Federation-Apcalypse, Session 176b – Wedding Bells

Mormon Tabernacle Choir general conference - A...

Well, maybe not THAT large.

Kevin left Marty to wedding planning – albeit shooting over occasional outrageous advice as to possible entertainments – and wandered off. He had a trio of servants to assign to that Cat-girl, and wanted to drop by the Rabbits and see how their civil war was going along the way!

As far as the Rabbit civil war went, the primary villa and residence of the Rabbits was now in the hands of the “Peace” faction. The “War” faction had fallen back to a number of positions across the city as the “Peace” group tried to root them out one at a time. It was known that a good chunk of the war faction had retreated into tunnels underneath the mountain and were working on sealing off the entrances. Attempts to push into the tunnels by the Peace group were not going well. All in all, while it seemed the War group was very well equipped, the Peace group had more experience and a larger support base to pull on.

At the moment, unless the War group could pull off something desperate or spectacular, it looked like the peace group would be recognized as the “proper” rabbit clan while the war party escapees were headed for exile.

Kevin cheerily deployed a few Thralls to try and catch some of the war group bunch – both to settle things down and in hopes of being able to keep them – but after that brief evaluation, he headed off to see the young lady…

Marty was trying to stay away from anything too outre’ for the realm – although some of the Battling Business World Classics (like knifing the best man, exploding cake, and duels with “disappointed suitors” brought in – or hired if the supply of real ones was short – for the occasion) were probably out.

Perhaps he could hire that musical theater group composed (well partially) of rare anthropomorphs? Flyers preferred, since it WAS presumably going to be at the Parrot manor.

Ah, it looked like they were indeed available. They had been going to get on a boat to head to the next town up the coast, but money easily persuaded them otherwise!

Meanwhile, the young lady was happy to see Kevin.

(Kevin) “Hello there! I wanted to let you and your father know that the Panther problem has been dealt wth – and to assign these three slaves to your service for the moment. They have some skills as bodyguards, and should prove most suitable!”

She would be overjoyed to help him give the news to her father. Her new servants were a bit startling – how had Angkor managed it? – but certainly quite pleasing and very thoughtful of him. She had them await her return. Perhaps assign them to carry her luggage? Or perhaps a palanquin like Angkor used! That would really make their situation public and embarrasing!

(Lion Patriarch) “Ah, back again I see? I heard you had a run in with those bandits up in the mountains. I trust you are unharmed?”

(Kevin) “Oh yes! And the bandits should no longer present a problem – at least until new ones move in!”

(Lion, looking probingly at Kevin) “I am pleased to hear this. When I had heard that the bandits were more numerous and powerful than our intelligence on them had suggested I had begun to worry. I do apologize for any inconvenience that my faulty information may have caused.”

(Kevin) “It was quite invigorating!”

Raphael, meanwhile, was running more tests on his robots. He certainly didn’t need new robots malfunctioning on the battlefield!

Marty offered to let him test them at the wedding! They could be part of the entertainment. Maybe hold a mock battle?

Raphael found that one pretty confusion – why have robots at a wedding save, perhaps, to be bodyguards or waiters? – but was willing enough. If Marty thought that would be a good test, he presumably had a reason.

Marty just trusted in Raphael’s technical skills! It would be unusual, the guests would probably enjoy it, and presumably the odds of a “holodeck malfunction” were pretty low!

Of course, one of Raphael’s long-time goals was to create a variant of a holodeck project that would work in Core and install it in his robots. The existing Core variant – let some computers provide the necessary “props” with force-fields and simply simulate most of the other sensations through smartclothes and/or neural interfaces – just left your brain at the mercy of the computer systems! That was quite intolerable!

Meanwhile, Kevin was cheerily telling the young lady and her father the story of the battle, helping her inspect and name her new servants, and so on. It was a complete waste of time really – but that WAS more or less why they were in Cyrweld to start with! They were just passing the time while things caught up with them!

The Lion Patriarch did ask some questions regarding the battle – particularly about the Panthers involved and what sort of resources they seemed to have at their disposal.

Kevin cheerily told him (and provided some illusion-illustrations drawing on the smartclothes records). It would be in the city guards reports anyway. At least the Patriarch didn’t seem to be as nervous around him as the pesky guard-captains!

Actually the Patriarch had already seen the preliminary reports; he’d just wanted to grant Kevin the courtesy of letting him tell the tale firsthand. And he was a little nervous – after all, the youngster obviously had an unbelievable amount of raw power in reserve – but he seemed benign enough.

Kevin spent the rest of the evening being sociable with the young lady – although he did come up with an idea for a wedding present! A selection of dragon-servants! That would be great! Maybe a personal yacht too!

He really wasn’t all that sure about weddings… Most of his experience was with adolescent dragons, and “You’re mine now!” seemed to… lack something.

The Thrall-girls were even worse of course. “You’re cute! Ca’mere!” really didn’t teach you much about weddings. Weren’t they mostly designed to please brides anyway?

Marty was considering… He had a mock robot battle, a theater group… Oh! He you couldn’t have a wedding without a really good on-site bar! Weddings were fun as long as you didn’t go TOO far overboard! The one he’d attended with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Templars had been too much.

(Kevin, on the private link) “And you must invite Thawban! He is your blood brother! Plus he’s a holy knight, you could get him to perform the ceremony! Or I could! Or maybe both of us!”

(Marty, also privately) “Good idea! But what would he turn into when he hit the border? Maybe a lion?”

Meanwhile, the attention he was paying to the young lady – and the gifts – were making quite a few of her siblings and cousins rather jealous… Kevin wouldn’t have minded picking up a few of THEM to play with, but – at least for the moment – had to content himself with the information that several of the young panthers were female, cute, and had elected to become Thralls – so he could easily show off the “rewards” of such a battle a bit to stay in character and to annoy the bishop.

Raphael had sighed, and taken the practical method of looking into the local customs a bit… Major noble weddings were often hotbeds of political maneuvering, justifications for local festivals, featured fireworks and illusion displays to keep off evil spirits, parades in honor of the local gods, and local gods who showed up at weddings to bless or curse the couple…

Marty immediately added the fireworks and illusion displays.

Unofficially there were often absurdly indulgent bachelor parties, including wild nights with concubines before the wedding.

Uhm… Consulting the prospective bride was beginning to seem in order.

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