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. This section is devoted to all the other games – Deadlands, World Tree, Nephelim, In Nomine, and many more – which we happen to play. Unfortunately, this means that its contents are going to be kind of random: things will be uploaded here as I run across them in the old files or happen to think of them.

RPG Design:

General Material:


Tri-Stat System / Big Eyes, Small Mouth: (For the El-Hazard Setting)


In Nomine Role Playing Game


Deadlands Role Playing Game:

  • Deadlands to Exalted Conversions: Characters and Magic and a  Bestiary. Not truly Deadlands perhaps, but it may be useful in recruiting some players.


Classic Marvel Role Playing Game:

We had a lot of fun with this, so here’s some material for the old FASERIP Marvel RPG – and for its modern variants.

  • Dark Future Setting: It’s 2053, the world is a post-apocalyptic disaster area, and you’re a superhero… Mostly non-system specific.
  • Dark Future Characters. Other residents of the Dark Future and additional background.
  • Kriegspiel & Kalrith. A centaur and his dragon, along with their world and species backgrounds.
  • New Base Equipment Packages. For when you want to install some special equipment in your base.
  • New Skills and Talents. For the original Marvel FASERIP system.
  • Shadowguard– a low-powered superhero group including their equipment, Voltaire, Le Fey, Whisper, Cheshire, Shillelagh, Flux, and The Toad – a bonus opponemt. Here we also have Voltaire broken out by himself.
  • Knight-Errant Smart Uniforms: Clothes that every well-dressed hero should be wearing.
  • Darkwolf: An alien lupinoid hero, with his species background and other information.


World Tree Role Playing Game:

  • World Tree, available directly from from Padwolf Publishing or through Amazon.Com, is an excellent RPG system, with an innovative magic system and a creative and intriguing world. Sadly, it never attracted much attention, but we’ve had a lot of fun with it.
  • New Magical Techniques. Four minor magical techniques for the World Tree. Binding with Telepathy, Binding with Time, Flicker Casting, and Talismongering.
  • Advanced Great Enchantment. Additional rules for Great Enchantment.
  • Vancian Magic in World Tree. A PDF download for better formatting. For primes who learn a little off-tree magic.
  • Attribute Enhancement. How to accomplish one of the more common World Tree requests, whether by Spell, Enchantment, Training, or Buying Advantages.
  • Arden’s Spells. A modest selection of Ardenharius Sen Thrachten Philosos’ – a World-Tree Rassimell –  spell research results, in particular some of the ones used to manipulate and enhance other spells.
  • Yahoo Group Archives. The archived posts, logs, and .pdf file contents of the defunct Yahoo World Tree group. There’s some interesting material in there, along – of course – with a lot of stuff that’s totally out of date.
  • Advanced Spellbinding is for when those pesky player character just have be experimentive, and start asking “What happens when I try (doing something weird)?” At least for Spellbinding, here are some rules for telling them.
  • Here’s a (severely condensed) version of the old Campaign Log. If anybody wants any more details on particular events, ask: I’ll look in the old notes and see what I can recall.
  • d20 World Tree: The Prime Races and Special Abilities from World Tree for d20.
  • The Distant Voyager: An exploratory airship, and how it was equipped and used.
  • Ivarell “The Nose”: A Cani Henchmen of the original player characters.
  • Sparky“, amnesiac Zi Ri Improvisational Mage
  • Noun Isomers: The properties of higher-order materials.
  • How to Drown an Orren: An assortment of peculiar spells for eliminating opponents in very eccentric ways.


Amber Diceless Role Playing Game:


Baba Yaga: The Secret War:

  • This is a WWII Partisan Resistance game – spiced up by just a touch of the supernatural, which makes it just barely possible for a small partisan group to hold their own.
  • Sample Characters: Luigi Rosso (a young descendent of Apollo).
  • The Players Packet contains the character sheet and the major tables. It’s quite free.
  • Baba Yaga: The Secret War is available in Print HERE and in PDF HERE.


