Eclipse – The Collector Level One Build

   Our next sample classless Eclipse d20 character is the Collector – a gatherer of magical implements.

   Magic is easy. Read the tomes, gather the ingredients, draw the circles, light the candles, manipulate the implements, chant the words, and swear the oaths, and things happen. Small things at first – but he power grows with practice, experience, and time.

   Of course, it will never be like the power of the full spellcasters who really work at it. You can learn to store the effects of a few rituals, and work an enormous variety of them – but their power is flashy and immediate.

   Still, there are ways to get that without working so hard too. All you need are the right items and the knack of channeling a bit of your own power into them. Those bloody superior spellcasters say that it will never be quite the same as the lightning-surge of forging raw magical power into shape on the anvil of your will and binding it within your mind – but that’s probably all just talk anyway.

   The Collector has read the tomes, performed the rituals, sworn the oaths and claimed a certain amount of power from some mystical entity. He or she has the contacts to acquire more devices, and has even acquired the knack of using his or her own power reserves to make them work without expending their charges every so often. Of course, he or she has a variety of duties and obligations as a priest of strange powers, but everything has it’s downside.

   In a party the Collector tends to be a dilettante. Many are the younger children of minor nobles, others are the servants of patron dragons, and still others are everyday folk who have decided to dabble in magic. They’re reasonable effective with their own powers early on, while Power Words will still let them carry enough fast magic to be effective, but will eventually have to fall back on powering up items to be effective.

  • Disadvantages: (Select three disadvantages for 10 CP).
  • Duties (typically quasi-religious, to whatever has granted the Collector his or her powers, +2 CP/Level).
  • Total available character points: 48 (Level One Base) + 10 (Disadvantages) +2 (Duties) + 6 (Level One Bonus Feat) = 66, 18 of which (from disadvantages, duties, and the bonus Feat) may be spent outside of the Adventurer framework restrictions.

   Basic Attributes: Str 10, Int 14, Wis 14, Con 14, Dex 14, Chr 10 (28 point buy).

   Basic Purchases (31 CP):

  • Proficient with All Simple and Martial Weapons (9 CP) and Light Armor (3 CP).
  • +9 Skill Points (3 CP)
  • +2 on Reflex Saves (6 CP)
  • d8 Hit Die (4 CP)
  • Initial BAB +0 (0 CP).

   Special Abilities (35 CP):

  • One Clerical Magic Level (progression only), Specialized/ritual casting only, Corrupted/spells recover weekly, rather than daily (2 CP). Note that this includes the usual clerical package – two domains, their related feats, spell conversion to a relevant set of spells, and a set of speciality spell slots. In general, these should be selected by the patron to fit the Collector’s duties.
  • One Wizard Magic Level (progression only, substituting the Conduct limitation [priestly duties] for the Studies limitation. Sadly, this means that the user’s spells are in a unique, quasi-clerical format; they can’t be effectively shared with other arcane spellcasters. On the other hand, he or she has access to the entire Arcane spell list when selecting spells), Specialized/ritual casting only, Corrupted/spells recover weekly, rather than daily (4 CP).
  • One Base Caster Level, Corrupted/only for the Clerical and Wizard Spell Progressions (4 CP).
  • Power Words, Corrupted/only to store personally-generated spells (4 CP).
  • Rite of Chi with +2 Bonus Uses, Corrupted, requires a modest ritual and minor occult components (6 CP)
  • Mana, 1d6 Points, Specialized/only to power magical devices (3 CP)
  • Empowerment (6 CP).
  • Equipage with Purchasing, Specialized/it may take some days to obtain the desired item, highly specialized items are subject to GM veto (6 CP).

   Further Advancement: The Collector will continue to want hit dice and saves throughout his or her career, as well as Base Caster Levels and more Mana – but he or she won’t need too many more magic levels unless he or she wants to start working long-term spells or something, since you can only store so many spell levels with Power Words. A bit of Innate Enchantment – duplicating a Handy Haversack – is probably in order, simply to keep the collection of wands and scrolls and such sorted out. After that? A lot depends on what purpose the Collectors patrons give him or her. Someone who is seeking out and rescuing a dragon’s kidnaped eggs on behalf of a draconic patron is quite different from someone in the service of the elemental powers of water.


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