Kira Keldav Background – Families of Friends

   Here we have another segment from Kira’s player – who, having spare time on his hands, has been coming up with quite a lot of material lately.

   The Olath Family

   The Olath Clan of “Junk Planet Wars” and “Pimp My Droid” fame have a long history of tinkering and engineering. Loving to get their hands dirty and finding unusual parts is a central aspect of their lives. Members of the clan have been involved in many Republic engineering projects in recent years.

   The Alderaan branch of the family was a large one by most standards. Most people in Crevasse City could claim to know at least one Olath in their list of acquaintances. Nathan was simply the youngest of five children in his immediate family with a large number of first and second cousins.

   Nathan unusually chooses to hang out with friends as opposed to family during most of his free-time. Nathan also went against the norm for an Olath by choosing to specialize in software of all things. While Nathan receives occasional razzing over this, the clan ultimately supports him in his decision. It is just harder to show off a well written piece of code.

   Nathan’s choice of friends has received quiet support in the hopes that it is an indication that Nathan is socializing effectively outside the family. While the Olaths do not entirely approve of the group’s behavior at times, they view it largely as a phase the youngsters will grow out of.

   The Glithe Family

   The Glithe family specializes in providing unbiased political and strategic analysis on the Alderaan government in galactic affairs for various news outlets. The family name is even reputed to be descended from one of the original founders of Alderaan. Steeped in tradition and what they regard as proper behavior, the Glithes have not taken well to their only daughter’s choice of friends.

   Dorothy has taken particular care to see that her record is kept clean of any infraction that might look bad, but that has not kept her from spending as much time with her friends as she can to her parents’ annoyance. The Glithes approve of Dorothy’s decision to go into political science and hope that she may go far in her career.

   Attempts by her parents to get Dorothy to marry someone nice and traditional have not gone over well from the very start. Arguments are common and the Glithes have expressed great consternation over the matter.

   The Glithes have been strong and active members of Crevasse City society doing volunteer work, organizing events, and participating in festivals. The Festival of Masks, first started 15 years ago, has become one of their biggest community hits.

   The Bernelli Family

   The Bernelli family immigrated from Mer to Alderaan when Barcos was still a small child. Unable to find work locally, they proceeded to open their own restaurant specializing in Mer cuisine and exotic takes on local favorites. The restaurant business has done well amongst the local clientel and secured the Bernelli family a place in Alderaan society.

   The family has struggled with the higher gravity on Alderaan though. Barcos has done better than his parents, having been raised in the higher gravity most of his childhood, but still they have all suffered heart and blood pressure issues. Droids assist them with most of the heavy labor and strenuous tasks so that they may better focus on their cooking.

   The Bernelli’s have also approved of Barcos’s friendship with Dorothy, Nathan, and the Keldav’s, viewing it as Barcos integrating into Alderaan life. Cultural differences cause them to either ignore or overlook the group’s antics and quietly support them when the group gets into trouble. Indeed, the Bernelli’s restaurant has been a frequent hangout among them with the Bernelli’s trying to feed them at every opportunity.

   All in all, the Bernelli’s approve of Barcos’s choice to go into negotiating and diplomacy, viewing it as a proper calling for a child raised on Alderaan.

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