Second Edition AD&D:


Continium II:

Continium II is a project that’s been kicking around for many years now: since the system is modular, and most of it could be slotted into many other games, I’m starting to put up the system. Some of the old players may feel nostalgic.



Rolemaster is often awkward to play, but it still stands as grand attempt towards compiling a complete list of everything – and hence it’s easy to get ideas from. In that spirit, here are a few items from Rolemaster to give you ideas for your current games.

  • Aetherial Ways: a spell list for Rolemaster (and for swiping ideas from for other games).
  • Secretarial Ways: another Rolemaster spell list to swipe bits from – and some of the most practical bits of magic that any diplomat could have.
  • Arcane Healing: A spell list  designed to let you get along WITHOUT a healing specialist.


Cyberpunk / Cybergeneration:


Star Wars d6:


Godlike / Wild Talents / One-Roll Engine (ORE):

Godlike has a slightly-problematic rules system, but an extremely well-developed WWII-with-minor-powers background.

  • Cliff Notes for the 1940’s: how to make a 1940’s-1950’s setting convincing.
  • Quirks: Mild madnesses and disadvantages to squeeze out a few more Will points.
  • Sorcery, and how to build it.
  • Powers To Never AllowDeathwish.
  • Sample Characters: Jason Carpenter (middle of article): an immortal earth mage, Father Joseph: a priest who shelters refugees and resistance fighters (along with an optional rule for Concentration), Asteraoth: a youngster who can project his mind across the world, Fornemjarnulf and Gullsmed: a pair of scandanavian resistance fighters – a psychic cyborg and a mystical artificier, Les Tenebres: either a crazed french college professor or an immortal medeival sorcerer (along with a rule for General Talent Experience), The Celestial Voyager:  a living space-probe and gravatic manipulator, Earthworks: a TOG Commando who specializes in staying under cover, Dybbuk: a death-camp and massacre survivor who believes that he is dead – and calls up the dead to take their vengeance, Nonoma: a young amerindian warrior and spirit of thunder, Adamantine: a very laid-back – and almost indestructible – infantryman, Carnage: a petty thief turned soldier with a most destructive ability, Nahualli: a mexican jaguar-warrior and priest of the ancient aztec gods, Peter “Pops” Rundell: a specialist in transport from the home front, De Ville Tailleur: a resistance fighter who proves that clothes really do make the man – or the regiment, Nishanth: a blind Vedic Warrior from India who creates his own darkness, Choir: a youngster with a very valuable musical talent, and Regers Tallman: a glider pilot who needs no engine to take his ship into space, The Wanderer: a dimensional traveller, Lebenszyklus: a biologist and genetic manipulator, and Carrista: a youngster and his pet tank.


GURPS Material:


Rifts Material:

  • The Ironworks K9 Robot Dog OCC: Guardians designed to change the world.
  • Useful Exotics. This list of Exotic Plants and Animals includes a bonus set of Organic Power Armor. While it was originally designed for Rifts, most of the list is pretty rules-light, so it should be useful in almost any game.
  • Smartclothes: Multifunction civilian megadamage “armor”.


Traveller Material:

  • The Wanderer: A deceptive “survey vessel” for special agents. With autocad layout.


It Came From The Late Late Late Show Material:


Tales From The Floating Vagabond Material:

Call of Cthulhu Material:

TORG Material:

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  1. what you have done on this blog is excellent!!

  2. Hey Paul are the Paul Melroy that lives or lived in Saint Cloud Florida. If so e-mail me. This looks a lot like the system I remember playing with Tyson, Richard and Charles.

  3. By the way, folks, he is indeed the Paul that J. R. Williams spoke of.

    • Do I give away your secret identity? Just because it’s attached to all the books which are linked from here?

      Well, OK, maybe it’s not all that secret.

  4. Does there exist anywhere a character sheet for the Magic The Gathering RPG?

    • Ah, certainly. It was with the main file in the download widget, but WordPress.com discontinued that one some time ago. I must remember to set up a substitute. In the meantime, here’s a link.

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