Twilight Isles – Tarlin’s Letters Home I

Dear Karinthal Martinalic:

   It has been a while since our last correspondence. I have recently completed a job that – due to some unfortunate political repercussions – made me feel it wise to leave dwarfish lands for a while. I hitched a ride on a departing military ship. The night before the ship was due to leave I finished the job and headed for a tavern to get a little food and provisions for the coming trip and to devise an appropriate disguise. On my way onto the ship there was a slight problem. One of the higher ups in the military spotted me. I do not know if they recognized me or just thought me one of the ships crewmen they asked that, should one Rudra Mogzul find herself in a life or death situation, to give a letter to her. I agreed to the delivery boy job figuring it due payment for the otherwise free transport.

   After a rather long trip we finally docked on a night-elven island being plagued by undead – not at all where we’d been heading, but that will happen when your ship is damaged by sea monsters. The locals didn’t seem to be handling them all that well, so I went out one day thinking to take a few of them out in the name of Haerun. In the process I started sensing an incredibly powerful death nexus; evidently the locals claims were more accurate than I’d given them credit for. In my attempt to get closer, I ran across a troop of undead. One of them was carrying an amulet and attempted to take control of me through a spell. I fell into line with the troop to make it think I had been controlled. Unfortunately this did take me away from the nexus. Though in following them I did discover who it was that had so enchanted these particular undead. I attempted to take the creature out, but found it beyond my own powers to do so. I did manage to wipe out a portion of the castle that “he” was having built.

   When I returned to the town I approached the apparent leaders of the town and arranged to aid them in getting rid of the undead pestilence in hopes of getting closer to the nexus to study it. One of them seems to be a rather talented at amplification magics. He drew a circle that allowed my death magics to fill me to overflowing for a day. We went on an attack to attempt to take out one of the major threats (a vampire as it were). When our mage that was going to cast a resurrection spell on the vampire to make it possible to kill him for good went missing I decided to go face the thing myself. In approaching it I found that the nexus was right behind him. The vampire took one look at me and – apparently being one that feed on souls or spirits rather than blood – decided I was too tainted with death already to be worth consuming. I walked right past his ghostly form to the nexus and figured a good way to get rid of him at least for a few days would be to link this ever growing nexus to him as openly as possible.

   I touched the nexus to allow greater manipulation of the energies. This it seems had more side effects than I anticipated. The spirit of death that has dwelled within me since birth burst forth after I managed the link to the vampire. Knowing that a large explosion was soon to come I needed to find a way out and so made a deal with my own spirit of death to gain new kinship with him and future knowledge on how to get rid of another major threat. To allow me to retreat he re-infused some of my power and gave me a guided tour through the demonic realms. He even introduced me to a few of the lesser spirits.

   I feel as though I should find a way to communicate with Haerun so that I    may know better what I should do with this new knowledge and link to my own source of strength. I ask for guidance and help in my journey. I know of your grudges against some of your own. Perhaps I could assist you there in exchange for guidance where I need it.

   Your student and friend,

   T. Malority

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