The Darkmage

   For today, I’m putting up the character sheet for the Darkmage, from the Old Mandate. Like most characters built around sizable power pools, his design is deceptively simple. Still, over the course of his adventures, and his thousand-year struggle against the corrupting power of Tyrannon, the Darkmage defeated numerous enemies, sealed dozens of powerful mystic nexi away from Tyrannon, helped contain the elder malevolence of the Wyrm Crown, defeated the Seven Horsemen of the Apocalypse, accidentally unleashed the power of the primordial darkness across the solar system. temporarily became female to give birth to a daughter by Oberon, lord of Faerie, was overwhelmed by Tyrannon’s ever-growing strength, and finally reawakened to voluntarily give up his immortality, sacrificing himself to seal the gateway which Tyrannon had turned his body into. I’m putting up his original character sheet both for the players who continue to adventure in the campaign the Darkmage helped shape and in memory of his player, Clint Thomas Walker, 1980-2008.

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  1. Ah, Clint, we hardly knew ye. And I mean it. He was half genius and half insane, and gamed like machine.

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