party” template is an excellent practical package for a mercenary fighter, even if it is better adapted to larger groups than most parties. Still, if you want a military campaign – perhaps with the characters undertaking special missions – a group could do far worse than to sign up with the Company. They wouldn’t be official members of the company, or get the package, until they hit level two – but most people start as trainees anyway.

   As noted, this particular template is rapidly turning into a package deal – from whence it may turn into a standard piece of training, and perhaps, eventually, into a common first level build – to spawn new builds, groups, and party templates of it’s own. In Eclipse, things can be built in a lot of ways, and templates, package deals, and “classes” can all evolve over time. 

For those wanting to build things of their own, the character-point rules are to be found in Eclipse: The Codex Persona – available in print HERE and in a shareware .pdf version HERE.

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