Exalted – The Trappings of Gilgamesh

Still catching up, here are two additional pieces of Raksha Grace Magic and a couple of amusingly stylized shaping weapons – in this case some things that belong to Leon, Charles’s accidental Raksha Emanation (who may be taking on the role of Gilgamesh – “returning from a quest that didn’t fail after all to interfere once more in the middle east”).

Syldian, the Hammer of Wyld Judgement, Scepter of Rulership (Artifact/Treasure ***, 1 Mote to Attune).

In it’s true form Syldian is a hammer or mace, forged of silver with a massive head of radiant emerald and inscribed with the symbols of judgement and the four virtues inlaid in gold – but it can appear as a cane or similar item, most often as a royal scepter.

In a way, it’s a primal one. A “scepter” is basically an ornamented hammer or mace – both of which are more elaborate versions of an ornamented club or “Talking Stick”. The symbolism of such things hasn’t changed in tens of thousands of years. It’s “It is my turn to talk. You will listen or I get to smack you in the head”.

OK, when you get to early civilizations – such as Assyria, Babylon, and Egypt – that message turns into “It is ALWAYS my turn to talk, and you WILL LISTEN or I will smash your skull” – but the basic idea was pretty much the same as it was originally. It was just that Kings were a lot more absolute about their privileges than tribal chieftains were.

Syldian is an emblem of personal rulership. It stands for a god-kings divine right of command, for judgement informed by personal virtue rather than by law or tradition, and for both the rights AND the obligations of power and heroism – for the privileges of the great are paid for in blood spent in defense of the lesser.

  • One Hearthstone Socket (Free).
  • May cosmetically disguise itself as a cane, scepter, or similar item (Class-0).
  • Heroic Block: Can subtract three levels, to a minimum of zero, from the final damage the user takes from any effect up to three times per scene – albeit only once per effect. If this reduces said damage to zero, any secondary effects of the attack are likewise blocked. This will not, however, stack with other “walkaway” effects (Class-0 Fortune Effect).
  • “Perfect” (Class-A). Yes, “Perfect” gear has been removed from the system. That’s why this is an artifact power now.
  • +1 Rate (Class-A).
  • +2 Damage (Class-A).
  • +2 Accuracy (Class-A).
    • Net Attributes: Uses the base for a Hammer, which gives it a total of Speed 5, Accuracy +3, Damage +12B/3, Defense +1, Rate 4, Tags O, P.
  • Indestructible save by very special measures even when unattuned. Fully indestructible when attuned (Class-A).
  • Returns when thrown (Class-A).
  • Self-Powered: Attunement cost is reduced to one mote, Class-A).
  • Bane of Iron: Thaumaturgical Power (Alchemical Transmutation; Cold Iron to a suitable modern steel alloy. Fast (+5D), Farm-Sized Area (+3D), Opposed Essence Check to resist (Standard), Increased Mass Affected (+5D). At D13, this is a Class-B Power, normally affecting unattended iron automatically and attended iron if the user wins an essence roll-off.
  • Heart of Virtue: The user cnanot be stripped of, or forced to expend, his or her final channel in any virtue (Class-B).
  • Mirror of the Self: When the user rolls to recover will each morning, he or she recovers an equal number of virtue channels (Class-B).
  • Aura of Command: The user may communicate with up to five targets at very high speed – reducing Long Ticks to Standard Ticks, although those who wish to resist may deploy mental defenses and/or resist with an essence roll-off. This is, after all, only thaumaturgy – to be more specific, Class-B Telepathy.

Artifact Design: Power 5, Usefulness 4, Plot Impact 2, Script Immunity 1, Drawbacks 0. Net Artifact Rating = 12/4 = ***.

The Heart Of The Kingdom (Oneiromancy *, 3 Motes to Attune):

This immaterial Oneiromancy wraps the user in an aura of authority – drawing in mortals like moths to a flame. A Raksha using this potent spell will become a major social figure, gathering an entourage as naturally as a superjovian planet gathers moons…

  • Assumption of the Person’s Heart (1): The Heart Of The Kingdom is an emotional aura that wraps itself around the user.
  • Adored by All the World (2): Gain Allies or Followers.
  • Naming of Secrets (2): Gain Contacts
  • Unlimited Resplendence (2): Gain Backing, Influence, or Resources.
  • Gladdening Visage (1): You appear to be a normal part of Creation.
  • Untouchable Performer Technique (1): Unnatural Mental Influence cannot raise the populace against you.
  • Mad God Mien (1). The Heart Of The Kingdom is unaffected by countermagic.

The Heart Of The Kingdom is simple, functional, and efficient – basically providing a fairly complete package of social benefits for a mere three committed motes.

 The Storm-Kings Banner (Shaping Weapon/Exceptional Hazard):

  • As a Sword-Shaping Weapon: Speed 5, Accuracy +3, Damage +4, Defense +0, and Rate 3. If evoked into Creation it imposes an external penalty of (the owners essence) on creation-born trapped within it.
  • In Leon’s case his Banner generally manifests as an anima – a mighty Fire-Lion or Ki-Rin, woven around him in a terrifying, blazing, animalistic, display of light and fire. When evoked into Creation this follows the usual rules for evoked Hazards – inflicting an external environmental penalty equal to Leon’s essence on creation-born caught in the blinding radiance, stifling heat, and buffeting winds.

The Can of Beer (Shaping Weapon/Exceptional Hazard )

  • As a Sword-Shaping Weapon: Speed 5, Accuracy +3, Damage +3, Defense +2, and Rate 2. If evoked into Creation it imposes an external penalty of (the owners essence) on creation-born trapped within it. OK, it’s an extremely PLEASANT external penalty… but it will still make actually doing anything pretty much impossible for any normal person.
  • While the aspect will change a bit depending on how you evoke it, this wild party will always involve beer and food being dropped in via helicopter, many beautiful young women and various handsome men, music, and so on. Unfortunately, this is extremely distracting. Fortunately, even if evoked in an aspect of Death, the worst that this particular hazard will produce is a bunch of gloomily-partying goths.

And yes, I found those commercials amusing.

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  2. […] The Trappings of Gilgamesh: Syldian the Hammer of Wyld Judgement, the Heart of the Kingdom, the Storm-Kings Banner, and the Can of Beer. […]

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