Session Five: When Dinosaurs Ruled The Garden Maze

   Actually cracking the sphere of protection proved unexpectedly easy: the power that his mentor had bequeathed him proved more than potent enough to break through a simple protective spell. That was a scary thought actually – the original White Necromancer had left him only a fraction of his power. Just how strong had his mentor been? Not to mention that, even with all that power, he’d been killed at least three times.

   Anyway, breaking the protection spell had disrupted the idiot ritualists concentration – and an aspect of the power he’d been attempting to tap into was taking possession of him, transforming him into a monstrous avatar of Onomakiri the Devourer, a monstrous creature of the outer darkness. Now they’d have to try and contain it while the Hauntsman set up another exorcism, even if it killed them.

   It very nearly did. Everyone else was unconscious, and Onomakiri was already attempting to reach the Hauntsman, by the time the Hauntsman finished calling on the forces of light to expel the darkness. That left them with a mindless body for the police to cart off to the hospital and a lot of explaining to do.

   Back at the orphanage, the summons was at last complete. The Dinosaurs were growing into their full – and unexpected – power. There was a reason why they had dominated the earth for a hundred million years.

   Two of the youngsters studying necromancy at the Crypt were the first to go: they weren’t expecting the stupid allosaurus to blast its way through the protective barriers and start smiting them with lightning bolts. The others made it through the gate they’d created when they were trying to summon the White Necromancer back: it was still a trip into the realms of death, but it was less likely to be one-way. The predators went hunting – finding far easier prey than the scattering of dinosaur herbivores, most of whom had already been transferred to the city zoo. The predators would have been going soon as well, but the zoo had needed some time to set up for them (lucky zoo). Modern creatures weren’t always wrapped up in psionic shields and defenses – and so were easy prey for the predatory archosaurs.

   With the alarms blaring, most of the kids hid in the old danger room and started pooling their defenses while the heroes set out to rescue the ones who were still outside and to try and do something about the dinosaurs. Meanwhile, back in the city, Darius was attempting to contain the herbivores; they were less directly hostile, but there was only one of him.

   There were a couple of kids hiding inside the brontosaurs mobile force-fortress. One hiding. A few others taking refuge in the crypt. Super-leaping tyrannosaurs, mach-two raptors with bullet-like spittle, and lightning-blasting allosaurs, Nigh-unstoppable ankylosaurs capable of smashing warrior-demons with a single blow, stone-smashing ultrasonic honks from duckbills, and – for a change – peacefully fishing petranodons with no major offensive powers.

   Overall it was a terrible mess – but they managed to avoid any other fatalities before they found that the Dinosaurs were actually fairly easy to dispel. They should have thought of that earlier of course – they were conjurations after all – but they had been pretty busy. They even got the two casualties back as ghosts when the White Necromancer went to the fugue plane to pick up the other kids and Ranko, who’d gotten stranded there when the allosaurus chased her through the portal in the crypt. They definitely needed a psychic powers expert and a few more teachers to keep the kids busy.

   4 XP all around.

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