FA: Dragon Template

   As a special request, here’s a +0 ECL Dragon Racial Package, also usable as a +1 ECL  Template for transformed dragons originally of other races. While this is an extremely formidable template for its cost – and the game master should take care to play up its drawbacks appropriately – if you want a classic dragon it will be necessary to invest additional points in draconic powers as the character progresses. The template doesn’t, however, use any of the special rules for the setting: it will function perfectly well in any general Eclipse-based game.

   Eclipse: The Codex Persona is available in Print Here and as a Shareware PDF download Here. The speciality spells used in the template can be found in The Practical Enchanter, also available in Print Here and as a Shareware PDF download Here.


   The Dragonworlds are a curious mixture of high-fantasy and high-tech, with a star-spanning empire powered by technomagic, inhabited by various fantasy races and anthropomorphic animals, and ruled by draconic overlords. Currently the Empire is headed by a powerful red dragon, who took power to complete the negotiated period of red dragon rulership after a certain chaos-bringing squirrel and company took out the previous Emperor.


The Dragon Package:

Innate Enchantment: (30 CP)

  • +2 to Enhancement Bonus to Each Attribute (8400)
  • +4d6 Hit Dice (Maximized) (8400)*
  • Enlarge Self (1400): +1 Size Category (+8 Str, -2 Dex, +4 Con, -1 Attack Modifier, -4 Skill Modifier, +2 Natural armor, Reach 10).*
  • Perceptiveness: +3 to all Sensory Skill Checks (1400)*
  • Sidestep: +1 Competence Bonus on All Saves (1400)*
  • Warding Rune: +1 Resistance Bonus on All Saves (1400)
  • Shield: +4 Shield Bonus to AC (2000)
  • Iron Fist: +2 Levels (usually 1d8 base) natural weapons (1400).*
  • Low-Light Vision (1400)*
  • Personal Haste (1400): +30′ Movement, +1 attack at full BAB when making a full attack.
  • Detect Magic (700).

Celerity/Additional Mode (Flight): Corrupted (Requires use of wings), Specialized: Poor Maneuverability (6 CP)” 60′ total base.

Immunity to Antimagic and Dispelling vrs Innate Enchantments (Uncommon / Minor / Epic, 9 CP)*.

Defender (L/5+1 Natural Armor bonus to AC, 12 CP) (Net effect L/2.5+2 Bonus to AC).*

Universal DR 4/- (9 CP)*

Occult Sense/Darksight (6 CP)

Energy Infusion (of choice, 6 CP).

Immunity to Aging (Uncommon/Minor/Great, 3 CP: can expect to live for many centuries).

   Items marked with an “*” should be treated as exceptional physical abilities, and will operate in the Core. The rest of it relies on magic.

Power Package (30 CP):

   This varies with the Dragon… The most common variant is a set of Inherent Spells (including at least one “breath weapon”), but a wide variety of unique packages are possible. Inherent Spells (a related set of one each of levels 3, 4, and 5, each usable seven times per day. Corrupted: can be removed via the surgical removal of the relevant glands in their necks, 30 CP).

   All abilities in the Template are Specialized and Corrupted (one-third cost except for Defender, which is two-thirds cost at double effect): Transforms user into an obvious dragon, makes them vulnerable to anti-dragon magical effects and weaponry, user is an obvious supernatural being and radiates magical power and an aura that disturbs normal humans and animals even when shapeshifted, body parts are quite valuable. Base Cost: 41 CP.

   Package Disadvantages: Hunted (by rival dragons and dragon-hunters), Insane (at least by human standards – they are greedy and hoarding, arrogant, predatory, dominating, and don’t care much about their children – if only because they may have hundreds if female and thousands if male), and Accursed (can be subdued or forced into obedience by some means, although it’s usually unique to each dragon). -10 CP, reducing the net cost to 31 CP.

   Yes, this is a +0 ECL Race – or a +1 level template if stacked on top of some other race. While it is extremely powerful for that, it also has quite a lot of drawbacks and does NOT include the dragon levels (most dragons are of very high level), additional levels of growth, fear aura, huge HTH damage, spell resistance, or massive general attribute bonuses found in most dragon writeups. It does include a large chunk of the Natural Armor most of them have, but only as a function of level. Sadly, while Dragons CAN survive in Core, quite a lot of their abilities will not operate there. Secondarily, using this writeup, many enhancing magical devices are less effective for them, since they don’t stack with some of their innate talents.

   It does mean that you can apply it to a follower, thus gaining a draconic companion or mount.

   The world laws of the Dragonworlds reduce the cost of any draconic Identity there by two skill ranks, however the raw power of the form makes such an identity rather addictive: those who take draconic Identities tend to find themselves caught up in local affairs and sometimes even have to make willpower checks to leave… In fact, the place tends to push more powerful visitors – and especially those with unallocated ranks of the Identities skill – into roles as dragons (usually fairly young ones). Relatively few dragons are actually ensouled, including those with ensouled parents: no one really knows why (indeed, relatively few people know it at all). In a few cases, the dragonform has even been known to “stick”, becoming the user’s actual form – although they must then come up with the CP cost to pay for it.


4 Responses

  1. Ok umm not sure if this even goes with the article but im trying to find a way to role play as a dragon. Does anyone know which campaign that is if so plz tell me

  2. Well, this page is a d20 dragon template that should be compatible with most d20 campaigns (and is certainly compatible with those using Eclipse: The Codex Persona). There’s a dragon template for Champions (a superhero game where you can basically play anything) elsewhere on the site. Among the old second-edition AD&D settings Dragonlance had some provision for playing dragons and Council of Wyrms was designed for it (I believe there may be a fan update to 3.5 out there somewhere). Rifts allows it, as does Jadeclaw. The Shadowrun character setup download (elsewhere on this site) allows it, and there are dozens of other games where you can fit one in somewhere.

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