The Mirage

   The Mirage is a highly-advanced humanoid war machine, run by a fully-sentient and volitional ensouled AI, powered by a fusion reactor, constructed of carbon microfibers, ceramics, and advanced alloys, maintained and reinforced by programmable nanites, and with various surfaces coated with programmable virtual atoms (which provide electromagnetic manipulation capabilities, chameleon effects, and a superhard and supertough surface), and equipped with a wide array of weapons.

Basic Abilities:

    Gargantuan/10.5 tons: Str 40, Int 16, Wis 20, Con —, Dex 20 (Dex Mod adds to Pilots for Initiative, AC, and Ranged Combat purposes), and Chr 8.

   BAB +6, additional +6 with Ranged Combat, makes 2 melee or three ranged attacks at full BAB, AC 31 + Pilots Dex Mod (10 Base + 5 Dex + 16 Adjustable Armor, -4 vrs human-sized creatures, also -4 to hit such targets). 400 HP, DR 20/vrs Everything.

   Move 2500/Up to 10 gravities on impulsion, 36 gravities on gravatic shielding. Life support, scrambled communications, navigation systems, full electromagnetic chameleon system (does radiate fusion system signature), carries up to eight passengers, advanced radar / sonar / electromagnetic / chemical sensors (base range of 5 miles), cargo capacity 12 tons (normal operation), 25 tons (half-speed surface operation), self-repairing at 1d6 HP/Minute from down to -50 HP).

    Basic Military Programs: Medical +10 (operates via nanites), Sensor Scan +10, Military Database +10, Piloting +10, Navigation +10, Security Protocols +20, Encryption/Decryption +10. General Library programs rated at +5.


Weapons Loadout:

  • Physical Attacks: +21/+21, 3d8+15, Crit 20/x2.
  • Fusion Plasma attacks +17, 3d10 (May battery fire), 120′ range increment, Crit 20/x2.
  • 2x Microfusion Missile Launchers: +17, 5d20 affecting a 10′ to 40′ radius depending on setting, Crit 20/x2.
  • 2x Heavy Autocannons (Explosive Shells): 3d12 to 5′ Radius, may autofire, Crit 20/x2, bypasses negative energy shields. May autofire, to either get a +4 bonus to hit, to hit 1d4 members of a small group on a successful attack, or to inflict double damage against double any applicable DR (criticals obey normal rules for adding multipliers, normally inflicting x3 damage), at the user’s option.
  • 5x Lasers: 2d20, Crit 16-20/x2. May battery fire (use Autofire modifiers, above)
  • 5x Particle Beams: 10d6, Crit 20/x2. May battery fire (use Autofire modifiers, above).
  • 3x Positronium Shells: 25d6 in massive radius, severe side effects even further out.

    The pilot may substitute his BAB, or physical skills (Gaining its Dex mod in addition to his or her own and its Str mod in place of his or her own), for the Mirages, but does not gain the “all attacks at the same BAB” modifier. It’s often best to let the Mirage run secondary attacks. The total will not exceed two melee or three ranged though.


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