Fritz the Unlimited:

Fritz Ad Infinitum : 

   This time it’s a slightly tongue-in-cheek character – or possibly an organization – for Shadowrun. Fritz tended to add a certain note of confusion to the proceedings. His suspicious and paranoid fellow runners tended to rely fairly heavily on his medical services, while paying only scant attention to the other abilities he displayed – which meant it usually took quite a few sessions, and some pretty conspicuous clues, before the rest of the group realized that their medic was sometimes a rigger, sometimes a decker, sometimes a negotiator, and sometimes even a magician – although he varied randomly between shamanic and hermetic traditions. He also only took “good-guy” missions, which tended to make things a bit more platable for some of the players.

   Doctor Malthus, a DocWagon (TM) manager sighed. It seemed like such a shame; all those cell samples from all those exceptional people. All that medical gear. Those delightful engram reprogrammers, computers, and everything else a mad biologist could possibly want – and none of it being used for anything except to force- grow donor counterparts for wealthy clients – while a man of HIS incredible genius (If he had to say so for himself) was only a glorified hospital administrator! Someone who could be doing IMPORTANT things – instead of worrying about how to find some loyal, skillful, and reasonably dedicated personnel.

   Wait a minute!


   Right. The boy was dead, so nobody would worry a lot about the fate of his cell samples. He’d been a bright kid, extremely adaptable – and with a remarkably resilient, adaptable, and tolerant body chemistry and genetic structure. The base would do for assistants. A few genetic grafts could prepare him for many other roles as well.

   Good. The cell samples were multiplying.

   How interesting. The replicants apparently have a low-level astral link! Some sort of vague telepathic awareness of each other. Not really enough to do very much with – but it ought to make them easy to train and indoctrinate – as well as letting them all keep track of who’s who.

   Hrrmmm. Put it under “Recruitment Expenses”. It fits there better then anywhere else.

   Yes, of course you get vacation time and such like the rest!

   Errr. Try to spread it out and not to get too many of you together in one place would you? I’m having a hard enough time explaining the “striking similarity” of the people on the crisis response teams already.

   Kids. Always after excitement. Maybe I forced the growth and engram-imprinting cycles a bit too much. Still, I have been giving them lots of responsibility for their age. After all, even the oldest ones aren’t really much over two.

   I hope they don’t get into too much trouble.

   -In terms of the game, “Fritz” is represented by a succession of different characters (Usually one every couple of weeks – as their “vacations” rotate). These are connected by appearance, some (vague) memories, a certain, naivete’ about the world, a generalized “do- gooder” attitude – and a great deal of loyalty to their “father”. Other then that, they come in any and all of the usual types – and variations thereof. This ought to provoke some confusion.

   Modifications To Standard Archetypes:

  • 1) Since any “karma” they get is spread out over the entire crew, and most of them are simply working regular jobs, they get much less Karma than most characters do – although the GM may opt to award them a Team Karma Pool of their own at some point to keep them useful.
  • 2) Similarly, they split up any money they acquire. That pretty well means that they rarely have anything but their “starting money” available.
  • 3) On the other hand, they’re employed. They get a “free” middle lifestyle. Working for DocWagon also means that they get free pickups and medical benefits.
  • 4) They don’t get any “contacts” save their boss (Dr Malthus) – and each other.
  • 5) Theron Marks, the original child, died about four years ago. Today he’d be 17 – just about the age that the “Fritz’s” appear to be. A genetic test would ID ANY of the “Fritz’s” as Theron, something which would deeply interest Fenton and Natoli Marks (A pair of high level Renraku executives. Theron was killed during a botched run on them. After all, not many people take out platinum DocWagon contracts on their kids).
  • 6) They’re loyal to Dr Malthus. This could get very troublesome – especially if someone finds out what it is he’s done. After all, at least in some cases, he’s managed to insert/activate magical powers in CLONES.
  • 7) They’re massively resistant to ritual magic, both helpful and baneful. After all, it’s effects are spread out over several hundred “targets”.
  • 8) A lot of people have seen them.
  • 9) All of them are paramedics – or better. They take their Hippocratic Oath fairly seriously, but do get 4 “free” points of medical skills.

   Modifications To Play :

   Given that the “Fritz’s” will be trading off every few weeks, the GM should feel quite free to suggest a particular Archetype if it fits the needs of the game for some reason. Some archetypes (EG; “Gang Member”), are, however, virtually unknown amongst them.


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