Latest Material Index

   It’s once again time to get the latest material index updated and to transfer the material from the old one to the main index tabs at the top of the page. If you want the very latest material, it may be necessary to either scroll down or consult the “Recent Posts” listing-widget on the lower right. The previous Latest Materials Index can be found HERE and – for those who like to rummage at random – the full post-by-post index can be found occupying a great deal of space in the lower right column.

   Eclipse Classless d20 Character Construction Cribsheet / Sample Character List – Character Creation Primer – Compiled Martial Arts.

   Subindexes: RPG Design – Twilight Isles – BattletechChampionsd20Legend of the Five RingsShadowrunWhite WolfOther GamesBattling Business World

Cumulative General Index.

   d20 Material:

   RPG Design:

   General Material:

   Rolemaster Material:

  • Arcane Healing: A spell list  designed to let you get along WITHOUT a healing specialist.

   Tales From The Floating Vagabond Material:

   Champions Material:

   Star Wars Material:

   Call of Cthulhu Material:

   Legend of the Five Rings Material:

   Assorted Crosslinks:

  •    The Letters from Rudra are an in-character account of the Twilight Isles campaign. While the player wasn’t able to make it to the first few sessions, so far we have Letter One, Letter Two, Letter Three, and Letter Four.
  •    Fredronon’s Notes are a similar production – the somewhat biased notes on his adventures that Fredronon is willing to share. Currently we have parts Three and Four.
  •    The Ability Spotlight series is player notes on how he’s designing and developing Fredronon. Here’s Part II
  •    For the Federation-Apocalypse Campaign we have a writeup of Fern, a Sentient BlackBerry of Battling Business World.
  •    Over at Abalux’s weblog we have another sample character for Eclipse – Isaac Gelman, a level-one equivalent cartoon child (level zero with +1 ECL race) with a knack with magical medicine and the otter-fey powers he’s recently acquired.

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