Exalted – Upgrading Excellencies II

Dragon blood tree

Yes. lets prune those trees a bit…

And to continue with the additional solar Excellencies…

Fifth Excellency: (Ability) Races Lightning.

  • Cost: 5m; Mins: (Ability) 3, Essence 2; Type: Simple (DV -1)
  • Keywords: Combo-OK
  • Duration: Special
  • Prerequisite Charms: None

The talents of the Exalted put mortal flashes of inspiration to shame. If a task is not actively opposed by an essence-user, it may be accomplished in a single action if it would normally take fifteen minutes or less, within a minute if it would normally take an hour or less, and at (2 x Essence) times the normal speed if it would normally take more than an hour. If the task is actively opposed by an Essence-user, the Fifth Excellency allows a magical flurry – permitting the user to use the same effect against up to three targets simultaneously without penalty. If the task requires more than a few moments, the motes expended on this excellency are committed for the duration unless the user chooses to interrupt his effects. In such cases the task will have been advanced proportionately.

Yes; under these rules… nonmagical flurries do not exist, and magical ones only allow dealing with multiple opponents; they do NOT allow multiple attacks. You can, however, plow through forty mortals who might normally take ten minutes to deal with – or teach a lesson, or whatever – in mere moments.

The Lunar variant allows a Lunar to act as a work crew, or military unit, with a magnitude equal to his or her essence. The Sidereal variant causes someone else to have already done the work (or to briefly intervene in the opposed situation) so that you don’t have to. The Dragon-Blooded variant simply allows them to work tirelessly until a task is completed – staying awake for a week with Sailing to bring a ship through a storm,

Sixth Excellency; Superlative (Ability)

  • Cost: 4M; Mins:(Ability) 4, Essence 2; Type: Supplementary
  • Keywords: Combo-OK
  • Duration: Scene
  • Prerequisite Charms: Any Other (Ability) Excellency

The hands of the Exalted are peerless tools, and reality bends to their whim. The user is treated as if he or she was using his or her choice of the finest mundane personal equipment appropriate to the ability in question; If there’s a choice – such as between types of armor and weapons for Melee – the user may choose when this charm is activated. If no other benefits of fine equipment are noted for a particular skill, the user can treat the effects as having a 2d Speciality appropriate to the ability in question.

The Lunar version provides only ordinary gear, but it will continue to function in animal form – thus, for example, allowing a fly to pick a lock, or a snake to carry items in it’s “pack”. The Sidereal Version allows you to make a skill roll on behalf of someone else using their actions. If the target lacks an essence pool, this may cause them to take actions against their will. The Dragon-blooded version provides only the equivalent of ordinary gear, but – being purely “virtual” – it is unaffected by the elements.

Seventh Excellency: (Ability) Surmounts Mountain

  • Cost: 3m Instant, 12m Scene; Mins: (Ability) 3, Essence 1; Type: Reflexive
  • Keywords: Combo-OK
  • Duration: Special
  • Prerequisite Charms: None

No ordinary challenge can withstand the will of the Exalted. The user may ignore up to (Essence + 2) levels worth of External Penalties, either for a particular action or throughout a scene depending on how much essence he or she is willing to spend.

The Lunar version is only one-third the cost, but only affects internal penalties – although this specifically includes wound penalties. The Sidereal Version costs only 2m/8m, but applies to any other single target within line of sight; probability falls before the will of the Sidereal Host. The Dragon-Blooded version costs 1/6m and reduces an external penalty by only one – but each individual in a group may contribute, to reduce penalties by up to five levels.

New Excellency Modifier:

(Ability) Leadership.

  • Cost: 6M, 1W; Mins:(Ability) 4, Essence 3; Type: Supplementary
  • Keywords: Combo-OK
  • Duration: Scene
  • Prerequisite Charms: Any (Ability) Excellency

The Children of the Sun inspire others to greatness in their wake. The user may share his checks within (ability) with a group of up to (essence magnitude) others. Thus you can help a tribe survive in the desert, lead a massed escape beneath the noses of the guards, and rally a unit of archers to strike down some mighty foe.

The Lunar Versions allow the user to share his or her attributes with a group of up to (essence-1) magnitude. The Sidereal Version allows the user to add or subtract his or her virtue ratings from the virtues of a group of up to (Essence-2) in magnitude involved in a relevant activity – and to spend a point of will to cause them all to channel that virtue. The addition and subtraction is decided on a per-virtue basis. Thus, if attending a peace conference when a war is desired, a Sidereal with this charm in Presence could add his or her Valor 3 to everyone involved, and subtract his or her Compassion 3 from their Compassions. The Dragon-Blooded version only works on other Dragon-Blooded, but costs only 3m.

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