3) The Ancient Days

The Ancient Days :

-450M; Earth once more supports a thriving land and water ecosystem. Plants and animals continue to radiate and fill available ecological niches.

-370M; Vertebrates colonize the land.

-270M; Formation of the supercontinent Pangea. Most of the earth’s land area becomes inland deserts and the area of the continental shelves – the richest and most fertile environment on earth – is more than halved. Global climate fluctuates wildly. More then 80% of all existing life forms become extinct.

-220M; The “Age Of Dinosaurs” begins. Thanks to high Group II Transuranic levels, psionics are all too common – if usually extremely clumsy and limited in application. Distribution of conversion channels throughout the body allows massive power-handling capacity, but precludes the development of intelligence.

-218M; Na’Cair Galactic Survey project begins.

-120M; A secondary Archosaur evolutionary line focuses on psionic stealth and speed rather than power, developing into the ancestors of Birds – creatures so small, weak, and psionically-inconspicious as to be beneath the notice of the primary lines.

-132M; The Tyrant Kings. The power of the Archosaurs reaches its ultimate limit, allowing them to utterly dominate the Earth. They will remain unchallenged for the next sixty-four million years.

-123M; The Mahagara departs Earth, leaving it once more without sentient life.

-93M; The Kyinn and Vrinal, corrupted servitor- races of the Elder Ones, attempt to colonize earth and the solar system. The Firstborn strike back – destroying the Vrinal and sealing the Kyinn into the warded caverns in which they make their homes.

-68M; Earth makes it’s first known pass through the Rho-Field. The psi-dependent Archosaurs (save for a few in time-stasis or otherwise “out”) become extinct. “Before” and “After” Na’Cair surveys are made, and a selection of specimens are collected. In an unfortunate coincidence a major asteroid impact occurs less then a million years later. The net result is the worst extinction event since Pangea.

-58M; Nudged by Belerion, lifeforms radiate out to fill the vacant environmental niches with great speed. Belerion leaves a number monitoring devices in place to report their progress back to him.

-50M; Mammals and Birds assume the dominant roles in the new ecology. Thanks to the eons-long suppression of rival psionic genes by the Archosauria, the developing species are free to develop more complex brains.

-23M; The Lllfari arrive on earth, victims of a drive malfunction while fleeing from interstellar warfare in their home galaxy. With no space drive, serious biochemical incompatibilities with earth’s biosphere, few resources, and a genepool of only a few hundred, setting up a colony is clearly out of the question; the group sets up a psychic distress beacon and enters time-stasis.

-16M; Belerion decides to give “things” another “little nudge” – creating Ramapathicus from earth-native stock. While he detects the presence of the Lllfari, he does not interfere; it’s not like they’ve been waiting very long.

-12M; The Na’Cair construct an observation base on Ganymede, a temporary measure while resurveying this galactic sector. Generally non-telepathic, and thinking on radically different bands in any case, they do not detect the Lllfari beacon.

-3M; A gradual cooling trend sends the Earth into an ice age, characterized by cold glacial and warmer interglacial eras that continue today. Homo Erectus evolves.

-2M; Belerion drops by again, and decides to help the Lllfari; he awakens them, and modifies them to be biochemically compatible with earthly lifeforms – and genetically compatible with Homo Erectus. Even with this assistance, and vastly extended lifespans, the colony doesn’t do well; it never exceeds 30K.

-600K; Homo Sapiens Neandrathalis evolves.

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