Telera Mercorin – “Renegade” Jedi Knight

   Telera Mercorin had mastered the basics. She was far from the strongest of Jedi, but only time, practice, and experience would fix that. Of course, like many Jedi, she’d been taken in as a small child, trained intensively in Jedi skills – and lacked experience with the world outside the walls of the local Jedi Academy.

   In less troubled times, she would have traveled with a mentor, and dealt with small-scale problems for a time – but the Sith had once again risen to threaten the Republic.

   The elders did the next best thing; they assigned her as an aide and bodyguard to Lesin Ordanith, a gifted force-coordinator assigned to one of the Republic Battle Fleets – a detachment being sent to reinforce Surkiant, a major city-world and manufacturing center. That way her modest contribution could be amplified by Lesin and she could – hopefully – gain some experience before having to face any Sith (or any great trial of her ability to resist the Dark Side under stress) directly.

   Telera was appalled when she discovered that the elders had sent her more “help” – a partially-trained SITH APPRENTICE, an assassin-droid, some THING wearing Mandalorian battle armor, a Kredath Berserker, and a shady pilot. What in the galaxy could they possible be thinking?

   Sadly, like so many plans, the attempt to send her off to gather a little experience in relative safety, failed in the face of the enemy. A major Sith Task Force had already arrived at Surkiant and was swiftly overwhelming the planetary defenses. The Republic Task Force went on the target list the instant it arrived – and the Sith Task Force already had it’s fighters deployed, it’s weapons and shields fully powered up, and it’s gunners under orders to fire at will.

   Oddly enough, the insane group that Telera had been saddled with managed to save her life, kill the powerful Sith who’d nearly killed her, inflict a lot of damage on the Sith troops, and then escape back to the Republic towing along herself, Lesin, quite a lot of Republic troops, and some valuable intelligence.

   And promptly ran straight into a Sith infiltration group that was waiting to ambush them outside the local Jedi Temple itself after they’d delivered the troopers and intelligence and were dropping of Telera and Lesin.

   Telera has decided that – at least for the moment – her duty as a Jedi is to stick with this bunch of madmen. They seem to be at the center of events somehow – and they need a sane example, they need guidance, and they need training. At the very least, perhaps she can somehow limit the damage even if she can’t turn them against the enemies of the Republic and the Jedi Order.

   Telera has both the Force-Sensitive and Active Force User packages. This provides her with 2 Force Points, an intuitive starting die in one of them, and – like all Jedi – an unfortunate vulnerability to being consumed by the Dark Side. She’s actually quite competent with the Force, but isn’t that hot with anything else…


Dexterity 3d6 Exotic Weapon/Lightsaber +2d6, Melee Parry +2d6.
Knowledge 2d6  
Mechanical 2d6  
Perception 3d6 Alertness +2d6, Investigation +1d6, Sense Motive +1d6.
Strength 3d6  
Technical 2d6  


   Telera has traded in 1d6 worth of attributes for the Active Force User package and 2d6 worth for 6d6 worth of Skills. That’s not an especially efficient thing to do, but it does let her capitalize on her strengths – and, since she has trained at a Jedi Academy, it seems reasonable enough to let her put most of those bonus points into her force powers even if it does go a bit over the normal limits.


Control 1d6 (3d6 after experience).
Sense 4d6
Alter 3d6
Force Points 2
Experience 1


  • Equipment (4): Lightsaber and lightsaber toolkit, set of Jedi training manuals (on computer), Jedi identification, and a Basic Medical/Survival Kit.
  • Contacts (3): Zarith Kodan (her elderly Jedi trainer), Lesin Ordanith (a Jedi fleet co-ordinator), and Zari Rimil (a cousin, now a mid-level republic official).
  • Plot Hooks (2): Currently Telera has vanished in the middle of a Sith War, and in the company of a Sith Apprentice. A great deal of suspicion is probably inevitable. She also owes a considerable personal debt to a most ill-assorted collection of dubious characters, and is currently accompanying them.
  • Enemy (1): Despite the fact that, with a personal acquaintance and affinity to work with, it might have been expected, Ivenrin – one of the Sith Trackers who was attempting to locate Lesin on Surkiant – has taken Telera’s success in that endeavor as a personal affront.

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